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Grain Moths Can Conquer Your Pantry

Updated on September 26, 2018

John Bullock, the exterminator carefully checked my pantry for grain moths

My exterminator explains what I need to do, if I have a problem with grain moths again.
My exterminator explains what I need to do, if I have a problem with grain moths again.
John Bullock, an exterminator that gets the job done as a small businessman.
John Bullock, an exterminator that gets the job done as a small businessman.

Pest That Can Consume Your Pantry And House

Grain moth started to consume my pantry a few months ago. Their appearance was gradual and I had no idea what they were or their origin. It was obvious these insects were some type of moths based on their appearance. At first, there was about two or three, that would be flying around in my pantry. Suddenly, my daughter was in a state of pure panic as she revealed at least thirty or more, along with little #nests throughout my pantry. These little #moths even started to invade my house as my cat fought and killed them at every opportunity she could. One day, I had guests over for dinner and the moths flew around rebelliously, as they fought them discreetly. My family and I were embarrassed as we tried to explain what they were but realistically, we had no clue. It was time to get in contact with my exterminator to rid my home of this pestilence.

Our exterminator, John Bullock came to the rescue, like superman armed with answers and solutions. In one sentence, I explained what was lurking in my home. Without hesitation, John described that they were the #grain moth. He then went on to describe how, "they are stored product pests that you find in rice, cereals, flour, sugar, and kinds of pasta. To eliminate the problem, you have to find the source." This meant that I would have to go through these products previously mentioned and get rid of them. John then explained that I should remove all the products in my pantry and bleach it thoroughly. If this procedure did not work, he would return and use IGR, "an integrated growth regulator that kills the hatched eggs of the grain moth." This product is safe for children as well as pets. Fortunately, the procedure of #bleach worked. I then had to use bleach on some of the moths that were flying around the house. For some reason, two moths were seen returning back to the pantry, so I immediately killed them and started my bleaching process again.

I asked John, my exterminator if there was something I had done to receive such unwanted guests. He assured me that grain moth can some from the #supermarkets or in packaged products from the warehouse. "They are already in boxes of cereal, rice, flour or pasta. There is nothing that we can do except take care of it, by getting it treated." After explaining to John, that I had not seen but one or two moths which I felt existed within my house after cleaning my pantry of these uninvited guest, he still suggested that I might need to apply an additional procedure. He inspected my pantry once again and then recommended IGR, to kill any possibility of hatched eggs I may have missed that still may exist. I hated the thought but John is an inexpensive exterminator that has always kept our family safe from any unwanted pest.

We have genuinely appreciated his service because John Bullock Exterminator, has always been operated by John himself. He has that old fashion belief that, "if you want the job done right, you have to do it yourself." John expressed how his company has no need for contracts and initial fees because he deals directly with his customers, therefore extra fees and contracts are not needed. John is the epitome of a small business that just gets the job done without a lot of rhetoric. He has been in business for more than seventeen years after working for a major extermination company. My family and I genuinely appreciate how John is exposed to the most private parts of my home and I have never had a problem. He explained, "I am there to do a job, not to look and see what people have in their bedrooms or closets. I want to spray and attack the problem, so you do not get the problem again."

John mentioned how his parents raised him to be respectful of people and their personal belongings. This attitude has caused his customers to be more than four hundred, based on recommendations and referrals. He feels that his success is based on genuine concern for customers, who may be dealing with financial difficulties, health issues such as #cancer or loss of employment. He keeps his prices low so that the majority of people will be able to afford his service. John also admits that he buys his chemicals from the same places as #Terminix and #Orkin but because it is just him as owner and operator, his cost is more reasonable. He can treat various pests such as ants, roaches, water bugs, bedbugs, and mice. John also mentioned that he is able to treat the problem of bedbugs around three to four hundred dollars per room which is so much less expensive than a lot of companies which can charge into the thousands.

My family and I are thankful for John Bullock Extermination because my daughters are terrified of any insects. His service is vital for the peace and contentment within our household. The grain moth brought pure terror within our home and we are glad they are gone. It is pure splendor not to see any unwanted guests that cause problems within the hearts of my children. For more information on how to treat grain moths or any problem of pest that you may be confronted with contact, John Bullock at 610-742-0857. You can also email him at If you decide to call for an appointment, his mother-in-law Kathy Smith will answer with a comforting, experienced voice. Hopefully, you will not have to deal with the problem of grain moths but it is possible since we all purchase food from various supermarkets. It is vital that we are alert and check our pantry every now and then.


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    • Angelladywriter profile imageAUTHOR

      Claudette Coleman Carter 

      6 years ago from Media, Pennsylvania

      Hi Jason,

      John has seen the article and really appreciates it. He really wanted to get the information out there about these grain moths so thanks for your comment.

    • Jason Marovich profile image

      Jason F Marovich 

      6 years ago from Detroit

      Has John seen this? What an amazingly kind way to thank your exterminator. Interesting information about these moths, I hadn't heard of this type.


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