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Little stories with moral lessons

Updated on January 15, 2014
canal culvert full of trash
canal culvert full of trash

Forming good habits

[1] Proper Disposal of Garbage

  • Ireneo just dumped their trashcan into the canal

THEIR trashcan was brimful with trash. Ireneo's mother- who was doing her cooking- instructed him, "Ernie, go and dispose the contents of the trashcan".

Unwillingly, Ireneo kicked his playthings away and rushed out with the trashcan. He was mad. He didn't like to be bothered. Despite his lessons on the proper disposal of trash, he went straight to the canal and dumped into it tin cans, plastic and cellophane wrappers and other contents of the trashcan.

  • Felix properly disposed theirs and reported Ireneo's wrongdoing

Felix- on the same mission - neatly emptied his on the public trashcan so provided for the purpose. After doing so, he put back the lid to keep animals and flies away.

Felix himself saw what Ireneo had done. He decided he must do something good for the welfare of them all. So he dropped by the barangay captain's house to report Ireneo's wrongdoing.

1] How did Ireneo obey his mother? What kind of a boy is he? 2] Compare Ireneo's ways with those of Felix. Whose ways are worth emulating? Why? 3] Visit your canals or esteros. Observe and write down the things there that impede the free flow of water. What will happen if too much rain comes? 4] Is Felix act of reporting the matter to the barangay captain commendable? Why?


You found wads of money like this.  What will you do with them?
You found wads of money like this. What will you do with them?

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[2] Finders, not keepers

  • Carmelita found a purse

CARMELITA flagged down a motorcab. She was going downtown to do some shopping. A precious thing caught her fancy as she was about to take her seat. It was a brown purse. She took with her the purse when she alighted from the vehicle. She opened and found in it one five-hundred peso bill and a bunch of keys and that was all. There was no way of telling who the rightful owner of the purse was.

  • Carmelita gave the purse to the rightful owner Emma

After shopping, Carmelita took the direction of the local radio station to help her locate the rightful owner of the purse. Immediately, the radio station blared Carmelita's finding on the air. About two hours after, two women came to lay claim on the purse. Their names were Erlinda and Emma. The finder questioned the claimants one after the other. "Why are you here? Describe everything about the thing that you've lost". Erlinda was first to lay her claim, "I left a purse in the seat of a motorcab. It contains money and some very important documents. Then teary-eyed Emma had her turn, "Mine is a brown purse. I left it in a motorcab this morning. It has one five-hundred peso bill for father's medicine and a bunch of keys".

  • Emma hugged Carmelita to show her gratitude

Carmelita fished out the purse from her pocket and handed it to Emma, the rightful owner. Then Emma warmly hugged Carmelita to show her profound gratitude.

[1] Have you found something very precious? Where did you find it? What did you do with it? Why? [2] Is the saying- Finders not Keepers- good? Why? [3] Describe your feelings when you've just done a good turn to your fellowmen. What kind of a girl is Carmelita? If you were in her shoes, would you exert effort to locate the rightful owner of the purse? Why?


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