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Good success

Updated on January 11, 2014

Slogging it for success

Four years ago I took a leap of faith, enrolled in college; now suddenly, some early fruits are falling and I am reaping some rewards: I am invited to membership of one of the most prestigious associations in the academic world, Delta Mu Delta (DMD, .

July 2010 will go down in history as the lowest point in my life. The biggest storm ever to come against me and my family destroyed almost everything we owned. I should have sat in the ashes and put sackcloth over my back. Instead I placed my hope in the God of a second chance and found a school to enroll me. Four years later I am receiving this personalized invitation... it reads:

Congratulations Mac...!

Due to your current academic standing ..., you have been selected by Academic Affairs to become a member of the University of Phoenix Lambda Sigma Chapter of the International Business Honor Society, Delta Mu Delta (DMD). This invitation is extended only to University of Phoenix business students who have completed a sufficient number of courses at the University of Phoenix and in the top 20% of their respective classes...

Somewhere else this invitation says membership is for life.

Although I am yet to pay for membership, this invitation brought a new passion for good success in my life. Four years of toil is producing some results; often I am up in the wee hours of day to finish assignments, I am in libraries at 1 am, 2 am, and even 3 am. and this is really working.

I have done some research about DMD. I am very impressed and I thank God for the invitation to be a member. If I had known there was a DMD perhaps I would have felt differently. Right now I feel as though some doors are opening that I never knew existed. My only goal was to excel in every way possible. I encountered many obstacles along my way, but I remained resolute.

The storm did not discourage me, instead it spurred me on to worker smarter and do better. Sleep did not discourage me, instead it became my partner. I used sleep's time to sharpen my mind.

I can say with conviction I belong to the 20%, probably the 10% of high performers in the college because my performance has been incredible and my output has been outstanding. I have the drive, the focus, the intellectual horsepower, and the ability to use my knowledge to increase my knowledge base. I also have a God who helps me along.

I traded in the comfort of an easy life to gain some academic traction. In future my children will look back at me and say with pride, If dad did it, we can do it. They will probably say, if he climbed such high mountains when he was old, we can do this while young.

Nothing could deter me from the goal I set out in July 2010 when I enrolled. I am nearly two thirds up of this mountain. I started out with zero dollar; now I can say I am rich and respectable in the academic circles.

The year 2014 has started with a bang for me. This invitation is only the beginning. I know it; I sense it. My goal is to remain in the top 10% or 5%, to reach the finish line without a detour. There will be no postponement, no modification of course, and most certainly no cancellation of this journey.

Those first steps that I took while in Alexandria, Virginia are maturing in Lawton, Oklahoma. With or without DMD my finer goal in life remains. In the meantime I will continue asking what else does it mean to be a member of DMD. My gratitude also goes to the academic team of the college for giving me the recognition. It has given me new wings.


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