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Goodbye Vacation, Hello School

Updated on November 27, 2014

As fun as your vacation might have been, you’re almost about to put an end to it now because school is about to start in just a couple of weeks. However, this shouldn’t put an end to the actual memories that you were able to create throughout your vacation as this would serve as an inspiration for you the minute the school year starts .

So what exactly did you do this summer? If you went to another country for vacation, then that will is certainly memorable. Not to mention, there is a great chance that you are still kind of longing to go back. Good for you that at a very young age you have already had this kind of huge experience.

If you are the sporty kind of kid, then your summer vacation would have probably been spent focused more on engaging yourself in various types of sports and outdoor activities. It is a good opportunity for you that at a young age, you are already health conscious and is as active as ever. Savor this kind of experience because the older you get, the less active you will become too.


If you are the studious type, you probably spend the whole summer reading in advance the lessons you will be having in the coming school year. That’s also a good thing instead of just lazing away doing nothing and eating too much junk. At least when you do, some kind of advance reading you are also able to learn as much and sharpen your brain as well.

On the other hand, if you took the opportunity of having a lot of free time to make some kind of money, then that is also another very great option. Of course, there are tons of summer jobs that can pay you a pretty decent amount, without having to stress you at all. At least at an early age, you are able to feel what it is like to be in the shoes of your hard working parents.

If you simply just enjoyed the summer by resting by the beach, or spending time with your friends, relatives, and even your pets, or whatever it is that you did throughout these two months, it is now time to say goodbye to it temporarily. But this does not mean that you would miss it greatly because after just about ten months, you will be able to experience the same adventures again.

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