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Grammar is Fun would you Agree!

Updated on February 12, 2015
English Grammar
English Grammar

Introduction to English Grammar

Grammar, is the basis for communication regardless the language or the state for a person to communicate efficiently. Every time anyone writes something, they are being judged on grammar, even if it means unintentionally. Relax it might sound plain, but most often people make grammar mistakes. If you’re one of them who face trouble with grammar – you’re not alone. It’s important to write English without any grammatical errors.

Let’s face it, most individuals certainly desire to end their manuscript without any mistakes. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean Grammar cannot be fun, learning a little more about grammar wouldn't hurt either. Learning about grammar can be helpful, informative, entertaining and witty. Who wouldn't want fun while learning, making it a lot easier.

Consider the sentence ‘There are two dogs in the garden’. This sentence may also be written as ‘Two dogs are in the garden’. It’s important to write with confidence and not sound more sophisticated or unnatural. English Grammar helps you improve communication skills both written and spoken besides framing your own sentences correctly. Communication is about “Better the grammar, the more vibrant to understand the message.”

Importance of Punctuation

Punctuations play an imperative role towards good writing, nevertheless not a part of spoken grammar. Good grammar makes a person look intelligent hence it becomes important in perfecting grammar. For instance, a person can get a bad reaction when he says ‘I am going too the football match,’ but ‘I am going 2 the football match’ is socially accepted though not in academics, of course.

Grammar holds the language together hence its best to always read as you write which eventually help you write aptly. Using incorrect grammar can change the entire meaning of a sentence making it vague and pointless. If you read aloud to yourself while writing, you will have a better idea as to where you should break and place those tricky commas. Concentrate on understanding grammar no matter how tricky it may seem to be, whether you write professionally or its just mere choice, you will considerably be more proficient and start to really understand how it works. Even if you’re unsure of yourself, do it —nothing makes a better difference to your script than hearing how it sounds in reality.

A person is what he reads, it may sound dreary but reading helps you almost solve the grammar problems. Magazines and Newspapers are a great start, watch for grammatical features and integrate it into your own writing. It doesn't matter what you read, as long as you read it will eventually do the trick. It’s never too late to perfect your English grammar, remember first impressions are the best, and your first written script should show you have the ace for the job.

Happy learning!

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