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Graphic Design Formats for Web and Print Publishing

Updated on October 22, 2009

Hi all, just a quick blurb on how to get the best quality out of your graphics when publishing to either print or web format.

For Print

For Print you are going to want to use a CMYK color scale and 300dpi (Dots per inch).  The reason you are using CMYK is that when printer a printer uses 4 colors and combines them to create the desired colors in your printed work.  The 300dpi specifies the 'dots per inch'.  You use 300dpi because this is the maximum quality produced in which the human eye can detect


For Web

For Web you are going to want to use RGB color scale and 72dpi.  The reason you are using RGB is that your computer screen utilizes three colors in order to produce the images shown. The 72dpi Is the maximum quality the human eye can detect on a computer screen.  

It is important to use a 72dpi with web images because this setting maximizes quality while insures the image size remains small.  The higher the 'dpi' the larger the image thus resulting in a longer load time.  Whenever you have run across an image on-line that loads slowly it is due to the fact that the 'dpi' is too high.  



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