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Google X Life Sciences - Healthcare Division

Updated on December 30, 2014

Google X

Google X is the top-secret lab of Google, where the high end technological inventions happens. What all products we seen from Google since 2010 were from this Lab - Wear, hover-boards, Space elevators, driver-less cars, Google glass and teleportation! Google X is all about trying most crazy ideas that no one else think is possible to happen ever. So much to write on this, but here I will be focusing on Google X Life Sciences. It is all about the Healthcare Division from Google.

The mission of Google X Life Sciences

In the year 2015, we are going to witness great advancements in the products from Google X. Especially the Healthcare products from Google.

Andrew Conrad, the head of Google X Life Sciences said that "The mission of Google X Life Sciences is to change healthcare from reactive to proactive. Ultimately it’s to prevent disease and extend the average lifespan through the prevention of disease, make people live longer, healthier lives."

His words describes what the project is aiming. Google plans to do that by creating devices that could continuously monitor a patient. So it could be a wear or phone that detects your body is sick than before you identifies. The best example for that is for diseases like cancer, where early detection gives the patient the best chance of treating it!

Lets get into detail of some of the researches Google X Life Science is going to work out.

Baseline Database

Google collects the information of thousands of healthy people from around the globe. The database thus developed would be huge collection including information of genetic history, nutrients, drugs, how food metabolize, urine, blood, saliva, tears, etc.

The whole information of normal healthy people are stored. It would be compared with that of a sick people too. Hence a comparison data is also produced. Thus Baseline Database would be the backbone of Google X Life Sciences.

Google Baseline Study for defining Healthy Human

Disease Detecting Nano-particles

Nano-particles which are 3,000 times smaller than red blood cell will be ingested to body. They would be having polymer like coatings and would be designed to attach to a certain disease marker like cancer cells.

As these particles flow through our bloodstream a wrist-worn device would measure it and send the data to a smartphone. This would be compared to Google's Baseline Study of a healthy human, about which I written already.

Using Nano-particles in Google X Life Sciences

Smart contact lenses from Google X Life Sciences

Novartis and Google would be jointly producing Smart contact lenses. The contact lenses are collect the tears of a diabetic patient and measure the glucose levels. It would be a continuous monitoring. The lens would be connected to a smartphone via wireless where data collected and processed. The phone's screen would be displaying the glucose level and hence an effective way of monitoring diabetic patient.

Hope Smart contact lenses would be this first product from Google X Life Sciences in early 2015.

Smart contact lenses from Google X Life Sciences


Liftware from Google X Life Sciences

Sufferers of Parkinson's tremor would have trouble in eating due to the shaking symptom of their disease. For such patients Liftware is developed which is a spoon hybrid an accelerometer. It can detect the user's shaking and the motor connected would stabilize the spoon to ensure a smoother trip from bowl to mouth. Google X Life Sciences would be producing Liftware in large quantity and available to purchase.

Liftware from Google X Life Sciences


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Google X Lab



Calico is a Google funded research and development company. It belongs to one of the long term project of Google. Calico would be jointly working with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center to treat Neurodegeneration.


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