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Short Films that Show Kindness and Compassion

Updated on October 23, 2015
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Erwin Cabucos writes from Brisbane, Australia. He has Masters in English Education from the University of New England.


Here are a few films worthy of showing to your students or audience to highlight themes of kindness and compassion. Often when discussing delicate topics such as ethics and interrelationship, it can be difficult to find good materials to inject insights and appreciation of human experiences, let alone campaigning for a particular conduct of behavior. But here are a few good short films from Asia that could be of help to show audience the importance of ethics,especially relating warmly with different peoples and individuals in society.

Ripple. From

This almost six-minute production follows the story of a young girl and her family in trying to bring a great present for the grandfather until a kind stranger offers a gift that touches the heart. It revolves around the notion of karma or what goes around come around, or showing goodness to the world is bringing goodness to one's self. It is melodramatic in a sense that characters recognize the emotional impact of the act and tears become symbols of deep realization and happiness. It is a bliss to watch. Click below to watch.

Vizer Camera Advertisement.


This five-and-and-a-half-minute long film explores the value of non-judgment that human beings so often inflict on someone, until realizing how wrong they have become. As Leo Tolstoy demonstrates in his 'God Sees the Truth' story, truthfulness is a priceless commodity and can indeed mean life to many people. This advertisement follows the story of a store owner who persistently bashes the unkempt, dirty homeless man who has taken refuge in his store by night. Little did he know that in the times the stranger spends time in front of his shop, the man has done tremendous deeds, so magnanimous that it the man so much. Apparently, this short film won as the best commercial for Thailand Television in 2015. Provide yourself a few tissues to wipe your tears with this one.

My Dad is a liar. From

The things we do for children, especially for our own... As parents we are prepared to do sacrifices and sometimes suffering in order to make way for their happiness. It is a vocation that is endemic to human heart. One only needs to see Roberto Benigni's film 'Life is Beautiful' to appreciate the depth of this reality in human experience. This time, this three-and-a-half-minute production captures the essence of the message beautifully as well. The experience of lying may be wrong but people go through acts of cover up to protect a much deeper message. Characters father and daughter are best depicted in this short film is guaranteed to transport you into a melodramatic ecstacy. Enjoy!

TrueMove H Advertisement. From

Producers call this production 'Giving is the best communication' but I'd call this 'Giving transcends time, place and conditions'. When a young boy is denied of the need that prompted him to commit an unacceptable act, another character sees it inevitable to forgive and give. Then time passed and the need is summoned by that individual, the act of giving is given by the not-so anonymous character. Giving is infectious because it creeps and attacks the heart in a powerful way. And when it is communicated, happiness is experienced. This a clever and a beautiful production that many souls will enjoy and be reminded how to achieve real happiness.


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