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Google Glass and The Invasion of Privacy

Updated on May 7, 2013

Google's Glass, the tiny attachment that fastens to the eye glass frames can connect to the Internet, take photos and short videos. While this is cool by itself, think about the loss of your personal privacy or space, wherever you encounter it. You would have no idea whether the device is taking photos or video of you in less than better light or situations. This does not have to just happen in a public place but anywhere. Now, everyone who is wearing one will be viewed with some suspicion as to what they are actually doing with the device as you have a conversation, a meeting, just being in the same room.


Wherever Google Glass is, is no longer private. The images and video could go viral. Everyone will become a paparazzi of everyone. The issue of safety also comes into play with the device because most driving laws want a hand's free approach, but Glass is more than just talking on the phone with an bluetooth, it is a computer with images that IS distracting and not covered by driving laws because it is "hand's free".

Already, some businesses have banned the device in Seattle for being intrusive. Other places in Las Vegas have followed for the same reason.

The device when spotted immediately puts people on caution in what they say or do. This would even be between lovers or on dates etc. It may be freedom but it is also an inhibitor and strips away our own personal space and whatever privacy we have left while in public. Think of someone with it entering a public bathroom and taking photos\video.


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