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Official Google Online Courses - A Complete Resource

Updated on March 25, 2015
There are dozens of online courses that Google offers
There are dozens of online courses that Google offers | Source


The internet is only becoming more and more important in our lives, and knowing how to do things quickly and easily online is one of the best steps we can take to make our time more productive and effective.

With the speed at which technology is changing, it can be difficult to stay up to date and informed about everything that is happening. Fortunately, Google provides a number of free, online, self-study courses to help you take advantage of how everything works. In this article we'll explore each of the courses and let you know how it can help you.

My thanks to +Denis Labelle who put this information together originally.

Who is this article on Google online courses for?

  • People that want to make the most of their time online
  • People that like to carry out self-study and learn new things

What are the benefits of this article on Google online courses?

  • Get quick and easy access to courses from Google
  • Learn via video, slides and other learning mechanisms
  • Study at your own pace
  • Build a better skill set for the areas that each course covers

What courses are available?

Google provides courses in the following areas:

  • Google Power Searching
  • Google Advanced Power Searching
  • Learn with Google
  • YouTube Creator Academy
  • Mapping with Google
  • Introduction to Web Accessibility
  • Digital Analytics Fundamentals
  • Google Developers Academy
  • Google Developers Live
  • Explore and Master Chrome Development Tools

We'll cover the contents of each of these courses in more detail below.

Google Power Searching

Course available at:

This course covers various techniques to make your searching with Google more powerful.

  • Introduction - How search works, keyword choices, word order and finding text
  • Interpreting results - Thinking about search, media options, reading search engine results pages, different types of content
  • Advanced techniques - File types, removing invasive results, Boolean operators, 'intext' and advanced search
  • Finding facts faster - Search by image, conversions and calculator, date ranges and search tools, translation
  • Checking your facts - Credibility, variant data, verifying facts, using WHOIS, misconceptions
  • Putting it together - Combining methods, thinking broadly, summary

Google Advanced Power Searching

Course available at:

This course leads on from the one above and provides challenges for you to check how well you understand the different search techniques.

Learn with Google

Courses available at:

A variety of online courses that teach a wide variety of subjects relating to the products and services that Google runs.

  • Online presence - Why does being online matter?, why your business needs a website, how to create your website and make it look good, how your website is found on Google
  • Connect online - Serve on-the-go customers via mobile phones, learn what works through measurement
  • Online marketing - Five smart ways to promote your business online, getting on Google and the benefits of being on Google, online marketing vocabulary, building your online marketing plan, local marketing, the why, the when and the how
  • AdWords - Getting Started - What is AdWords? five pillars of AdWords success, getting to know your AdWords account, setting up an AdWords account, organize your AdWords account to maximize your success, budgeting for your online advertising, acronym overload: AdWords terminology for beginners
  • AdWords - Creating Ads - How to choose the right keywords, writing ads that attract customers, does your landing page seal the deal?, positively impact your AdWords results with negative keywords
  • AdWords - Optimize Results - How do I know if AdWords is working for me?, making 10 minutes count on your AdWords account, Google Analytics: The what, the why, the how, the Opportunities Tab: Custom tips, just for you, what is Quality Score and why does it matter?, why can’t I see my ad – Checklist
  • Google Apps for Business

YouTube Creator Academy

Course available at:

This course covers how to create videos on YouTube, including setting up and maximizing the effectiveness of your YouTube channel.

  • Step up your game - Introduction, subscribers and watch time, channel anaytics, assessment
  • What makes a channel tick - Benefits of the design, under the hood, assessment
  • Land your brand - Branding goodness, assessment
  • Rock solid building blocks - Branding bling, checklists and impressions, assessment
  • Rack and roll - Get organized, assessment
  • Bringing it all together - Recipe for success, lasting effectiveness, assessment

Mapping with Google

Course available at:

This course covers the various aspects of using Google Maps and Google Earth including making maps using their map engine.

  • Course overview - Introduction to mapping with Google, experimenting with Google
  • Google Maps - Getting directions, exploring with Google Maps
  • Google Maps Engine lite - Customizing and sharing your maps, importing your data, visualizing your data
  • Google Earth Basics - Annotating Google Earth, Google Earth tours, sharing your tour
  • Google Earth Extras - Creating paths and polygons, historical imagery, oceans, tour guide
  • Google Maps Project - A test for you to check your learning
  • Google Earth Project - A test for you to check your learning

Introduction to Web Accessibility

Course available at:

This course covers how to make websites more accessible to people with difficulties accessing, reading or otherwise interacting with websites.

  • Introduction - Building websites everyone can use, capturing semantics and structure in your HTML
  • Adding interaction on the web - HTML ARIA, buttons and ARIA roles, labeling controls, modal dialogues and focus management, HTML tree controls, autocomplete widgets, Tri-state check boxes
  • Using live regions - Live regions, live region notification
  • Putting it all together - The final touches
  • Final project - A way for you to check you have understood and applied the techniques in the course

Digital Analytics Fundamentals

Course available at:

This course covers the basics of digital analytics, allowing marketers and web masters to understand how visitors are finding, using and interacting with websites.

  • Course overview
  • Getting started - The importance of digital analytics, core analysis techniques, conversions and conversion attribution, creating a measurement plan
  • Understanding and using Google Analytics data - How Google Analytics works, key metrics and dimensions defined
  • Collecting actionable data with Google Analytics - Creating an account, understanding your account structure, setting up basic filters, setting up goals and ecommerce, collecting campaign data
  • Navigating Google Analytics reports - Reporting overview, audience reports, acquisition reports, AdWords reports, behavior reports, custom reports and dashboards
  • Navigating Conversions reports - Goal Flow report, ecommerce reports, multi-channel funnels reports, attribution reports
  • Final assessment

Google Developers Academy

Courses available at:

These courses cover the various aspects of developing and integrating with Google products and APIs.

  • Ads - AdWords API - Development techniques, campaign management
  • Ads - Mobile Ads Software Development Kit (SDK) - AdMob fundamentals, mediation, custom events
  • Ads - DoubleClick for Publishers API - Fundamentals
  • Android - Numerous courses on every aspect of developing for Android
  • Commerce - Google Wallet for Digital Goods - Getting started, subscriptions
  • Cloud - App Engine - Introduction to Google App Engine, Using Python App Engine with Google Cloud SQL, App Engine 101 in Python, Python Search API, Getting Started with Go, App Engine and Google+ API
  • Maps - Adding maps to a website, customizing Google Maps
  • TV - Smart TVs, optimizing Layouts for TV, optimizing navigation for TV, handling features not supported on TV, creating custom views, creating backward-compatible UIs, implementing accessibility, managing the system UI
  • YouTube - YouTube Player API, building a YouTube player with chapter markers, defining an interface to the library, embedding a YouTube video, generating a list of chapter markers, customizing the UI

Google Developer Live

Available at:

These live events bring together presentations, Q&A sessions, video, hangouts, streaming and more to help developers collaborate and learn how to develop on Google's various platforms.

Explore and Master Chrome Development Tools

Course available at:

A course aimed at teaching people how to develop for Chrome.

  • Getting Started & Basic DOM and Styles - Dom manipulation, updating styles
  • Advanced DOM and Styles - Editing in the source tab
  • Working With the Console - Working with the console, examining exceptions, element selector shortcuts
  • Debugging JavaScript - Debugging, pausing on exception, local storage
  • Improving Network Performance - Network tab, network performance, removing unneeded requests, serving correctly sized images
  • Improving Performance - Rendering performance, CPU profiling
  • Memory Profiling - Memory profiling, pinpointing leaks


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    • Paul Maplesden profile image

      Paul Maplesden 2 years ago from Asheville, NC

      Google does provide some very good resources for free; I find their courses to be well designed, presented in an easy-to-understand way and that they are genuinely helpful.

    • Easy Exercise profile image

      Kelly A Burnett 2 years ago from United States

      Recently I wanted to brush up on my Microsoft Project skills and almost purchased some online videos - luckily I checked YouTube and behold! I found all the same videos for free. YouTube is an amazing source. Kudos to Google Online Courses and voted up for this hub!

    • Ms Olga profile image

      Olga 2 years ago from London

      thank you Paul!

    • Paul Maplesden profile image

      Paul Maplesden 2 years ago from Asheville, NC

      Some of them are definitely worth having a read through. Since Google already has a lot of information on how people interact with it, it makes sense that they would produce programs which help us to expand our knowledge. I hope you find some interesting stuff out there!

    • sallybea profile image

      Sally Gulbrandsen 2 years ago from Norfolk

      Very interesting list of resources, most of which appear to be free. Some of this stuff goes way above my head, I don't mind admitting it but many of the items listed here are things which I will find very helpful in the future.