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Gravity is Magnetism

Updated on June 12, 2017

Gravity is Magnetism Newton was Wrong

This Hubpage has been read by over 62,900 readers. It is accredited with a 8 yr award.

  This theory seems to be gaining much more traction and acceptance over 
the seven + years it has been published here. You will find comments from 
Scientists all over the world as well as regular everyday people. Please
respect each other's opinions and debate in a professional manner. Any
Nasty,rude,vulgar etc... comments will be deleted. Heated discussions are 
allowed, just remember there is a line!    

Please go through it, experiment with it, and comment with only factual
 comments. I present to you the facts.....Magnetism IS Gravity!

The following theory is copyright protected 2008.

Welcome to the missing link in the Grand Unified Theory!

The Big Bang occurs, like many Scientists have theorized matters of different substances are ejected throughout space. An iron mass of great proportions is ejected as well. This iron mass is extremely hot. It begins to cause atomic fusion. Tremendous quantities of energy begin to be released. With energy comes rotational specific heat. This is also accompanied by molecular spin. The atoms now become ions caused by electrical current from the production of heat caused by the molecular spin and contributed by rotational specific heat. “Every ion contains electrons and all electrons contain a natural magnetic movement” (Bohr) . {additional information on this theory by Bohr}: Two types of experimental evidence which arose in the 1920s suggested an additional property of the electron. One was the closely spaced splitting of the hydrogen spectral lines, called fine structure. The other was the Stern-Gerlach experiment which showed in 1922 that a beam of silver atoms directed through an inhomogeneous magnetic field would be forced into two beams. Both of these experimental situations were consistent with the possession of an intrinsic angular momentum and a magnetic moment by individual electrons. Classically this could occur if the electron were a spinning ball of charge, and this property was called electron spin. ( mind you we are dealing with a spinning “ball of charge” at this point in the theory)

Quantization of angular momentum had already arisen for orbital angular momentum, and if this electron spin behaved the same way, an angular momentum quantum number s = 1/2 was required to give just two states.

Because of the massive amount of ions present in this iron ball/mass, a magnetic current is created. A magnetic current with great power and strength. The magnetic current now magnetizes the very core of the iron ball/mass. At this point the magnetized ball/mass continues to display a magnetic movement (rotation) freely throughout the Universe. As we are all aware of this universe of ours is a freezing environment with temperatures of about MINUS 455 degrees Fahrenheit . In this dark and freezing environment each layer of this ball/mass is cooling and causing what is now known to us as ROCK to form all over this iron mass. As the Keeker Theory continues you will be able to determine where all three types of rocks come into play.

Igneous Rocks

Igneous rock is formed when magma cools and makes crystals. Magma is a hot liquid made of melted minerals. The minerals can form crystals when they cool. Igneous rock can form underground, where the magma cools slowly or igneous rock can form above ground, where the magma cools quickly.

Sedimentary Rocks

Sedimentary rocks form at or near the earth's surface at relatively low temperatures and pressures primarily by: deposition by water, wind or ice precipitation from solution (may be biologically mediated) growth in position by organic processes (e.g., carbonate reefs ) Sediment can either be: Material, originally suspended in a liquid, that settles at the bottom of the liquid when it is left standing for a long time Material eroded from preexisting rocks that is transported by water, wind, or ice and deposited elsewhere

Metamorphic Rock

Metamorphic Rock is formed when rocky material experiences intense heat and pressure in the crust of the earth. Through the metamorphic process, both igneous rocks and sedimentary rocks can change into metamorphic rocks, and a metamorphic rock can change into another type of metamorphic rock. Heat and pressure do not change the chemical makeup of the parent rocks but they do change the mineral structure and physical properties of those rocks. Metamorphic rocks trapped underground are still subject to enormous heat from rising magma, or heated water, and pressure. Sometimes the heat can get so intense the rocks actually melt. Pressure comes from the incredible weight of material surrounding the rock on all sides. The pressure pushes new minerals into the rock and drives other minerals out; the result, of course, is that the rock is chemically changed. Magnetic spin and magnetic moment continue through constant natural cyclotron. This combination of thins all occurring simultaneously causes magnetic resonance within the iron mass/ball.

Now what many people do not know. Is that Rocks contain oxygen naturally as well as minerals.

( A recent study done by M.I.T. verifies this part of my theory as they had similar testing and findings when dealing with Lunar rock. )

“When Fe2+ was present, the melt composition most closely resembled that found on

the lunar surface. Two competing anode reactions then occurred: the desired oxidation of

oxides to form oxygen and the undesired oxidation of Fe2+ to produce Fe3+ ":

2O2- Æ O2 + 4e- [1]

Fe2+ Æ Fe3+ + e- Note :In process of math verification. (update: Harvard verified thismath to be accurate)

This oxygen from these rocks forming on the cooling iron mass is being freely emitted into the Earths surroundings. Now we have two processes occurring at this point. 1) As the element Hydrogen which is extremely notable in the Universe is coming into contact with the Oxygen that is being released from this iron mass/ball. These two elements begin to bond. Thus creating H20 (water) to fill in these rocks and cracks. This is how Oceans and Lakes where formed on the Iron mass (Which I will now begin to call the Earth). And 2. Because of the freezing temperatures of space , Liquid oxygen is also forming around the Earth sealing it in. Liquid Oxygen is highly paramagnetic! The wonderful thing about this happening is when the liquid oxygen surrounds and seals the Earth it is now able to create in conjunction with the earths core, a magnetic planet.( However take note for further incite into this theory that this liquid oxygen sealing does come away from the solid form of the Earth as it becomes in contact with the Sun's magnetic field. The hotter it becomes in the Sun's magnetic field the further away from the Solid mass of the Earth it moves due to the heat. Thus giving it's position in the atmosphere now. This allows further oxygen that is still being released to become trapped and stabilized within the atmosphere, which is the oxygen we breathe now) Our magnetic planet newly formed now has both a magnetic North and magnetic South. At this point something dramatic occurs. Suddenly while on it’s travel throughout the Universe the earth comes into contact with the Sun’s magnetic field. Now, because at this point we are dealing with planets whose core is primarily Nickel and Iron both highly magnetic, I am sure you can just imagine what happens now. We have a small Earth in comparison to the size of the Sun. The Earth is then rapidly pulled towards the Sun. The closer the Earth gets to the Sun the hotter the Earth gets. This causes immense and rapid evaporations to occur of the water on the Earth. This evaporation causes the oxygen from this water to be re-released from the Earth as it gets closer and hotter. Now because the Earth has a Magnetic North and South the Sun will pull the Earth close to it, but the opposite attraction of Earth’s magnetic North will stop the earth from crashing into the Sun. Take note there are several evidences that it is the Earths magnetic North that causes this. 1. Our magnetic North area on Earth is the coldest part of the Earth, in the Southern areas of the Earth that are more attracted to the Sun it is warmer/hotter year round. And 2. The moon is stationary in its position. Meaning it does not spin. It always has 1 side that is dark, the same side. Hence "the dark side of the moon". Yet, it still rotates around the Earth. We know the Earth spins around the sun. We also know that the earths magnetic field repels the suns magnetic field. So if the Earth is pushing away on its exterior, how is it that it does not just push the moon away? To fully understand the magnetic field that actually comes off of the earth we must understand just how HUGE it really is. We have seen many pictures on google that show a field that kind of just goes side to side pole to pole and trails slightly behind the Earth. This cannot be further from the truth. That field goes as far as the Earth to the Sun , all around the earth. And here is why I say this. 1. It repels the Sun at this point... and also lets again look at the moon. 2. If the Earth is repelling that certain magnetic pull from the sun then the moon must have the exact opposite polarity. It must be able to attract to this magnetic field. However do to it's size (Earth's magnetic field and strength) it cannot get close enough to the Earth to hit it. The Earths magnetic field is powerful enough to stop it, and just like 2 magnets being placed together N and S. They stick together in a stationary position. So the moon is stuck quite literally to the Earths magnetic field and cannot spin on its own, it just follows the spin of the Earth as the Earth spins around the Sun. Also, unlike the Earths field where we deflect the Suns harmful waves etc... the moon actually attracts them. Such as Helium 3. The moon is abundant in Helium 3. The moon was on a mission to crash with the Sun, at a crucial and critical moment it had to have come into contact with the Earth saving it from its impending doom. Had the Earth not been there for the Moon to be attracted to and become stuck, it most certainly would have crashed into the Sun. Again…. this is why we have the dark side of the moon.

The magnetic field of the Earth has it’s own “push” within the atmosphere, going from the magnetosphere to the core. Which is what we describe as “gravity”. And we also have our Magnetic North reflecting the Sun to protect us.

And lastly we must discuss the orbits of the Earth around the Sun. This is due to two things, spin magnetic moment, and the constant pull of the sun on the Earths South Pole.

Here is where we discuss absolute proof that everything within the earth’s atmosphere is magnetized. Unfortunately at this time in Science we do not currently have instruments that can show that we ourselves are magnetic. But here is a solid evidence. When we consider MRI’s (Magnet Resonance Imaging) We must understand how these machines work medically. They pull he cells of the human body to the surface of the body in able to take pictures of what is going on inside of the body. If human cells were not magnetic they would not respond to MRI’s and these pictures would not be possible through MRI. Then we must consider necessary elements to survive. ALL LIVING MATTER on this planet has to have certain elements to survive. We would die without them, including plants and food sources. Things elements are magnetic. They include things like iron, nickel, potassium, manganese, calcium, etc…. So what keeps our bodies in a mineral state of homeostasis? The minerals in our body that are nonmagnetic such as zinc, copper, etc… this is why when we get sick or feel ill when our bodies are lacking any of these elements. They need each other to maintain that homeostasis.

What about nonliving materials? Again… I reiterate that we do not have the necessary instruments to pick up magnetic measurements of this quantity, and here’s the reason why which correlates to these nonmagnetic materials… Electromagnetic Induction. Discovered By Faraday in 1831. It was successfully observed that ALL objects become magnetized when they are within a magnetic field. A great example is the frog. Here’s a link, by all means a frog like a human should not display ANY reactions to a magnet, (according to previously known physics) However, check it out in this setting where it is surrounded by a 10 tesla magnetic coil : . So here where we have a small nonmagnetic living being that we can clearly see amazing responses and results from strong magnets. So even though we may not have the technology yet to measure these magnetic fields that we are in because we are an actual part of them, hopefully one day we will. And lastly but definitely NOT least. We have no proof of the existence of a graviton. We have a Hadron Collider that smashes atoms at the speed of light , (by using magnets btw) , but have yet to be able to see or show actual proof of a Graviton. Now that is just amazing to me. Boson/God Particle we can find, a simple atom of gravity.... can't find...hmmmm

In Conclusion:

I make the claim that Newton was wrong by calling “gravity” gravity. He did in fact observe an effect, apple and tree… But he was WRONG for naming it. It was not correctly identified and this has since caused serious problems within the Physics community. Even Einstein knew that Newton was not accurate somewhere in this discovery and was unable to establish his Unified Theory. This I contend is the missing link to the Unified Theory! That which binds all of creation together. Once we can as a scientific community start thinking with the right information then and only then can we truly advance in Physics.


Rock Formation:

Oxygen naturally contained within rock:

Lunar rock testing:

A.H.C. Sirka, D.R. Sadowaya, L. Sibilleb

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of

Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139, USA

ASRC Aerospace Corp. NASA Kennedy Space Center, Florida 32899, USA

Hydrogen in space:

Theodore Kaczynski - confirmation of math.

Copyright 2008

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    • profile image

      Physicist in Germany 4 days ago

      This is the oldest link I was able to find on google search that makes this claim. This work is utterly amazing Newton'sRival. I am amazed at how intelligent you are for an American. I have heard most American's are lazy and slow learners. But I have to say you are an exception to this rule. Not to mention very beautiful. No one else on the internet can say they recorded this fact before you, and because of this page I can see why the truth of gravity being magnetism is spreading in mass scales. Kudo's. Thank you for standing up to all the critics and having the boldness to create this page. Women are not known to be the stronger of the species. But you prove them all wrong.

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 4 months ago from Indiana

      Stars / our Sun - are Electric Transformers. They are NOT driven by nuclear fusion.

      Below is a link to a video I made comparing Solar Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections to Electric Arcs.

      The Good Vibrations


    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 6 months ago from Indiana

      IE - Induced Magnetic Fields are actually a display of a balance between the linear acceleration of Gravity above the Law of Conservation of Energy for the Mass - and the natural surrounding Gravitational Influx Field supporting the Strong Force from the Aether.

      An Electric Current for example -

      The "accelerated Gravity" (energy / electric current) is trying to "escape" the confines of the Mass (conductor / wire as it is conducted) - and as it begins to "escape" around the outer circumference of the "wire" - the surrounding natural Gravitational Field forces it to only "escape" until there is a balance between the amount of accelerating energy escaping - and the "siphoning" this "act" creates on the surrounding Gravitational Field that forces the accelerated gravity (energy / electric current) to be confined to the Mass of the wire.

      The "atmosphere" is not atomically dense enough to conduct the current - so the current is confined to the denser mass of the wire.

      However - if the acceleration is great enough (high enough frequency) it will escape and "disperse" in the less dense atmosphere = Tesla Coil / or Plasma displays.

      This is WHY electric currents "rotate" as they conduct - they are trying to escape - and the rotation of the electric current causes the "Magnetic Field" to also "rotate".

      Everything of Mass displays natural and constant rotation / vortexes - from the initial act of the Electron Function (Strong Force) all the way through to the display of Energy (Linear Acceleration of Gravity).


    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 9 months ago from Indiana


      Gravity is the capacitance of static charge throughout the Aether of the Universe supporting / supplying the Strong Force to Atoms of Mass via the Electron Functions. Normally the delivery of "Gravity" (static charge) to any NON Magnetized Mass - is from the outer spherical circumference inward to the Core where the relay (Law of Conservation of Energy) "Terminates". (C)

      Natural Magnetism is merely the display of Gravity being "accelerated" linearly through the Mass at the speed to maintain the Law of Conservation of Energy for the Magnetized Mass. (The South Pole (hemisphere) is the "INPUT" of the static charge for the entire Mass - including the North Pole (hemisphere) where the relay terminates - and the static charge around the North hemisphere is forced to be "DIVERTED" around the Mass toward the Input South hemisphere.) (C)

      Energy is the display of Gravity being "accelerated" linearly ABOVE the speed to maintain the Law of Conservation for the Mass. (C)

      Induced Magnetic Fields are displayed when the static charge (Gravity) is accelerating through a Mass above the Law of Conservation of Energy for that Mass (Energy - electric current for example) and the surrounding - normal speed Gravity is forced to be "siphoned" into the acceleration of the "Energy". (C)

    • profile image

      Edgar Cortés 10 months ago

      I was just thinking, water is made of h2o, and an apple is made of water and other components. Earths core is like a gigantic magnet. Isnt there a form of magnetic pull going on there, between the earth's core and the apple? Hydrogen is diamagnetic and oxygen is paramagnetic. Humans are made of water and iron and other components. Magnetism is caused by electricity; negative and positive currents causing the magnetic pull, and the sun's light are a form of electricity... Main question being aren't gravity and magnetism are two sides of one coin?

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 11 months ago from Indiana

      Here is a phenomena which gives even more credibility to my Good Vibrations theory.

      Atmospheric "Sprites".

      These are electrical charges / discharges which occur above the troposphere, approximately 39 to 50 miles high in the atmosphere.

      Most of the time sprites occur above thunderstorms and usually at the exact time which lightning is occurring in the cloud mass.

      However, sprites can occur without any cloud cover at all, but they are most frequent during thunderstorms with lightning.

      As my theory defines, Gravity is the (grounding / acceleration) static charge of the vibrating NON GNR subatomic particles comprising the Aether of the universe supporting the atomic strong force to accumulated GNR particles comprising atoms of Mass.

      The Mass of the Earth “constantly consumes” a constant flow of static charge from the surrounding Aether to support the strong force for all of the Atoms of Mass comprising the Earth itself.

      (This is why “Gravity” pulls Masses toward each other – IE – this is “why” your body is pulled toward the surface of the earth – your body is “intercepting as is also consumes” the larger flow of static charge supplying the larger Mass of the Earth.)

      However - when the “flow” of static charge into the Earth is disturbed / blocked / altered at a significant amount – in the atmosphere before it can reach the surface – a “surge” of static charge from the Aether occurs to “supply” (make up for loss) to the Mass of the solid Mass of the Earth.

      The water vapor (ice / etc.) in storm clouds are almost always moving horizontally in perspective to the surface of the Earths surface because of the “wind” (movement of the “air” in the atmosphere = jet stream / temperature differences / etc.)

      As the air “flows” horizontally – it drags the water vapor molecules with it – and this horizontal motion causes the static charge (GRAVITY) to also be relayed horizontally – instead of vertically – as it usually / normally does.

      When the amount of static charge from the Aether – into a heavy cloud Mass – is forced to relay more horizontally than vertically – the atoms comprising the solid Mass of the Earth - directly below the cloud Mass become “starved” of static charge (Gravity) and this causes a “surge” of static charge in the Aether to build up to supply this increasing demand. Once the build up of static charge above the cloud Mass reaches a critical amount – a sudden discharge occurs = LIGHTNING – to balance / redistribute the static charge (Think of the spark gap on a Tesla Coil / or the spark gap on a Lord Kelvin’s Thunderstorm).

      The “sprites” are the super accelerated and “focused” Aether static charge which energizes the lightning. (Plasma)

      When this occurs it usually shows the acceleration of the sprite to be moving from the Aether – down into the lightning occurrence in the cloud Mass.

      Occasionally however – if the lightning discharge occurs - just as the sprite forms – the sudden acceleration and deceleration causes the build up to be “aborted” and the sprite decelerates – and looks to be moving from the lightning – up into the Aether.

      Furthermore - a cloud to surface lightning strike is the extreme situation of re-balancing of the static charge supply to the starved Mass of the Earth.

      Lightning which remains only within the cloud Mass, without a cloud to surface strike is because the discharge to re-supply the solid mass of the Earth occurs before the build up and discharge become great enough to demand a “full contact” cloud to surface strike.

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 12 months ago from Indiana

      Space and time are absolute. Distance is distance. Time is time - "Time travel" is impossible. However, the relative position / location of the observer for displayed comparisons between "Masses / situations / energy / etc. will reveal variables in the "when / where and how" each different observer - at different locations - and moving at different speeds - observes / detects / describes the same "situation / act / display".

      As for my description of the difference between Gravity and Inertia-

      Gravity is the force displayed by the delivery of the strong force to Atoms of Mass via the Electron Functions from the static charge capacitance of the aether.

      Inertia is displayed by a secondary Mass that is in motion / (is moving) through the aether of static charge - at a different speed / trajectory than the primary Mass - which the primary Mass is the "control" (stable constant) for "comparison" - for calculating the location / state / position of the secondary Mass.

    • profile image

      S. O 13 months ago

      and also want to know your opinion if time and space can be absolute as Newton insisted?

    • profile image

      S.O 13 months ago

      Hi N R!

      What you think of inertia, is it the same as gravity? I want to know your as others opinion on this.

    • profile image

      Newton's Rival 18 months ago

      No (me) down below.... the math seems like music to my ears.......You see numbers, I see Mozart! Fantastic!

    • profile image

      Newton's Rival 18 months ago

      Don't I know it Sharpencil..... it's disgusting! But like you stated in your email conversations with me.... it's no different than what we have already been dealing with. Just a few more morons to add to the list of ignorance!

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 19 months ago from Indiana


      I have personally become intricately aware that the Media, Scientific, Economic, Education and Political "arenas" are NOT interested in the "truth" - because there is no $$$$ in it for them and only embarrassment and retraction.

      Which results in saturation of denial accompanied with obvious public misdirection.

    • Newton's Rival profile image

      Newton's Rival 19 months ago from U.S.A

      Uggg it cut off the first half of my message ..... I was stating my aggravation at the CNN news today about Physicists confirming that gravitational waves exist, that they proved it. Now these fools are in line for a nobel... are you kidding me. But they used a magnetic device to detect these waves.ummmmm..................duuuuh! FFS!

    • profile image

      Newton's Rival 19 months ago

      "Scientists have what they call a "five-sigma" standard of proof, and LIGO's researchers say the gravitational wave discovery exceeds that.

      "It took six months of convincing ourselves that it was correct," says Shoemaker. "It goes beyond that five-sigma to proving that nothing was happening with the equipment that couldn't be understood."

      She's thrilled with the possibilities.

      "Imagine having never been able to hear before and all you can do is see," she says. "Now we can listen to the universe where we were deaf before. It's a different spectrum (from the electromagnetic spectrum). It's unlike anything we've ever detected before.".........Now.... Here's my aggravation ......First off she stated in her statement it's a different spectrum (from the electromagnetic spectrum). However how were the waves detected? So I did some research at their page. Turns out they built a Interferometer. So I said to myself, what is that? I do see the word fero in that word, so I looked it up. Guess what it is? It is a device built to pick up waves and take specific measurements. But how is it built? OHHHHH magnetically!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The damn device to detect waves is built using magnetic properties.....huh? And they did not see a problem with this? Now there is talk of these Scientists getting a nobel peace prize, are you kidding me? They did not just help science, they deterred it EVEN FURTHER. And every idiot that learned the wrong thing in Physics is really going to think this is the THEORY OF EVERYTHING??? I am just in utter shock! And the media??? you think they would do real research to understand everything about a story they are going to run to make sure it is flawless. Nope! They just roll with the punches!

    • profile image

      me 20 months ago

      One retired professor offers big prize for anyone finding a fault in his theory which integrates the two.

      As I am not a physicist, I am not able to judge.. Math seems fine though.


      [2]: "3 million prize"

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 20 months ago from Indiana

      Here is the Video Presentation of my Quantum Mechanics / Astrophysics Theory - "The Good Vibrations".

      Its 2 hours long - and you will completely disagree with my depiction through the first half - which sets up the second half.

      The first half is describing how the Atomic Strong Force and Gravity came about - and how they work.

      However - once you get to Magnetism - and beyond - in the second half - it will all make perfect sense.


    • profile image

      mouna 23 months ago

      I'm an algerianwoman physicist, when I knew for the first time that our moon have had a magnetic field, It came to my mind that it is attracted to the earth by magnetism, and that gravity is magnetism. this idea was renforced when I studied magnetism in the univers.

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 24 months ago from Indiana

      Hydrogen (single Proton Atoms) had to form first - they then incurred gravitational fusion into the denser elements - up to Ferrite (26 Protons per Atom) and once a Core of Ferrite "Magnetized" - a Star is born.

      The eventual "death" of Stars (Supernova's) create the elements denser than Ferrite.

    • profile image

      Justin 24 months ago

      So how exactly did a very hot iron mass form before the first hydrogen atoms?

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      DC Batteries are merely causing linear acceleration in gravity.

      The Positive (+) cells of a battery are comprised of "more dense" elemental components. (Particular number of Atomic / Proton and EF Shell structures)

      The Negative (-) cells of a battery are comprised of "less dense" elemental components. (Particular number of Atomic / Proton and EF Shell structures)

      The more dense elemental "cells" (Positive +) force gravity to accelerate "through" the less dense elemental "cells" (Negative -) - and into the more dense (Positive +) "cells".

      The "elemental components" separating the Positive (+) and Negative (-) components within the battery - will only "allow" conduction (the acceleration of gravity) to occur - through this semi-conductive "elemental barrier" itself - in a "one way direction" through the entire batteries "engineered structure" from the Negative (-) cells and - into the Positive (+) cells ---

      BUT - ONLY when the terminals are connected.

      The "Electric Current" in the "wire" - is merely the "CONSTRICTED PATH" at which the "accelerated gravity" is forced to "follow" = which IS ------ "CONDUCTION".


    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      Thanks S.O.

      Tesla also knew, and famously stated, that the secretes of the Universe function through related states of energy, frequency and vibration.

      I believe my theory reveals a plausible "linear connection" between all of the "states of Mass" and the associated energy displays - detected / observed throughout the Universe.

      I believe if Einstein would have "considered" that the fundamental source for the formation and various maintained "situations" of Mass - "originated" from a basic "static electric source" - he would have been able to culminate his elusive quest to define gravity - and would have proposed an earlier and numerically proper constructed version of my theory - several decades before I was even born.

    • profile image

      S.O 2 years ago

      Sharpencil ! Here what N. Tesla described about his induction motor invention: '' One summer evening I watched with my friend sunset. Thousands of fire was turning around in thousands of flaming colors... then, as in a fog, I saw spinning magnetic field, and induction motor. I saw them in the sun!''.

      I hope this will help you in your constructive ideas.

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana


      An "electric current" is merely the display of the "linear acceleration" of gravity through a Mass above the Law of Conservation of Energy..



    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana


      I contend that the capacitance of friction generated static electric charge throughout the vibrating "entities" of the Aether of the Universe is the "control" (initial measurement) for the energy which supply's the Strong Force for the formation and maintained "state" of "Mass".

      This "delivery" (flow - "grounding") of the static charge toward a single Proton of Mass (or toward and into accumulated Protons = Planet / etc.) is the display of "Gravity".

      (Gravity is the "initial" display of ""acceleration"" of the static charge of the Aether as it supplies (penetration / relays) the Strong Force energy to Protons of Mass - from the Masses outer spherical circumference - inward to where the "relay" terminates at its core.)

      When a Mass (Ferrite) becomes "naturally magnetized" - it merely FORCES "gravity" to enter (penetrate) the Mass at the South Hemisphere - then be "relayed" through the core - to then be terminated at the inner circumference of its North Hemisphere.

      ("Magnetic distance" (S - to - N) of Strong Force energy "relay / penetration" is TWICE (double) that of normal spherically/radial penetration - which MUST occur in the same set amount of time.)

      Which means that natural magnetic (S - to - N) "penetration" is a display of TWICE (double) the ""acceleration"" of the Aether static charge - when compared to normal spherically/radial "penetration".



      The Aether static charge is forced to be (twice) doubly accelerated toward a magnetized Mass spherically/radial around its entire circumference.


      The "magnetic field" is displayed because the "doubly accelerated" Aether static charge around the North Hemisphere is not allowed to "penetrate" at the North Hemisphere - because the input penetration at the South Hemisphere is "supplying" the entire Mass (including the North Hemisphere) from the "internal" relay of the static charge.

      This FORCES the accelerated Aether static charge "trying to penetrate" at the North Hemisphere to be DIVERTED around the Mass - to be "mixed in" with the accelerated Aether static charge at the South Hemisphere.


      The accelerated Aether static charge around the South Hemisphere is FORCED to be pushed back by the equally powerful DIVERTED Aether static charge accelerating around the outer parameter of the North Hemisphere to "find" a place for penetration -

      Which is ultimately displayed with a "MIX" of "uniform / balanced" accelerated penetration with the South Hemisphere.

      The "balance" of the "conflict" between these two (equally powerful / accelerated) "opposing" directions of Aether static charge "meet" at the equatorial plane directly between the two Hemispheres - and the result - is - the display of the "Magnetic Field".

      A natural magnetic field (magnetized Ferrite Mass) ONLY forces the Aether static charge to "accelerate" at the speed to maintain the minimal Strong Force demands of the Protons comprising the magnetized Ferrite Mass itself.

      (I=GaM@Law of Conservation of Energy)

      Anytime "gravity" is linearly accelerated through Mass ABOVE the speed to supply the minimal Strong Force demands of the Protons comprising the Mass - the display is "ENERGY".

      (E=GaM^Law of Conservation of Energy)


    • profile image

      Effilnuc 2 years ago

      The Octave Field Theory

      The electric field provides the scale,

      the magnetic field provides the orientation,

      the gravitational field provides the center point,

      the light field provides the motion,

      the heat field provides the environment,

      the sound field provides the record of events...

      This creates a 7th transitory field of time and space based around a center point of mass (gravity).

      The time and space field provides for the experience and hopefully awareness.

    • profile image

      Effilnuc 2 years ago

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but

      magnetic force and the magnetic field has a single direction, it passes thru an axis of mass...always.

      The force of gravity and the gravitational field point in all directions, away from the centre of mass...always.

      Based on this observation, they have to be unique fields, even if they are interrelated. Each field stores energy in its own unique way.

      I think it may be wiser to seek the answers to how the two fields interact, (transfer energy parcels) rather than trying to see them as one and the same.

    • profile image

      NR 2 years ago

      Been talking with Sharpencil.... Very impressive....! I must say....

    • Newton's Rival profile image

      Newton's Rival 2 years ago from U.S.A

      I was not offended or mad, just a busy bee! :)

    • Newton's Rival profile image

      Newton's Rival 2 years ago from U.S.A

      Forgive me Sharppencil, I have emailed you.

    • Newton's Rival profile image

      Newton's Rival 2 years ago from U.S.A

      So I have spent so much time lately connecting the dots and realized that this theory really is The Theory of Everything. When I first researched Einstein and his "missing" theory I have to admit that I did not grasp it "ALL". But it's true there really is a theory of everything. And it all does originate from Magnetism. There is so much to cover and explain I need a bit of time to add them together in a rough course/draft so I can post them. But like me I can't help but to think you will be scratching your head in wonderment. Trying to answer the same questions I had to seek answers too and maybe more. Today more than ever I STAND in confidence that magnetism is the answer to the Theory of everything. To start off before I write what I have found and researched, I would like you to all start with this one question. How does the heart beat? What is the SA Node, and why does it create energy enough to sustain life with no "battery". How are we living?

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana


      I have attempted, but failed, to find a way to contact you directly.

      However, I would like to ask if you might be receptive to private correspondence with me via E-Mail, concerning what I believe to be direct "links" between our theories which explain the evolution / function of the Universe ?

      If this is acceptable - I would merely like to present my thoughts to you (and receive your responses) on what I believe is an extremely plausible theoretical correlation.

      Our theories differ in several major aspects - however, I can present a theses - which by using my theory as a "main progression basis" - I can show where several aspects of your theory correlate - into / with mine - to define a plausible explanation of the origin and function of the Celestial Bodies (gravity / magnetism / energy) observed throughout the Universe.

      If you accept my invitation, (or if you decide to decline) please send me a note.

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana


      I apologize if I have overstepped the boundaries for acceptable posting in your hub.

      Ever since was a child of 8 years old - (I am currently 52) I have been trying to explain (at least a plausible theory to myself) for how simple magnets display the effects and properties they do.

      When I found your hub over a year ago - it re-ignited my interest in finishing my life long "quest" to initially explain how simple magnets display their properties.

      Once I wrapped my mind around my "Aether Fuel Tank" (The Good Vibrations) "Theory" - to "potentially" explain how a natural Ferrite magnet works - it was not difficult for my "Aether Fuel Tank" theory to be used to connect how Celestial Bodies and "energy" "could" be explained by using the basis of my theory.

      I'm sure my theory may seem quite "crazy" to you (and to anyone reading my posts in your hub).

      And again, I apologize if I have offended you in ANY way - Newtons Rival.

      I have the utmost respect for your supreme intellect and hard work throughout this hub. I further respect and applaud you for your absolutely POSITIVE scientific attitude - and positive social attitude throughout all comments and post's within this hub.


      Sharpencil :)

    • profile image

      Newton's Rival 2 years ago

      It's kind of weird... I am noticing all kinds of new hubpages that are now based on this original theory. It all started last year when that female Doctor copied my theory exactly and started her own page with it. Now, I am seeing similar pages everywhere, including here. I'm finding it weird but also good. People are starting to wake up and they are putting science and common sense together. What betters science as a whole is the best outcome.

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      Here is a more explanatory definition for the function of Magnetic Fields and the subsequent rotation of Celestial Bodies that display Magnetic Fields.

      Any celestial body that displays constant / stable rotation of its atmosphere or its solid mass - has a Magnetized Ferrite Core.

      Gravity is the detected/observed "constant" display of the Aether static charge supplying the demand for "fuel" by Protons of Mass to - use the static charge to "exist" in a state of "Mass" - by means of electrostatic bonds - via "Electron Functions".

      This "relay" from atom - to - atom - into the Mass - initially occurs spherically/radial "equally" - from the outer spherical circumference - inward to the "core".

      As described above - natural "Magnetism" is the "altered flow of Gravity into a Mass of "Ferrite" at the South Hemisphere - through the core - to the North Hemisphere.

      Since the North Hemisphere is "receiving" its "fuel" (Aether static charge supplying the Strong Force) FROM the South Hemisphere - the "relay" into - and through the Mass is a "farther distance" - when compared to normal - spherically/radial - "Gravitational" "fuel" delivery - and forces the "flow" of the Aether static charge to be ""accelerated"" as it is "drawn" toward - and through - the Mass to supply the demand in the same set amount of time.

      This "forces" the incoming Aether static charge - from the Aether - around the outer parameter of the North Hemisphere to be DIVERTED around the North hemisphere - and "mixed in" with the INPUT at the South Hemisphere. This "balances" at the equatorial plane directly between the two Hemispheres.

      This "opposition" in directions of - the North Diverted flow - moving Southward - and the South Input flow - pushing back Northward - as it "mixes with the North Diverted Flow - is what "establishes the symmetrically "balanced" "Magnetic Field".

      If there are NO other NON Magnetic elements "present" around the Magnetized Ferrite Mass - the "Magnetic Field" becomes "established" with a "vertically opposing" - but "horizontally stationary" - Pole - to - Pole static charge "flow" situation.


      If there are particular / proportionate NON Magnetic elements surrounding the Magnetized Ferrite "Core" - the NON Magnetic elements become "conflicted" in the vertical Pole - to - Pole - but "horizontally stationary" OPPOSING flows.

      IE - the NON Magnetic elements surrounding the the North Hemisphere of the Ferrite Core are "relaying" (caught in) the Magnetic Field's SOUTHWARD "flow".

      And - the NON Magnetic elements surrounding the the South Hemisphere of the Ferrite Core are "relaying" (caught in) the Magnetic Field's NORTHWARD "flow".

      These two "opposing flows" MEET at the "Equatorial Plane" - directly between the North and South Hemispheres.

      The OVERALL flow of the surrounding "INCOMING" Aether static charge (phantom gravitational fuel flow from the fuel tank) - forces the NON Magnetic elements to REMAIN gravitationally positioned near the Ferrite Core.

      The only resolve to the conflict / contradiction - for the NON Magnetic elements - is to force the "field" into a 90 degree turn - (most predominantly at the Equatorial plane) in a ROTATING motion - around the Ferrite Core to relieve the "conflict" which is the only "OPTION AVAILABLE".


      As the Magnetic Field "rotates" - it "drags" the NON Magnetic elements with it - and the movement of the NON Magnetic elements across/against the surface of the Ferrite Core - causes physical friction / resistance - which causes the Ferrite Core to also "rotate".

      The "balance" between the size of the Ferrite Core (and subsequent size/power of its Magnetic Field) and the particular elemental "composition" - and "amount" - of NON Magnetic elements surrounding the Ferrite Core - determines the "state /classification/displays" of the "Celestial Body" as the NON Magnetic elements "relay" the Magnetic Field.

      A common Star (like our Sun = comprised of a Huge Ferrite Core and proportionately (substantially) less Mass of gaseous layers surrounding it) displays rotation / induction / thermodynamics / Eddy Currents / Electric Currents / Plasma and Photons - as the NON Magnetic elements relay/conduct the various incurred / compounded "fields".


      A Planet (Rocky celestial body = Earth for example) with a substantial Magnetic Field - contains a proportionate Magnetized Ferrite Core - which will display proportionate "rotation" in any NON Magnetic Elements directly surrounding the Ferrite Core.

      Depending on the particular elemental composition of the NON Magnetic elements surrounding the Ferrite Core - the "rotation" will create some degree of induction (lava) and cause rotation of the Molten Lava - which will cause friction / physical resistance rotation of the Ferrite Core itself - and in proportionate amounts of "time" - eventual - stable rotation - of the entire "Mass" of ALL of the elements comprising the Mass = the Planet itself.

      The gas giant Planets (Jupiter / Saturn / Uranus / Neptune) have Magnetized Ferrite Cores generating their proportionate /substantial Magnetic fields - even though they may NOT have "rocky" (solid mass) - below the gaseous atmospheric elements - but regardless - it is the NON Magnetic elements "caught" in the opposing South / North Magnetic Flows near the Ferrite Core - which cause "stable rotation".

      (The gases themselves may "assist" with the generating of the Magnetic Field - but the "stable rotation" is attributed to the proportionate Magnetized Ferrite Core.)

      If there are NOT any "rocky/solid" elemental components surrounding the Ferrite Cores any of the gas giants - the proportion of NON Magnetic gases surrounding the Ferrite Core - are substantial enough to "relay" the rotating magnetic field without enough induction to create substantial enough Eddy / Electric Currents to produce observable/detectable Photons and Plasma - nearly as substantial as a "Star".

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      Living organisms on Earth (or any "planet") develop/evolve in the particular "gravitational" properties of their host planet environment. The "cells" (bio-mechanics) of the more complex organisms have been "established" to "function" in the particular "amount of Aether static charge" (gravity) "flowing" through the organism itself - and onward into the "planet".

      The "flow" of the Aether static charge through ANY "object/Mass" on the surface of any "planet" - is the observed/detected "display" of "local gravity" "dragging" the object/Mass with it as the larger "flow" supplies the Mass of the planet.

      When this "constant" is "altered" with enough + or - "change" - the bio-mechanics of the cells of more complex organisms become "disrupted" from "operating" within their normal "gravitational conditions" - and failure/mutations/etc. occur.

      The mechanics of "cells" is simply a quantum form of "forced magnetism" = chemical reactions.

      As I described above with "chemistry" - the Atoms of the cells of living organisms "exist" by constantly "changing" the Atomic structures of atoms through "forced magnetism" -

      IE - particular denser atoms/molecules/cellular structures (oxygen / etc.) force the Aether static charge to be "accelerated" through less dense atomic structures (food /carbon /etc.) - which causes the Electron Functions of the Protons of the LESS dense atomic structures to "fail" - which results with new structure formation - which this IS the quantum mechanics / bio-mechanics of "cell generation - and cell re-generation".

      Life = cellular bio-mechanical "forced magnetism" = with by products of thermodynamics (humans = 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.)

      Particular intensities of Magnetic Fields can have profound (+ or -) effects on the cellular bio-mechanical (naturally evolved forced magnetism) "functioning" of organisms - while in their natural gravitational environment - and when NOT in their natural gravitational environment.

    • profile image

      cliff lewis 2 years ago

    • profile image

      cliff lewis 2 years ago

      To touch lightly on the human body being magnetic. When we are in outer space for long periods of time out muscular skeletal system goes through degradation from the lack of gravity or as you refer, magnetism.

      An interesting reference from Chemical & Engineering News from 10/2/2014.

      Environmental conditions, such as heat, acidity, and mechanical forces can affect the behavior of cells. Some biologists have even shown that magnetic fields can influence them. Now for the first time an international team reports that low-strength magnetic fields may foster the reprogramming of cellular development, aiding in the transformation of adult cells into pluripotent stem cells. If confirmed, the phenomenon could lead to new tools for bioengineers to control cell fates and help researchers understand the potential health effects of changing magnetic fields on astronauts.

      The electro magnetic system that helps run our bodily systems is very connected to this earth and the evolution of our bodies adaptive process!

      We are more connected to this earth than many realize and we have more than magnetic personalities. My sincere respect to all our Scientists!

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      Elementary example.

      A copper / aluminum conductive wire.

      When an electric current (Forced Magnetism) is applied to a conductive "wire" - the Atoms/Protons of the wire "substitute" their Strong Force energy "source" to be originating from the electric current itself instead of the "source" being the Aether static charge.

      This causes the surrounding Aether static charge to NOT be needed - and a "Magnetic Field" is displayed around the "wire".

      The "amount" of electric current detected/observed at the far end of the "wire" - is proportionately "less" than the "amount" introduced to the "wire" at the point of where it is "energized" - because of "The Law of Conservation of Energy".

      IE - the Atoms/Protons of the energized "wire" AUTOMATICALLY "steal" (parasitically consume) their Strong Force energy "source" - from the "electric current" itself - and the surrounding Aether of static charge is NOT needed - and a "Magnetic Field" is displayed around the energized wire.

      However - when the electric current is removed from the "wire" - the Magnetic Field automatically and instantaneously "disappears" - because the Aether static charge automatically and instantaneously "resumes" being the "source" for the Strong Force energy for the Atoms/Protons of the wire.


    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      The "paradox".

      The reason we can NOT detect the capacitated static charge of the Aether is because of the Law of Conservation of Energy.

      Everything of Mass uses the static charge of the Aether to exist in the form of Electron Functions delivering the Strong Force static charge to supply the electrostatic bond between the subatomic particles comprising Protons - and electrostatic bonded / compiled Protons comprising Atoms - and electrostatic bonded / compiled Atoms comprising Molecules - and electrostatic bonded / compiled Molecules comprising Mass.

      Our eyes, our detection devices - everything comprised of Protons/Mass "uses" the Aether static charge to "exist" in a "state" of "Mass".

      When a Photon of light (Forced Magnetism) strikes a Proton/Atom/Molecule of Mass - the Protons of the Atoms of the Mass "steal" (parasitically use) a proportionate amount of the Photons "energy" at the moment of "contact" as proportionate Electron Function "pulses". (The Law of Conservation of Energy)

      When we "look" at an Atom/Proton with quantum amounts of "light" or Electron Microscopes - (continuous bombardment) the Atom/Proton "steals" (parasitically uses) a proportionate amount of the energy to "substitute" the static charge of the Aether.

      IE - the "subject/Atom/Proton" substitutes the "energy" we "bombard" it with - as "Electron Functions" - and there is NO "reflection/detection".

      (As an Atom/Proton is "bombarded" (Electron Microscope) there is a proportionate quantum sized Magnetic Field "around" it - because as long as the Atom/Proton is using the "energy/light" (Forced Magnetism) as a "substitute" for the surrounding normal/natural static charge of the Aether - the surrounding normal/natural static charge of the Aether is NOT needed - and a quantum Magnetic Field is displayed.

      We can only initially detect / observe the "effects" of the static charge of the Aether on Protons/Atoms/Molecules/Mass by the display of Gravity.

      However - when Gravity displays linear acceleration through Mass at the speed to maintain the Law of Conservation of Energy we detect / observe Magnetism.

      And when Gravity has linear acceleration through Mass above the speed to breach the Law of Conservation of Energy we detect / observe Energy.

      Gravity = the static charge of the Aether supplying the Strong Force to Protons of Mass / via the Electron Functions.

      Magnetism = linear acceleration of Gravity through Mass at the speed to maintain the Law of Conservation of Energy.

      I=GaM@Law of Conservation of Energy.

      Energy = linear acceleration of Gravity through Mass above the speed to breach the Law of Conservation of Energy.

      E=GaM^Law of Conservation of Energy.


    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      Magnetism = linear acceleration of Gravity through Mass at the speed to maintain the Law of Conservation of Energy.

      Energy = linear acceleration of Gravity through Mass above the speed to breach the Law of Conservation of Energy.


    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      I propose that E=MC2 is fundamentally incorrect.

      IE - E=MC2 is when an explosion (trajectory force / speed) forces atoms to be accelerated at / or beyond the speed of light - resulting with the "FAILURE" of the Electron Functions of the Atoms - because the Protons comprising the Atoms accelerate through the Aether (atmosphere/etc.) - faster than which the static charge of the Aether (the Strong Force) can "occur". Which results with the Protons "separating" (especially with "unstable/radioactive" Atoms) because of the "loss" of the Strong Force (Electron Functions) - which results with extreme "backlashes/shock-waves" in the surrounding Aether static charge as the Electron Function "Shells" - FAIL - and subsequently/immediately become - RE-INSTATED.

      However - this "display" is merely one "form" of "Energy" - that can be caused/displayed/achieved by accelerating Atoms of Mass to the speed of light - to cause Electron Function "Failure" and subsequent "Reinstatement".

      All forms of "Energy" are displayed results of the Electron Functions of Atoms of Mass "Failing" - and then becoming "Re-Instated".

      However - "Most" Energy displays (Electric Currents / Combustion / Chemical Reactions / etc.) are displayed results of the "acceleration" of the Aether static charge - (Forced Magnetism) NOT the "Atoms" themselves" - potentially causing Electron Function "Failure" - and subsequent "Reinstatement".

      (IE - when an Electron Function Shell "Fails" - this causes the influx of the static charge of the Aether to "compress" back into itself around the Protons (Atoms) involved in the "disturbance". Then the influx of the static charge of the Aether - instantly - "De-compresses" (""accelerates"") to "reinstate" the Eletron Function Shell.

      Electric Currents are displays of the acceleration of the Aether static charge (Forced Magnetism) through NON Magnetic / but electrically conductive elements "below" the threshold of Electron Function Failure - but - "above" the Law of Conservation of Energy.

      Photons (light = intense thermodynamics = acceleration in the "reinstatement" of the Electron Function Shell ) are the "by-products" of Electron Function "Failures" and subsequent "Reinstatements" created by Forced Magnetism "through" Atoms of Mass - OR - by Atoms of Mass being accelerated to the speed of light.

      IE - an "Atomic" explosion creates by-product "Photons" from the "source" of Atoms of Mass accelerating to the speed of light - resulting with Electron Function "Failure - and subsequent - "Reinstatement".


      Flashlight filaments create by-product "Photons" from an electric current (accelerated Forced Magnetism) breaching (above) the Law of Conservation of Energy - just at the threshold of Electron Function "Failure" - and subsequent "Reinstatement" of the Atoms (Protons) of the filament. (The "Atoms" are NOT "accelerating")

      (IE - if "too" much electric current (speed in the acceleration of the Forced Magnetism) is "applied" to the flashlight filament - the Electron Function "Failure" is "too intense" causing "too many" of the Atoms to incur Electron Function "Failures" "simultaneously" and a "meltdown" in the stable "overall Atomic/Molecular structure" occurs - and the "circuit" (relay of trajectory /path of the Forced Magnetism) is "broken".

      Energy = acceleration (Forced Magnetism) in the static charge of the Aether (Gravity) "Reinstating" the Electron Funtion Shell (the Strong Force) to Atoms of Mass which have incurred "temporary" Electron Function Shell "Failure".



    • profile image

      NR 2 years ago

      @ Sharpencil, you have a lot of posts here, I will have to go through them all and read em. @ Effilnuc, So because someone sees an end they couldn't possibly "see" it's true? hmmmmm... That is not scientific fact. And what we deal with when it comes to science is fact. If your going to reference a FACT as a fact thats fine. Until then it is nothing more than a hypothesis. This may very well be a fact, but can you show me 1 person that can prove it? Nope. Impossible bc the math doesn't show US. None of us will live to see it. And if it cannot be proven it will ALWAYS just be a hypothesis.

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      Chemistry is merely a display of "Forced Magnetism -

      IE - when molecules comprised of Atoms of a particular "atomic weight" - are in close enough proximity of other molecules comprised of Atoms of a particular "atomic weight" - the (denser - higher atomic weight) Atoms "draw" the aether static charge ("fuel") THROUGH the less dense Atoms - which creates a situation of "Forced Magnetism".

      This is because denser Atoms display more numerous Electron Functions occurring in the same set amount of "time" as do less dense Atoms.

      This "difference" in the number of Electron Functions occurring in the same set amount of time - corresponds to the denser Atoms "burning" more "fuel" in the same set amount of time.

      This "forces" the Aether static charge to be "accelerated" (aligned = Forced Magnetism) THROUGH the Electron Functions of the less dense Atoms - into the denser Atoms.

      And if the "speed" of the "acceleration" (particular difference in the number of - and Electron Function "Gear" "timing" between the two molecules (Atoms) is "great" enough - the Electron Functions of the less dense Atoms of the less dense molecule FAIL to occur - (the Protons are "dragged" toward the denser Atoms = (resistance) - and the individual Protons are forced to re-shape with the denser molecule Atoms - into a NEW "combined" atomic structure - with by-products of thermodynamics / Photons / etc.

      Combustion works on the same "principal" - BUT - "combustion" requires a "catalyst" to "instigate" the "Forced Magnetism" = "Energy Display".

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      IE -

      The "act" of "Gravity" (accumulated Protons (Atoms) is the display of the "relay" of the Aether static charge Strong Force energy from one Atom to the next - equally - inward from the outer spherical circumference of the Mass - to its core.

      The "act" of this "relay" is the FUNDAMENTAL BASIS for the Law of Conservation of Energy - because each individual Atom must "relay" enough static charge to "FIRST" satisfy it own Strong Force demands - then it relays the amount "demanded" by the proportionate Atoms closer and closer to the core - all the way to the core. The "amount" of "static charge" "relayed" - for the "distance" (number of Protons involved in the "linear" relay - from the outer parameter - to the core) - in the "time frame" that is "Necessary" to "satisfy" the Strong Force NEEDS of ALL of the Atoms of the Mass - is what "ESTABLISHES" the "Gravitational" property of the Mass.

      (IE - the TOTAL number of Protons (size and elemental composition) of the Mass - determines the "distance" at which the static charge must "travel" (be relayed) - in the gravitational "format" (natural) energy delivery "time frame" - to "satisfy" the TOTAL Strong Force demands of ALL of the Protons comprising the Mass.

      HOWEVER -

      A "Natural Magnet" (Ferrite) "aligns" the Aether static charge Strong Force energy to ENTER the SOUTH HEMISPHERE - then "travel" (be relayed) THROUGH the core - to the NORTH HEMISPHERE. The "DISTANCE" for the "travel" (number of Protons involved in the relay) - in the same "time frame" is proportionately GREATER - when compared to "normal / Natural - "GRAVITATIONAL" Strong Force energy delivery.

      This is "proportionate" because of the "looped/angled" flux lines of the "delivery" of the Strong Force static charge.

      (IE - the Strong Force static charge input at the South side of equatorial plane - only "travels" the short distance to the "equal" (balanced/opposite) distance to the North side of the equatorial plane.

      HOWEVER - the "closer" to the "center" of the South Pole - the GREATER the "distance" the static charge must "travel" (be relayed) - in the same "time frame" - to reach the parameter of the "equally" "RADIALLY (opposite) LOCATED" North Pole.

      (IE - the center of the South Pole - "relays" the static charge the FARTHEST distance - to the center of the North Pole. And - the "closer" to the "equatorial plane" = the "shorter the "distance" (relay - in the same time frame).

      The "difference" between gravitational - and - magnetic - "distance" (number of Protons "involved" in the relay) is "resistance" - which is displayed by the "Magnetic Field".

      This is the "INITIAL" - "detectable" display of "Energy".


    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      A natural "Magnet" alters/directs the normal spherically/radial "flow" of gravity into its "Mass" (Magnet) by forcing it to enter only the South Pole Hemisphere to supply ALL of the Protons/Atoms of the entire Mass/Magnet.

      Since the "flow" is entering the South Pole hemisphere ONLY - to supply the Strong Force energy demands of ALL of the Protons/Atoms of the ENTIRE Mass - this means that the "flow" is FORCED to be "ACCELERATED" - because there are only HALF of the Protons/Atoms at the South INPUT half of the "Mass" supplying (relaying) the Strong Force static charge to ALL of the Protons/Atoms comprising the Mass -

      When compared to how much Strong Force static charge the South Hemisphere of an IDENTICAL - NON Magnetized Mass is "relaying" (delivering / supplying) (IE - an identical NON Magnetized Mass has double/twice the Protons/Atoms (NORTH Hemisphere) ALSO supplying/relaying the "INPUT" to the entire Mass from the entire outer circumference into the center/core.


      The forced "acceleration" that occurs to "maintain" the delivery of the Strong Force demands of ALL of the Protons/Atoms comprising the entire Magnetized Mass - through only HALF of the "normal spherically/radial gravitational" amount of Protons/Atoms around the entire circumference - is the FUNDAMENTAL BASICS - for the creation of "ENERGY" itself - and the FUNDAMENTAL BASICS for how and why the Law of Conservation of Energy applies to the “transfer/conduction/relay” of “energy” between/through Protons/Atoms of Mass.

      Energy is merely the various displays of FORCED MAGNETISM.

      E=MC2 - is WRONG!


    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      Once the static electric premises for the Strong Force Energy source and delivery function of my theory is comprehended -

      Here are a few reference pages to give visuals to the text for how Gravity / Magnetism / Eddy & Electric Currents function-



      Eddy Currents & Electric Currents-

      If you want to understand how our Sun (Common Stars) work-


    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      So - are there any brave entrepreneurs out there looking for an interesting - if not worthy- way to invest in a tax deductible adventure to fill in the holes of Relativity?

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      By the way - I can "prove" that my theory is not only "plausible" - but "probable" - by means of executing and documenting particular experiments.

      However - I do not possess the funds or assets to obtain the necessary components to conduct or document these experiments in an "acceptable" and "accredited" format to present the findings / results to any "entity" interested.

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      Energy is merely the various displayed results (from particular / various amounts) of EXCESSIVE amounts of FORCED Magnetism (electric currents / chemical reactions / combustion /etc.) above the Strong Force energy NEEDS on various elements (Protons/Atoms) of Mass.

      Think of Protons of Mass as "parasites" - as they "burn" fuel for their Strong Force NEEDS.

      The "aether fuel tank" is ALWAYS present - ready / willing and able - to supply the MINIMAL Strong Force energy demands of Protons of Mass.

      However - when FORCED Magnetism (Energy - electric current / chemistry / etc.) is "applied" to Protons/Atoms of Mass - The Law of Conservation of Energy is invoked - because this is the amount of the "forced" Magnetism (energy) which is SUBSTITUTED for the surrounding aether static charge fuel tank supply - normally obtained from the aether fuel tank.

      The amount of forced magnetism (energy) LOST by invoking the Law of Conservation of Energy - as the EXCESS is relayed/conducted - is the amount SUBSTITUTED for the NORMAL aether fuel tank Strong Force demand.

      IE - The Protons/Atoms "substitute" the "supply" for their Strong Force Energy demands as they "relay/conduct" the (forced magnetism) energy - but they only "relay" the EXCESS - AFTER they "steal" / "substitute" their necessary Strong Force NEEDS (amount) for the normal fuel tank of the aether).

      When forced Magnetism is applied to Protons/Atoms of Mass - the Law of Conservation of Energy is invoked - and a "Magnetic Field" is automatically induced - because the "surrounding" static charge of the aether fuel tank is NOT NEEDED - for as long as the energy source (forced magnetism) is SUBSTITUTING the Strong Force demands of the Protons/Atoms involved.


    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      Visualize "Magnetism" like this.

      There are two identical Ferrite spheres.

      One is Magnetized and the other is not.

      The sphere which is NOT Magnetized is receiving its static charge Strong Force "fuel" supply spherically/radial - equally - around its circumference. Which means that the "fuel" is being delivered (relayed) "equally" through ALL of the outer parameter spherical Protons/Atoms (Electron Functions) - inward - to the Core - supplying fuel to ALL of the spheres Protons/Atoms equally FROM the outer circumference inward. This is Normal / Natural - "Gravity".

      However - the other sphere IS "Magnetized" - and is receiving its static charge Strong Force "fuel" in an "aligned/directed" flow - into the South Pole Hemisphere ONLY - through the Protons/Atoms (Electron Functions) - all the way through the Core - to the North Pole Hemisphere parameter.

      This means that the Magnetized sphere is "supplying" the ENTIRE / TOTAL sphere's fuel supply INPUT & DEMAND - through ONLY HALF of the Protons/Atoms - as compared to the NON Magnetized sphere - in the SAME SET AMOUNT OF TIME.

      Furthermore - since the Protons/Atoms in the North Pole Hemisphere are ALREADY receiving their "fuel" supply (within/through) FROM the South Pole Hemisphere -

      This FORCES the incoming static charge (fuel supply) around the outer parameter of the North Pole Hemisphere - to be DIVERTED around the outer parameter of the North Pole Hemisphere - to be "filtered" in with the input at the South Pole Hemisphere.

      This is why - and what - CREATES a (fuel flow back-up) Magnetic Field around a Naturally Magnetized Mass.

      This "situation" "balances" at the Equatorial Plane of the Magnetized sphere - directly between the North & South Poles.

      Example - "A" = South Magnetic Orientation-

      When the South Pole of a Magnet is placed near a refrigerator - the proportionate "portion" of the gravitational "fuel" is "pulled" out of the refrigerator - directly into the South Pole of the Magnet.

      Example -"B" = North Magnetic Orientation-

      When the North Pole of a Magnet is placed near a refrigerator - a proportionate "portion" of the gravitational "fuel" is "pulled" out of the refrigerator - - then DIVERTED around the outer parameter of the Magnets North Pole Hemisphere - and into the South Pole Hemisphere of the Magnet.

      This is WHY BOTH Poles are ATTRACTED with "EQUAL" strength to the Magnetic (Ferrite) refrigerator.

      This is also why the OPPOSITE Poles (North to South) of two separate - individually "Magnetized" Masses ATTRACT - because the fuel flow becomes oriented in a "ONE WAY" direction for BOTH Masses.

      This is also why the "same" Poles of two separate - individually "Magnetized Masses (North to North - and South to South) REPEL - because of the CONTRADICTION in direction of "fuel" flow delivery.


    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      Galaxies display this same "linear" "fuel flow" situation.

      I will compare a galactic display to our solar system.

      If the center of a galaxy - is in fact a Black Hole - (like our Sun is the center of our solar system) and the Black Hole is a HUGE / magnetized celestial body.

      (By the way - my theory contends that a Black Hole is merely an enormous celestial body of mostly Ferrite with proportionate amounts of NON magnetic elements directly surrounding it. The "fuel flow" (magnetic field) is so intense that NOT even Photons are able to "resist" being "dragged" along with the "movement/flow" of the rotational (fuel flow) magnetic field.) (Quasar displays are in essence "less intense" / similar to Black Holes.)

      Furthermore - the Black Hole is "burning" more static electric "fuel" in the same set amount of time than are ALL of the celestial bodies "orbiting" it. The Black Hole is creating the same exact "fuel flow" situation as our Sun - but on a much / much / much larger scale.

      All of the celestial bodies of a Galaxy are "caught" if the fuel flow into the Black Hole - and are being "dragged" along as they "intercept" their individual - but interconnected - "fuel" supply.

      The "aether" (fuel tank) surrounding each Galaxy displays this same "swirling/rotating" flow because of the enormous "rotating" magnetic field. The galactic plane - is - in essence - merely the equatorial plane of the Black Hole

      The "galactic plane" is quite similar to the "equatorial plane" situation which our Sun displays with the planets.

      Galaxies function quite similarly to how our solar system functions - only MUCH more intensely and with particular different displays.

      The combined celestial bodies surrounding the central Black Hole of a galaxy - act as a "coil" toward the central Black Hole - intensifying its "magnetic field".

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana


      (The “fuel flow” (magnetic field) will not begin rotating around the magnetized Ferrite Primary Mass – UNLESS there are proportionate amounts of the appropriate NON magnetic elemental atoms directly/completely surrounding the Ferrite Primary Mass to “resist/inhibit” the “establishment” of the vertical axis (pole to pole) “stationary” situation of the “fuel flow delivery limbo” (magnetic field).

      If there are the appropriate proportions of NON magnetic elements present surrounding the Primary magnetized Mass – and they are subjected to the appropriate “overall” gravitational “pressure” (IE – the particular NON magnetic elements are forced to “remain” tightly located against the “surface” of the Primary Mass which is creating the magnetic field – completely surrounding the circumference of the magnetized Primary Mass) – the NON magnetic elements “RESIST” (IE - the “directions of fuel flow feed for the Electron Functions of the NON magnetic Secondary Mass “quickly” switch back and forth between the “aligned/limbo” – and normal gravitational “fuel” delivery direction.

      This “resistance” forces the Electron Functions of the NON magnetic elements to “relay” the “aligned” fuel flow (normally “stationary” vertical axis magnetic field orientation) “around” the equatorial plane between the North and South hemispheric Poles where there is the least resistance – because this is where the Primary Mass has established the Maximum volume of fuel input – and this is what causes ROTATION of not only the magnetic field (fuel flow delivery) but also causes “proportionate” resistance propelled rotation of the solid Mass of the Primary magnetized Mass itself.

      Furthermore – any Primary Mass (the Sun for example) which has a magnetized Ferrite core - with NON magnetic elements surrounding it – displays rotation in the fuel flow / magnetic field.

      This causes the incoming flow (static charge) of fuel from the fuel tank (aether) to also “rotate” or “swirl” as it flows toward the equatorial plane magnetized Primary Mass.

      Furthermore - the incoming fuel flow is strongest at the equatorial plane (heliosphere) of the Sun. (proportionately at distance).

      These two factors are why Planets orbit Stars at their equatorial Plane – and why they orbit in the same direction at which the magnetic field rotates around the Star.


    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      Think of it like this. The aether of static charge is the “fuel tank”. Protons of Mass are the “Motors”. Electron Functions are the fuel pumps / fuel delivery lines.

      According to my theory-

      The “entities” of the aether are constantly vibrating – which instills a “constantly” “capacitated” static electric charge throughout the “affected” area of the aether..

      (If there were NO Mass in the universe – this static charge would be spread EQUALLY throughout every square inch of the affected universal aether.)

      However – since the golden number ratio vibrating “entities” “use” this static charge for “fuel” to “electromagnetically” bond (burning fuel = Electron Functions) into forming and maintaining Protons (Mass) (this IS the Strong Force) – this creates a “supply and demand” situation.

      As Protons form – and cluster - the static charge of the aether (fuel tank) is “drawn” toward any (all) Protons (Masses) (from all sides equally) all the way to the center / core of each Mass to SUPPLY the DEMAND. (The larger (or denser the elemental Protons of the Mass) – the farther “outward” the fuel must be drawn in from the fuel tank to supply the demand.)

      This is the observed “display” of gravity – and is INITALLY – supplied “spherically/radial” into any “Mass” - equally around its circumference.

      (I’ll get to magnetism and its effects farther below.)

      Any Primary Mass – in proportionate distance to any Secondary Mass – creates a proportionate CONTRADICTION in the “flow” of the “fuel” into BOTH Masses.

      A large Mass (the Sun for example) is “burning” more fuel in the same set amount of time as are ANY (all) of the Planets.

      This means that – as the “fuel” flows toward the Sun – the Planets “INTERCEPT” their “fuel supply” from the larger “flow” of fuel - flowing into the Sun – which causes the planets to be “dragged” along with the larger flow of fuel “moving” toward the larger Mass of the Sun.

      ALL Mass “burns” this static electric “fuel” (the Strong Force) - and the observed / detected display of the DELIVERY of the Strong Force “fuel” is “gravity”.

      However - the motional trajectory of the planets and the CONTRADICTION in the direction of “fuel flow” delivery – directly between each planet and the Sun – are the two factors which create “stable orbits”. (This is the same situation occurring between any masses in proportionate distance from each other = Planets and Moons / etc.)


      When a Mass contains the appropriate amounts of - and configurations of Ferrite – it magnetizes – which is merely the display of the “fuel” (static charge supplying the Strong Force) being “forced” to be delivered by entering the South Pole hemisphere of the Mass – because the Electron Functions of the element Ferrite “relay” the Strong Force static charge (fuel) from one Proton – to the next Proton – to the next Proton – through the Protons/Atoms of the Mass in a “linear” / swirling “Fibonacci” display – instead of the “fuel” being delivered spherically/radial “equally” around its circumference into / toward its core = “gravitational”.

      Natural magnetism is merely the directed/altered “flow” normal spherically/radial gravity - once the Electron Functions “align” with this linear / Fibonacci – internal - fuel delivery display.

      (There is NO “fuel” (static charge) actually “exiting” (exhaust…) out the North Pole – because there is only the NEESSARY amount of fuel “entering” the South Pole to SUPPLY the necessary Strong Force DEMANDS of the magnetized Masses Electron Functions in an “aligned/relayed” delivery.

      The area around the circumference of a magnetized mass (magnetic field) is merely where the flow of the fuel coming in (still being drawn in - equally spherically/radial around its circumference = normal gravitational) is NOT being “immediately” “accepted/used” by the Mass and is in a state of “limbo” as it is “filtered/mixed” toward the South Pole hemisphere. (The linear / Fibonacci swirl of the “fuel flow” within the Electron Functions of the Mass finds “equilibrium” to this situation by actually “balancing” the “display of the magnetic field in the middle – at the “equatorial plane” between the Poles.)

      HOWEVER - if there is a Secondary Mass in proportionate distance to the magnetic field of the magnetized Primary Mass– the Protons/Atoms of the Secondary mass will AUTOMATICALLY (align/relay) to the proportionate amount of “limbo” in the fuel flow created by the Primary magnetized Mass = “Magnetic Field”.

      IE – if the Primary Masses magnetic field (fuel flow limbo area) is larger/stronger than what the Secondary Mass NEEDS for NECESSARY NORMAL gravitational Strong Force consumption – the Secondary Mass “passes/relays” the proportionate directed/aligned “limbo” of “fuel flow” through its own Electron Functions beyond its own consumption needs.

      (IE – The “size/strength of the “magnetic field” created by the Primary Mass - and the size and elemental composition of the Secondary Mass – is what determines how much of – and how strongly - the Secondary Mass is “affected” by the magnetic field (fuel flow limbo) created by the Primary Mass.

      In essence – A Secondary Mass at proportionate distance to the South Pole of a magnetized Primary Mass is being forced to “align/deliver” the “fuel flow” from the aether - through itself and into the Primary Mass.

      Furthermore - A Secondary Mass at proportionate distance to the North Pole of a magnetized Primary Mass is being forced to “align/receive/accept” the “fuel flow” FROM the Primary Mass.

      Furthermore - any Secondary Mass which is located at the equatorial plane of a “Magnetized” Primary Mass – the North hemisphere of the Secondary Mass is basically “accepting” “fuel” from the magnetized Primary Mass – and the South hemisphere of the Secondary Mass is “delivering” fuel to the magnetized Primary Mass.

      (If the Secondary Mass is Ferrite – the proportionate Electron Functions “willingly” respond/accept the internal Fibonacci linear fuel delivery created by the magnetized Primary Mass (magnetic field – South OR North) and an ATTRACTION is displayed.

      However – if the Secondary Mass is NON magnetic – it merely “relays/passes” the magnetic field through the proportionate Electron Functions – and there is no attraction.)

      (If the Secondary Mass IS ALSO individually/separately magnetized – the South Pole of one can only “accept” the North Pole of the other – which displays ATTRACTION. And visa versa.

      However - the “same” poles (North to North or South to South) display a CONTRADITION to each other in the direction of fuel flow delivery – and they “resist” or “REPEL”.


    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      A large portion of of the "stable" orbits of planets around Stars - and Stars around galaxies - is the "overall" spiraling (helical) momentum that is displayed.

      Below is a link to a couple of very well done videos that show how solar systems (and most likely all celestial bodies) "orbit" the center of a galaxy in a "spiraling" (helical /vortex) type of "orbital precession".

      We do not orbit the center of the Milky-way in a heliocentric motion - it is more of a "helical /vortex motion"

      (In these videos the artist depicts the Sun moving in a straight line - I theorize the Sun to be displaying a "spiral" motion - as the Planets follow.

      The below video by the same artist is an even better / updated depiction.

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana


      The Sun and Planets are not necessarily "falling" away from anything.

      It is just possibly a long term cycle. Stars have births - lives and deaths - so, why not galaxies? Or even all of the galaxies?

      The tides here on Earth are more than just a perspective. The Moon orbits the Earth because it is caught in the larger flow of the static aether (gravitational) strong force delivery to the Earth. However, the Moon is simultaneously intercepting a portion of this flow for itself - which along with the Moons trajectory - helps stabilize its orbit.

      Furthermore - the side effect consequences of this situation on the Earth is detected / observed as the movement of the oceanic tides.

    • profile image

      Effilnuc 2 years ago


      We know that every observable action has an equal and opposite reaction, so, if the earth is falling towards the sun, and the moon is falling towards the earth and the sun is falling towards the middle of the galaxy, what exactly are they falling away from, respectively?

      I think the back and forth rolling to which you refer is simply a change in perspective. If you are before any point, it seems to be rolling forward, if you are after the point, it seems to be rolling backwards, but at all times and at all points it rolls both forwards and backwards simultaneously. There is complete stillness at every point, (+ve and -ve), however there is complete motion between all points, this motion is always positive. Motion is what is observed, motion is all that is observed. The relativity of that motion to our our subjective point of perspective dictates whether it appears to roll forwards or backwards.

    • profile image

      Effilnuc 2 years ago

      NR, the universe has a beginning according to

      The universe has a middle, just look around.

      The universe has an observable end, it is as far as we can see

      If the universe has a beginning and a middle and an end, so does everything within it. The beginning of the universe is also the end of the universe and the end of the universe is another beginning.

      The universe is a mathematical construct with each integer representing a point in the universe. Every integer is both a positive and a negative.

      The difference between two points or two integers is always positive.

      I hope this helps.

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      The above description also explains HOW the Moon causes the oceanic tides here on Earth.

      (By the way - the lack of rotation and lack of magnetic field of the Moon - has practically no direct influence on this interaction of HOW and WHY the oceanic "tides" work as they do.)

      As the Moon orbits the Earth - the Earth incurs a "slight" DECREASE in static aether influx (gravity) - at the "moving orbital location" where the Moon is "intercepting" a portion of the Earths proportionately "larger" aether static "flow" (gravity).

      In this "traversing area" - the Earth displays an ever so slight "decrease" in its "gravitational grip" on the WATER as a "whole" in the area in question.

      Furthermore - as the Moon traverses (orbits) - the area of the Earth BEHIND / AFTER the progression of this "traversing decrease" - THEN displays a REINSTATEMENT of the NORMAL aether influx (gravity) after the Moon has "passed by / moved on".

      It is this "back and forth" "ROLLING" '"fluctuation" in the "steady aether static influx as the Moon "passes by" - which causes the water to "MOVE" as a whole / entity - and display "tides"..

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana


      According to my theory (The Good Vibrations) -

      Gravity is the by-product effect / display of the static charge of the Aether - being delivered to Protons (Mass = the Strong Force).

      The "flow" of this charge (spherically/radial) INTO any larger Mass is what "pulls / drags" any smaller Mass toward the larger Mass-

      However - the smaller Mass is "intercepting" a portion of this "flow" toward the larger Mass for its own Strong Force NEEDS.

      (The initial "trajectory" of the smaller Mass is also a determining factor for the result (stable orbit / collision / near miss / etc.)

      It is this "CONTRADICTION" in direction of "flow"of the static charge in the immediate area of the smaller Mass - in the direction - directly "between" the two Masses - which instills a "stable orbit" - along with the momentum of the "trajectory" of the smaller Mass.

      (It is "SIMILAR" to how Einstein explained it -

      The Planets are "falling" toward the Sun - but NOT because "gravity" "warps" space/time - but rather - because gravity is the displayed side effect the planets adhere to because they are "caught" in the LARGER static electric "flow" moving toward the larger Mass of the Sun - and the Planets initial motion of trajectory ASSISTS with the "contradiction" in direction of static electric "flow" in the immediate area (phantom gravitational static flow) INTO each Planet - which these two constant factors are what establish stable orbits.

      It helps to fully read - and comprehend - the entirety of my theory to understand how it "plausibly" unifies the detected / observed displays of physics.

      (Any body of Mass with a proportionate magnetic field displays a South input of the aether static charge - and a North output of the aether static charge. Any NON magnetic elements surrounding the magnetized Ferrite core of a Mass - will force the magnetic field to "rotate" - directly / most prominently - at the equatorial plane - of the Ferrite core - where there is the LEAST resistance.

      This forces the influx "flow" of the aether static charge - into any body of Mass with a substantial magnetic field - to be STRONGEST at the equatorial plane of the Mass.

      (IE - the heliosphere of the Sun - or the Earth - has the strongest "influx" of static flow at the equatorial plane - because of the "resistance" in the "establishment" of the magnetic field itself.

      Furthermore - the above "situation" forces the static aether "influx" to display a rotating / swirling "movement" into any Mass with a proportionate magnetic field

      This is WHY all of the Planets "orbit" the Sun at its equatorial plane - and why they all orbit in the SAME direction which the Sun "rotates".

    • profile image

      NR 2 years ago

      Effilnuc, here I am struggling with your words again and I just began, You said the universe has 3 components, the start, the middle ,and the end... Says who? Have you ever seen or experienced the end to claim this? Also you stated " Whilst the middle is always a positive time period or space distance, the start and end are both negative and positive.

      Every starting point in time or space is positive and negative.

      Every end point in time or space is positive and negative.

      Every middle point in time or space in our material universe is positive.

      Every middle point in time or space in the antimaterial universe is negative."

      Please link some verified references to this information.

    • profile image

      NR 2 years ago

      Sharppencil, I hear what your saying and I have to say I would like to research some videos in regards to the possibility of magnetism being created through electrical forces. Also.... I do ask this question... In your hypothesis what you state about the moon and mercury would make complete since to me except for one thing, perhaps you can attempt to explain..... If this is true why then does the moon not just crash into the Earth or Sun whose magnetic field is stronger, obviously... because they do display rotation? The same with Mercury and the Sun?

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      Here is an analogy to give a mental visualization (and a defining “linear” connection between all “components” of the universe) in accordance to the quantum mechanics of my theory - "The Good Vibrations".

      My theory states that the Aether of the Universe is completely jam packed full of vibrating “entities” (particles / standing waves = “entities”).

      The vibration of these entities instills the entire “affected” Aether to be constantly capacitated with static electric charge.

      Particular “entities” vibrate at a particular frequency which allows them to use this surrounding charge to electromagnetically bond to form Protons of Mass.

      The “pulses” of static charge supporting the electromagnetic “bond” between these particular entities are what I term “Electron Functions” and occur at the speed of light.

      (An “individual” Proton (Hydrogen) displays a particular geometrically choreographed “pattern” of these systematic / symmetrical static charge pulses = Electron Functions - = the Electron Function Shell.)

      Now - visualize this influx of sequential / systematic / symmetrical “static pulses” as a spherical “gear” with a particular spherical size – and a particular number of teeth (= each individual Electron Function pulse represents a single tooth of the gear). (like a gear in a machine).

      Each single Proton (Hydrogen Atom) displays this same spherical – static electrical “gear” shape / Electron Function – and is identical.

      However – when two (2) Protons are interconnected inside the same Electron Function “Shell” (Helium) – this “different” (larger) geometrical shape of two (2) Protons causes the static electric pulses (Electron Functions) supporting the electromagnetic “bond” of each individual Proton – to “double” the number of static pulses (Electron Functions) occurring to the Atomic structure (Electron Function Shell) in the same set amount of time.

      (This change (doubles) the number of “teeth” that this larger gear displays – in the same set amount of “time”.)

      Each elemental atomic structure throughout the periodic scale displays different (proportionate) numbers of “teeth” (Electron Functions) occurring in the same set amount of time.

      This is the basis for chemistry / fission / fusion / etc. (and displays of energy).

      It’s all in the mathematical “harmonics” of the number of “teeth” (Electron Functions) which correlate in “unison” at enough “intervals” in a particular set amount of “time” for particular “teeth” of each individual “gear” (differing elemental atoms Electron Function geometrically choreographed “patterns”) to “mesh” in “enough” “pulses” to coexist by ALTERNATING - or harmoniously sharing / in sequential Electron Function “Pulse” “turn” to establish a “bond”. (Molecules / etc.)

      Particular elements display particular geometrically choreographed “gears” (Electron Functions) in a set amount of time - which results with ONLY particular differing elements being able “mesh” with other particular elements - which display completely different numbers of overall “teeth” (Electron Functions) – but are “mathematically harmonic” in the “timing” of the “alignment” of the necessary number of “teeth” when “compared” to each other – and a “fusion” or “bond” of various strengths will result – depending on the circumstances (pressure / thermodynamics / etc.).

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      Effilnuc -

      I must disagree.

      I contend that the universe is completely and absolutely - "linear" in all aspects / respects.

      The actions / states - of observed and detected "displays" of mass, energy and time - can be explained with directly connected "linear" progressions.

      The "consequences" derived from the interactions between particular types of mass - result with displays of subsequent particular intensities of energy - which establishes the basis for the measurement of time.

      The "measurement" of "Time" is determined by comparing the various results / stages - of the "relay" of energy between forms of mass.

      (IE - a "static" universe with no mass or movement - has no "measurable" time.

      However - the birth of a single Star instigates the measurement of the speed of relayed Photons (speed of light) - which is a "basis" for the measurement of time.

      Working backwards from (or deeper into) the manifestation and propagation of "light" gives us a "basis" to compare the observed / detected "displays" of various exchanges (movement) of "energy" between "masses" - to establish a "related / comparison" between the "particular circumstances" displayed / resulting from - the various "relays/ exchanges" of energy created by any interaction.)

    • profile image

      effilnuc 2 years ago from eastern australia

      Hi NR and Sharpencil,

      When considering our universe there are always, and only 3 components.




      Everything in the universe; matter, time, force and space is constructed of these 3 components, nothing more, nothing less.

      The start always attracts the middle, which attracts the end which attracts or becomes the start.

      The start repels itself to create the middle, the middle repels itself to create the end and the end attracts a new beginning.

      The time or space between the start and the middle, and the middle and the end is linear, it is 2 dimensional. But the time or space between the end and start is zero dimensional or of infinite dimensions, as it is a zero point.

      Natural Law, ie. the laws determining our universal construct, operate such that there is a constant time (or space) period used between the start, middle and end of everything. This is what allows for stable matter to form, it is the constant speed of light, the speed of electromagnetic transmission between any two zero POINTS in space/time.

      Whilst the middle is always a positive time period or space distance, the start and end are both negative and positive.

      Every starting point in time or space is positive and negative.

      Every end point in time or space is positive and negative.

      Every middle point in time or space in our material universe is positive.

      Every middle point in time or space in the antimaterial universe is negative.

      The start and end points are/is the zero point between the material and the antimaterial universe...between matter and antimatter.

      Start points are separated from end points in our material universe by the middle, the time or space between the points.

      Start points ARE end points in the antimaterial universe and there is NO time or space between the singularity, the point.

      Force manifests in two forms subject to perspective.

      The force is either condensing a point, or expanding a point.

      When a single point expands, such as the big bang, it instantly becomes and infinite number of start and end points relative to one another, but also each point is an end point relative to the center and start point away from the centre.

      In essence, the moment after the big bang, a multitude of universes was created, each being a start point for itself and an end point for its sister universes and also, each became an end point for the omniverse.

      Every point in the universe, every point in time, every point in space is the center of its own universe, the beginning of itself. Every point in the universe, every point in time and space is also an end point for another universe. The space or time between all of these points is the material universe we sense and observe.

      In order to observe our material universe, we reflect it such that the space and time between all points of the antimaterial universe become observable points in space/time. We are observing the wave fluctuations, the vibrations, the changes in the space/time between all singular points, all start/end points at a fixed frequency.

      We observe these fluctuations at a fixed time/space constant, called the speed of light.

      This constant allows our observable universe to exist, or makes or universe stable.

      We observe changes through space/time at the rate of the speed of light. If we observed the changes at a non constant rate, we would see only chaos. If we observed the changes at a different constant rate than the speed of light, we would observe a different, yet parallel universe existing within the same space/time.

      The changes we observe can only be observed within the constant space/time period defined by the speed of light.

      Therefore the source of all force, of all observable change is TIME (rate of awareness).

      Our material universe is observed as RED, GREEN and BLUE. These are relative rates of awareness of 'middle' periods between start/end points.

      The frequency, (the number of observable times, per unit of time - the rate of awareness) that we observe something, is the defining factor of our observable material universe.

      The speed of light gives us the time unit, as a constant, which unifies everything within our observable material universe.

      In summary, there are an infinite number of time periods that can and do exist. Any time period chosen by man is arbitrary although it may be a reflection of our observations. The time period defined by the speed of light is not is the frequency of OUR material universe, it defines our rate of awareness.

      Many other material universes exist at OTHER constant time periods, frequencies, rates of awareness that differ to our speed of light.

      These parallel universes exist within the same space/time as our own, yet they are observed using an alternative constant time/space unit, (rate of awareness). The speed of light is our constant rate of awareness. Parallel universes operate on a different speed of light to ours, a different rate of awareness such that observable change is different.

      The space/time ratio, or rate of awareness defined by our speed of light is C. This is our constant time unit from which we become aware of all forces, from which we become aware of change.

      A parallel universe has a different space/time ratio, it has its own speed of light which provides a constant time unit for all observable change to occur within that universe.

      Everything we observe is moving at our rate of awareness relative to the centre of the omniverse. Within that same space/time there is everything we do not observe moving at speeds other than our rate of awareness, relative to the centre of the omniverse.

      My material body is vibrating between the zero point and the end point. My brain is wired relative to the constant speed of light such that I become aware of what is around me at the same end/start point in space/time each and every vibration. This gives me a sense that I am stationary, at the end point, which is also a start point. My rate of awareness is the present.

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      NR -

      Addressing the "dark side of the Moon" (or rather "why" the Moon does NOT rotate.)

      According to my theory - "gravity" is the by-product displayed /effect of the static electric charge which is "capacitated" throughout the vibrating subatomic "entities" of the aether - as it is CONSTANTLY being delivered - equally / spherically/radial - to Protons of Mass = (the Strong Force)

      The Strong Force is a subatomic "electromagnetic" attraction (bond) between "quarks" - which are merely the particular subatomic entities of the aether - that "vibrate" at a "golden number ratio" frequency - which allows them to "use" the static charge of the aether to "bond".

      Magnetism is the "directed" flow of this static charge (gravity) - through any Mass - in a South - to - North "flow".

      (Magnetism is the altered / directed flow of gravity.)

      The "Magnetic Field" is merely where the NORMAL (equally - spherically/radial) penetration of this charge to any "Magnetized" Mass - is "backed-up" / or not needed along the circumference / length (between the Poles). This is because the Protons of the Mass are ALREADY receiving their Strong Force "energy" in an "aligned" orientation of "feed / flow" (South to North) through the Mass.

      Any "body of Mass which displays a "magnetic field" - contains some form of "Ferrite" component - that is "magnetized". (Naturally or "Forced Magnetism" in NON Magnetic elements)

      ALL "Masses" (even those without Ferrite components) are subjected to "gravitational" displays.

      However - any Mass without a (proportionate) Ferrite "component" (or lacks "Forced Magnetism) (IE - low / or insufficient magnetic field) - will not display "rotation".

      It is any NON Magnetic element "surrounding" the magnetized Ferrite core - which creates "resistance" in the "flow" of the Magnetic Field of the Ferrite core itself.

      (The "size / strength" of magnetic field - in proportion to the "mass" (and particular elemental type) of the NON magnetic elements surrounding the Ferrite core - is the determining factor for the "amount / speed / presence" of rotation.

      IE - any NON magnetic elements present around the Ferrite core - will inhibit / "resist" the "natural / static" "situation" (flow) of the Magnetic field.

      (IE - the NON magnetic elements "restrict" the field - (and actually cause the OVERALL size of the magnetic field of the mass itself to be even larger) and FORCE the "field" to rotate around the "equatorial plane" of the Ferrite core - between the South input and North output poles.

      Since the Moon (and any celestial body which) has an insufficient magnetic field (insufficient magnetized Ferrite core) has NO reason to incur resistance in the "surrounding" rock / element components of the Moon (celestial body) - and this is why it (they) do NOT display rotation.

      (However - the planet Mercury - which is "mostly" Ferrite - but has insufficient NON Magnetic elements "surrounding" the magnetized Ferrite "core" - also has MINIMAL rotational displays because of the low (almost NON existent) RESISTANCE to the magnetic field.

      The "lava" at the Earths core is a direct result of the rock (any non magnetic elements surrounding the core) creating resistance in the magnetic field as it is FORCED to rotate around the equatorial plane of the Core itself by the resistance of the PRESENCE of any proportionate amount of NON magnetic elements. The resistance creates thermodynamics (heat) in the surrounding elements because they can only be TEMPORARILY magnetized.

      (Like how electricity is made by "quickly" (on and off) temporarily "magnetizing" (NON magnetic) Copper Coils.)

      It is ALL the same principal.

      Stars work the same exact way - but since their "huge" Ferrite Cores are surrounded by the proportionately "correct" (balanced) amount of NON magnetic elements (gases) - they display Heat / Photons / Electric Currents and Plasma - INSTEAD of LAVA.

    • profile image

      NR 2 years ago

      I just don't feel like you are grasping that the Unified Theory is missing a FORCE that binds all, and Time is not a FORCE. It is a measurement. Please I ask you again and plea with you to find the logic in Force=Measurement. Because to me, this is not logical.

    • profile image

      NR 2 years ago

      Effilnuc, You had me until you got to here...."A definite period of time is required for a mono-magnet or pattern of mono-magnets to change its (their) relative alignment(s) such that the radiating face is sympathetically aligned to the condensing face...

      The observable action and reaction that results when collective patterns change their alignment is gravity.

      ...Or you could simply say "Gravity is Magnetism", or maybe even "Gravity is Time is Magnetism".............I still go back to my original argument that time is a measurement, measurement=math. Time is a man made word to understand a point A to a point B and the amount of duration between the two points. For some reason I feel like you are really missing the mark on this.

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      Effilnuc -

      I can understand and appreciate your Magnetism explanation - however - what is your the relation to the "source" - and "working function" of the Quantum Strong Force by using your monopole magnetism situation?

    • profile image

      Effilnuc 2 years ago

      @ Sharpencil, I just had a thought and when I came here, I found that you had the same thinking 9 days is my verbation - that there is no such thing as a south magnetic pole and a north magnetic pole...there is only one type of magnetic pole.

      Every magnetic pole has half of its surface through which the magnetic field is pointing away (radiating) and half of its magnetic surface that is pointing in (condensing).

      When two of these poles are close enough relative to their respective magnetic flux density, they align themselves such that the condensing side of one is sympathetic to the radiating side of the other, and in turn the two magnetic poles together align their collective condensing and radiating sides with the strongest local magnetic field.

      When this alignment is relatively stable, the collective of mono-magnets now have a north and south face relative to the magnetic field in which they reside.

      In saying this, the earth has a radiating magnetic half (the southern hemisphere) and a condensing magnetic half (the northern hemisphere).

      The action that occurs between mono-magnets in order to align their radiating and condensing halves with other radiating and condensing halves manifests as various forces depending on the collective state of the mono-magnets.

      These mono-magnets are the smallest physical particle in the universe.

      A definite period of time is required for a mono-magnet or pattern of mono-magnets to change its (their) relative alignment(s) such that the radiating face is sympathetically aligned to the condensing face...

      The observable action and reaction that results when collective patterns change their alignment is gravity.

      ...Or you could simply say "Gravity is Magnetism", or maybe even "Gravity is Time is Magnetism"

      A mono-magnet is a 3 dimensional sphere that has a radiating hemisphere and a condensing hemisphere. When a group of mono-magnets is aligned such that all of the radiating faces face in 1 hemispherical direction and the condensing faces in the opposing hemispherical direction, we call it a magnet; with North and South defining the opposing faces of radiation and condensation.

      Every thing is made up of mono-magnets.

      Photons are small groups of 3 or 4?? mono-magnets, when they are sympathetically aligned they radiate in waves from one face (external surface) of their source (the internal face condenses inwards to the zero point.

      When the waves of mono-magnets in motion interact with other mono-magnets in a stable motionless pattern that forms mass, an observable change occurs that we classify as a type of force depending on the category of observable changes witnessed.

      This is how a photon is

    • profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago

      Gravity is the "side effect" display of the "delivery" of the spherically / radial - equally distributed - static electric "charge" from the Aether of Dark Matter to atoms (protons) of Mass - which constitutes the quantum / atomic "Strong Force".

      Magnetism is merely the "altered" "flow" of "Gravity" in a South - to - North "direction" through a Mass.

      "Energy" is the resulting display of "Magnetism" above the Law of Conservation of Energy for the "situation" of the Mass.

    • Ryan Allen profile image

      Ryan Allen 2 years ago

      I ran out of characters so it got a bit cluttered, sorry!

    • Newton's Rival profile image

      Newton's Rival 2 years ago from U.S.A

      k, I'm going to be honest I have not read your entire post thoroughly, I skimmed it. When I have a bit more time I will. However, I want to say that I do believe in a possibility of multiple universes. Possibly more than 1 other. Who is to say there are not 30? (example). I believe that heat in itself can cause rotational spin. (or molecular spin for that matter as well). I included this in my theory. I'd like to look deeper into your post and questions and I will get back to you. If anyone else would like to answer some of your concerns they are welcome to do so as well.

    • Ryan Allen profile image

      Ryan Allen 2 years ago

      I read over this whole thread mostly from start to finish. I have not reviewed any of the video references. I have a 35 year olds grasp of high school physics which is to say at the nicest wrong

      I was berated for expressing that "I find gravity and magnetism more or less the same and we could lump them together" in a fictional story arch we were collaborating on. My collaborator and I had a near friendship ending argument for this comment.

      I was asked to just "Google it, a basic fundamental concept. I cant explain things if you don't understand fundamentals." to credit my collaborator has a BS in physics. So as a rational person, I took my lumps and did.

      to update my understanding of these forces I read all the following Q& A as a reference to classic physics.

      I also decided it would be naive of me to not attempt to support my concept, hence how I found here.

      I have things that I don’t understand that were listed as known and stated either on the Q&A or here.

      1) Its been stated a photon at rest has no mass. this confuses me if energy and matter cannot be destroyed a particle at rest is always matter and a particle at the speed of light is always energy is that it is a functional curve of the state of matter, so the photon at rest statement seems to be a rules exception and rule exceptions should not exist in true laws of science they either apply or they don't. If a exception is found then it would be a reasonable conclusion that not enough information is known. Yes no?

      2) In the Q&A I read. (Paraphrased) "It is known an electron can be 2 places at the same time" this is in the #20 section of the Q&A - can anyone point me to an explanation for this I'm not expecting any of you to explain all this to me I am capable of understanding it, but I need pointed in the right direction.

      Based on not understanding these I would like to set them aside for the moment. I know I Shouldn’t but I don’t get it at this time and a massless at rest photon doesn’t affect any of my concepts at this time.

      Newton's Rival I like your theory, and potentially extrapolate on with conceptual ideas I have based on things as I understand them and possible augments to things other commenters have contributed. Please correct me along the way as I draw incorrect conclusions.

      Expanding on the events leading to the big bang or/singularity event that brought the current universe into existence. I have a concept for this gathered from what I have learned till now and using some of what I have read here to conceptualize it.

      Prior to this current universal instance of the big bang all of elemental matter was a gaseous cloud up to the element of Iron existed at least possibly molecularly greater but we know they don’t have to exist yet. Force as known to be Gravity (nonmagnetized particles drift toward the greatest mass) – created by a finite but near infinite number of gravitons compresses these together as if making the first star, however enough material is present to create a universe instead of a star. At the point of singularity the bang happens gravitons have transferred all the possible force they can on the central matter/mass. Neutrinos created from the first photons escape the singularity just ahead of the photons, since light from a singularity event would be a perfect spherical emanation there would be a finite but nearly infinite number photons that could be generated each with a neutrino on the same tangent line of escape. We know that neutrinos go as fast as light but move ahead of it based on their ability to escape generated force of the parent object (Neil de Grasses’ the cosmos series discussion of neutrinos). These first finite number of neutrinos each now reacting with an equal force as applied to them by the catalyst gravitons go in the opposite direction as applied to them and collide with the opposing aligned graviton particle and began to push it outward, the movement of this finite graviton along this tangent, and each possible tangent at this point creates the smallest measurable point of time limited by the exit speed of the neutrino pushing every graviton particle to the edge of the universe we use speed of light for this constant, this mechanical expansion allows gravitons to be time as Effilnuc suggested; just a disconnect in that a finite amount of them are present. This supports theories that the universe is both finite and infinite in size at the same time since a graviton has not gotten to an point time does not exist there which does not allow the other 3 physical dimensions known(XYZ axis) to be there either which also prevents detection. The universe from here develops as best as we can tell as NR expresses in theory.

      Adding in conservation of energy entropy etc., I also theorize during the singularity so much force is generated that a blackholelike byproduct, for lack of a better term is also created at the center creating entry to an alternate universe. These 2 universes “slide”against each other, one above the other, creating the initial spin of the universe but cannot collide because a toroid shape of gravitons(newly created) separate them allowing them to spin un unified. Now Matter is cast outward, the spin of the initial mass begins to generate the first magnetic force the alternate universe void begins to draw our universe toward it through the gap in the center. the bang energy is still too great to overcome entropy will eventually cause all the initial energy to stop expansion at that point magnetism will finally catch edge bound gravitons, this means expansion stops, gravitons will finally magnetize and begin to attempt to polarize and begin to collapse back in on its self. Gravitons will be re-energized by the initial created magnetic field from the bang that has finally reached them and they will begin to crush everything back in pushing all matter into the threshold attempting to fill the alternate universe to the point that the last remaining gravitons cause a catalyst 2nd singularity now in the alternate universe and back and forth forever like 2 cylinders of ignition with a graviton field on each side being the walls of the cylinders and the unused gravitons on either side of the joining threshold as an exchange/valve?. The energy byproduct that passes through the blackholelike instance at singularity would need to exchange into matter would need to be near equal equivalent mass as universe 1.

      What I don’t like about my ideas are

      The alternate universe concept. I add it because something has to start the initial object to begin to rotate, we know that objects in classic gravity of equal mass will cause a counter spin as each field presses on the other. Just like pressing to marbles together if one rotates one way sphere 2 will rotate the other like cogs or gears would. That is why I added something that creates initial object spin.

      If a 2nd universe does/is created I don’t know if some other material would make up the toroid shape instead of gravitons, I express it as graviton since everything remains inside the confines of graviton expansion rate, so when everything compresses back together, could enough energy be reproduced into a repeat ignition of a singularity – does conservation of energy/entropy allow this w/o a 2nd dimension?

      OR could only a single universe be created some energy lost to undiscernible(again stating something as an exception or unknown pains me) and now in a repeat singularity would the rate of the constant “speed of light” aka the velocity at which a neutrino pushes a graviton outward be less than the last occurrence of singularity did causing the 2nd singularity to have different physical/energetic constant values based on less energy used to cause catalyst repeating again and again until gravitons and magnetism fail to cause an ignition great enough to spark a universe. I honestly find this more plausible but I am unsure of what could happen to the energy that is lost since I am under the impression it can’t be, or is this instead perpetual since it cannot be lost expansion and contraction again and again infinitely.

    • Newton's Rival profile image

      Newton's Rival 2 years ago from U.S.A

      Ronald , idk ...but you don't have to sign in to comment or be a part of the conversations here! Just post a comment!

    • profile image

      Ronald Tripp 2 years ago

      Fascinating but I am unable to sign in on this site for some reason

      Love to hear more on this topic

    • Newton's Rival profile image

      Newton's Rival 2 years ago from U.S.A

      Donald Polmateer was a great person, had a wonderful mind. And died from cancer. He was young and ambitious. Someone I will never forget. And even though I appreciate your thoughts and opinions, I am content just like I have been for many years doing exactly what I am doing. I believe in what I am doing and have great love and passion for it.

    • profile image

      Iknownothing 2 years ago

      Look, you have a really great mind and I do love this theory, but where is the video of the fish tank experiment Donald Plomateer mentioned three years ago? You might have something here (I don't know what) but a nearly complete rewrite of physics is probably not it. I think you would be better off trying to work with gravity not ignore it. Good luck!

    • Newton's Rival profile image

      Newton's Rival 2 years ago from U.S.A

      Oh yeah @ Iknows, I forgot to finish my thought on the rest of what you stated. You said: "you missed my entire point of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle that no matter how powerful the magnets or microscope you will never be able to measure an atoms speed and position at the same time because you lose one when you capture the other and vise versa" Wait one sec, You said this in response to my comment of the LHC being able to smash atoms at the near speed of light. It was also correlation with my point of the fact that we have yet to see a Graviton. (the smallest atom of gravity) ... Heisenberg's uncertainty principle has NO relevance here. His principle says that we cannot measure an atoms speed and position at the same time. However... when I stated that the LHC was smashing them at the near speed of light, it was to prove only one point. That technological science has advanced so extremely to this point that we can accomplish this, but we still cannot LOCATE/SEE the atom of a Graviton. (it was sarcasm)! I'm not looking at measuring an atoms speed and position at the same time. Like Heisenberg's Principle states. I was looking at some evidence it ACTUALLY exists. And we have YET to prove that! I have watched exactly what the Cern scientists have watched on screen. I have seen those atoms rip in and smash together expelling energy. They show all this in forms of different colors on a screen. But what atoms are they smashing? I am quite sure that they know, correct? Why can't they smash a Gravity atom? Because they have never seen one, that's why! And here's another small loophole in the LHC That people do not seem to grasp. What kind of gravitational conditions are we smashing atoms in? How do we know that these gravitational conditions are the same when the universe began? How are they measuring that Gravitational pull/and or push? I would think it's slightly difficult to measure or control conditions of something we have no proof of, something we cannot see. So this is what they do.... They use the most powerful magnets in the world to be the basis of controlling that environment and cause it to be ANTIgravitational. They have it sealed airtight so the only force they can be using is magnetism. Using magnets to eliminate gravity? Come on man.... Common sense is not that hard to utilize in all of this. Again we are at the duck philosophy... If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck.........

    • profile image

      NR 2 years ago

      You know I do not mean to sound so aggressive about Effilnuc and his theory, I just simply disagree. I listened to what he said, I logically did my best to connect the dots. But... the dots do not connect. There are too many questions that have no answer to them. A theory cannot truly be a theory until those dots can be connected and those questions can be answered , until then it is nothing more than an IDEA. If he truly feels he is correct he can start his own hubpage with this theory and get collaboration to help him fill in his dots and have help with those answers that need to be answered. There is no harm in doing that. Personally, I liked when he was discussing the vibrations of the universe and truly feel as if he was onto something big there, but for some reason he abandoned that. I am not so sure he should have done that. I believe there is a MUCH bigger picture there waiting to be discovered.

    • profile image

      NR 2 years ago

      Iknows: you said "To Effilnuc's points, time is gravity is magnetism follows the same thesis line. If there is an ultimate starting point, a point of derivation that the whole universe is constantly and repeatedly birthed from, then it would have an continuous link to every other force in the multiverse. You cannot tear the power that creates reality frm" NO.... this is not Effilnuc's point. His point is that Time is gravity and is also the unifying theory. I disagree. Whether or not they all link together and how is another entirely different story. For that matter.... EVERYTHING LINKS TOGETHER SOMEHOW... AND ... if we look at it from that point of view Einstein's work would have been complete, and every other physicist on this planet would not be still looking for the unifying theory. BUT WE ARE!

    • profile image

      Iknows 2 years ago

      Haven't been on in awhile due to life. Newtons Rival, when you made the rebuttal (I know it was a while back) that the LHC can "see particles at the speed of light" you missed my entire point of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle that no matter how powerful the magnets or microscope you will never be able to measure an atoms speed and position at the same time because you lose one when you capture the other and vis versa. As for the debate on whether gravity is magnetism or the opposite, this is really an issue of semantics. We are essentially arguing the same theory, if one is true then the inverse is also true. Inverse operations are a basic symmetrical fact of the geometric universe we live in. You cannot parse he force from on another because they are so similar. The only thing we can say for sure is that magnetism is basically artificial gravity or magnetic-gravitation on a macro scale. On the nano scale, this is a very different story. To Effilnuc's points, time is gravity is magnetism follows the same thesis line. If there is an ultimate starting point, a point of derivation that the whole universe is constantly and repeatedly birthed from, then it would have an continuous link to every other force in the multiverse. You cannot tear the power that creates reality frm

    • profile image

      NR 2 years ago

      JNN........... and I wrote mine a month before he uploaded his!!!!!

    • Newton's Rival profile image

      Newton's Rival 2 years ago from U.S.A

      JNN I will look at your links, I am a big fan of Nikola Tesla and his work. I'll get back to you on my thoughts. I'm curious about Leedskalnin, I know someone posted about him before but I never got a chance to look into his works.

    • profile image

      JNN 2 years ago

      Also, I just your post on thunder, these videos that someone put together s based on Ed Leedskalnin seem to agree with your theories:


    • profile image

      JNN 2 years ago

      You may have looked at this already, but here is some stuff I started looking at too and it may help your theories.

      Ed Leedskalnin had some theories on this, have you looked at his writings on magnetic current and his PMH?

      Also I think Tesla may have known about this too, but may have not seen the relationship with magnets. But I think his theories on free energy and wireless energy were heading in this path, until JD Powers stopped funding him.

      Is the magnetic field of the earth different at the equator? Do you have any thoughts on the idea of the vile vortices and there magnetic relations?

      Do you consider magnetism and a relation to Terminal Velocity? Is it possible to change Terminal Velocity while considering the theory of magnetism vs gravity?

    • Newton's Rival profile image

      Newton's Rival 2 years ago from U.S.A

      You just changed the entire definition to fit your own needs. The definition is: ANY INTERACTION that changes the motion of an object.

      You changed it to include things like: "Gravity can only manifest betweeen 2 points in time. Magnetism can only manifest beetween 2 points in time. All FORCE manifests between points in time."

      If you are going to ask for a definition stick to FACTS, do not write facts and then mumbo jumbo that YOU feel like "sounds good" with the facts.

      You kind of made my point for me , force is observable by means of an interaction. Time is not observable in any interactions.

    • profile image

      Effilnuc 2 years ago

      According to THE definition ;-), a force is an INTERACTION.

      An INTERACTION is a particular way in which we observe matter, fields, and atomic and subatomic particles affecting one another, e.g. through gravitation or electromagnetism.

      The terms 'gravitation' and 'electromagnetism' simply refer to the 'particular way' of the observed effects of an interaction on seperate bodies.


      If the 'particular' observations are of an inverse square nature, they are termed gravitational effects.

      If the 'particular' observations are of an inverse cube nature, they are termed electromagnetic.

      The notion of a single body of mass, such as the earth, having a gravitational or magnetic force independent of other bodies is ludicrous according to the definition of FORCE, as force is simply a 'particular way' of change and can only manifest through INTERACTION between TWO or more bodies.

      Gravity manifests BETWEEN bodies of mass, it is not found within bodies of mass.

      Magnetism manifests between bodies of mass, it is not found within bodies of mass.

      Physics claims that earth has a gravitiational force due to its mass. This is nonsense, the gravitational force manifests as a 'particular' observable change resulting from the interaction of the earth AND any other body.

      Gravity can only exist if there are two or more bodies, magenetism can only exist if there are two or more bodies. This is a fact and is undisputable.

      It is only via the matrix of time that our minds can observe change, time is the unifying field through which all change is observed.

      If the time matrix is not present, observable changes cease to exist; force can no longer manifest through interaction as there are no longer any points in time between which the force can manifest!

      Gravity can only manifest betweeen 2 points in time. Magnetism can only manifest beetween 2 points in time.

      All FORCE manifests between points in time.

      The SPACE between all points in time is the SAME.

      The DISTANCE between all points in time is RELATIVE.

      It is the perspective of the observer that gives rise to the illusion of seperate forces. If the observation is linear between points; it is labelled gravity. If the observation is through a 3D volume; it is labelled magnetism.

      Gravity and Magnetism are different observed interactions caused by one force.

      One force exists between all points in time, (it is the substance/matrix of time) and through the RELATIVE interaction of seperate bodies, the force manifests as observable change.

    • Newton's Rival profile image

      Newton's Rival 2 years ago from U.S.A

      This is a pretty good definiton, and I don't think I have to tell you how it correlates to magnetism, it's quite obvious, just in case I capitalized that part for you.... So I will await the correlation and definition you place. .......FORCE:In physics, a force is any interaction which tends to change the motion of an object. In other words, a force can cause an object with mass to change its velocity (which includes to begin moving from a state of rest), i.e., to accelerate. Force can also be described by intuitive concepts such as a PUSH or a PULL.

    • Newton's Rival profile image

      Newton's Rival 2 years ago from U.S.A

      I will place THE definition of Force here, and how it correlates to magnetism... After you tell me THE definition, then you can tell me how it correlates directly with time.

    • profile image

      Effilnuc 2 years ago

      Hi NR, what is your definition of FORCE please?

    • profile image

      NR 2 years ago

      Ok Effilnuc, Here are my thoughts, and I want you to know that I did not simply dismiss anything you had to say.. I took everything into deep consideration. In my opinion you have to let this go. Time is NOT the unified theory and I'll tell you why. Time is a measurement. What you are looking for is a FORCE that ties everything together. To say that time is the unifying theory is no different than saying Math is the unifying theory. Yes both are infinite, but neither is a force. Time=measurement, measurement=math. Unless you can show that math is a force this theory is "beat"! And I just cannot logically see that happening. I'm sorry.

    • profile image

      NR 2 years ago

      Sorry Effilnuc, have just had a seriously busy last 2 days, but I will get to you as soon as I can....

    • Sharpencil profile image

      Sharpencil 2 years ago from Indiana

      Check this out...

      (BTW - When the singularity occurred (according to my theory) and instigated the "event" which set the Universal Aether of subatomic particles to begin vibrating - this was the awakening of the consciousness of the "creator".

    • profile image

      NR 2 years ago

      Ahhhh S.O..... You have touched upon a very great topic. You know Tesla and Bohr both claimed that the atom was just a perfect example of the Universe. And I do believe that it is. Right down to the magnetic momentum within that allows for the atom to function. Bohr says that all matter has a magnetic element to it. And I couldn't agree more. I actually referenced this in my original theory as part of my substantiation of my theory. Very brilliant thinking S.O. It was through my medical background and passion for physics that helped me to begin to put these pieces together. There are many other signs to show this exact behavior. I did not look at your link yet, but I can tell you I am already on the same track and have been on a long time..... Effilnuc... I am surprised to see you back so quickly, and with a vengeance:) .... I will read through what you are saying sometime today and get back to you. If not today definitely tomorrow!

    • profile image

      Effilnuc 2 years ago

      Hi S.O., the funny thing is that Time can be a duration or a moment or a cycle.

      Time can have no dimension - eternal.

      One dimension - point, moment

      Two dimensions - period, duration

      3 dimensions - cycle

    • profile image

      S.O. 2 years ago

      We can give another name for Time such as - Duration. Time is a secondary attribute. It is unseparateable of a movement/ interaction/ rotation... any process. In example as a shadow is unseparatable of any thing but we cant say that shadow is the primary thing. As Reality is in unstopable movement thus

      time also exist; that is- the Duration of that process .

    • profile image

      Effilnuc 2 years ago

      Gravity requires observable change to manifest, or the result of gravity is observable change.

      A falling object is observable change and therefore gravity is manifest.

      An object sitting on the surface of the table is not changing and therefore the force of gravity is not identified as no change is identified, so the force of gravity is not manifest.

      Therefore, the force of gravity is not present on an object sitting on the table. The force of gravity only begins to manifest at the moment the ball begins to fall...but hang on, what made the ball begin to fall so that the force of gravity could begin to manifest?

      Let's try someone holding an object that they then release by reducing the pressure of their grip.

      What tells the object to begin to fall? Gravity you say...but gravity only manifests at the moment the object begins to fall. So, it must be something else that occurs in that MOMENT the object begins to fall, that is the true force behind the change. Gravity effects the rate of change but the change itself comes from the MOMENT.

    • profile image

      Effilnuc 2 years ago

      In saying that, I do believe that the unifying field manifests first as the observable influence of MAGNETISM which, THEN manifests as observable interactions called GRAVITY.

      I think NR is correct showing that observable magnetic changes lead to observable gravitational changes, not the other way around.

      As such, it is understandable why we try to say that Gravity is Magnetism... it is really like saying the ocean is water.

      Gravity has Magnetism all through it, just as the oceans have water all through them. However, for certain benefits of communication, we can seperate oceans and water as two seperate concepts, just as we can seperate gravity and magnetism as two seperate concepts. And, just like there is no ocean without water, there is no gravity without magnetism.

      We call it water if it is observed in a glass but we call it ocean if it is observed between continents.

      We call it magnetism if it is observed between relatively (to us) small objects, and we call it gravity if it is observed (with us as one of the objects) between relatively dissimilar sized objects.

      This is simply the way English works.

      I hope this helps? It makes it clearer for me.

      The unifying field that controls all interactions,be it observed as gravitational or magnetic, is one and the same and it is neither magnetic nor gravitational.

      The unifying field from which no interaction can escape, the unifying field in which all interactions occur is the field of time...everything happens according to a time sequence, every gravitational, magnetic, strong and weak interaction happens based on the same time signature and I think this signature is TAU.

      TAU is the physics label for 'proper time'

      TAU is 2PI has seperate qualities to PI.

      Note that TAU (τ) has a Feynman point (i.e., a string of consecutive 9s) one digit longer than the one for π. It begins at the 761st decimal point, rather than the 762 decimal point.

    • profile image

      Effilnuc 2 years ago

      Based on the definitions above and the operation of the English language, there is no permissable way one can concisely say that 'Gravity is Magnetism'. The terms are not used to define seperate forces, the terms are used to classify different observable changes between objects resulting from their interactions due to one single force.


      "Walking is Running, Mum was wrong!"

      The mechanical influence behind both walking and running are the same, however, the terms 'walk' and 'run' are terms used to classify the different observed changes due to the application of the same mechanical influence; muscular contractions.

      Can you see how English does not allow us to say that Gravity is Magnetism without it striking a nerve deep within the framework of the english language. Gravity and magnetism are seperate classifications based on observable, repeatable change...nothing more, nothing less. Gravity and Magnetism are not forces in the sense of a 'driving force', they are merely labels for grouped observations.

      I believe NR, that what you are trying to say is that the unifying field that regulates observable changes classified as gravitational influence, is the same unifying field that regulates observable changes classified as magnetic influence.

      As such, gravitational and magnetic influences are subset observations of one ultimate influence that determines and meters all observable changes, in fact it permits observation in the first place!

      What shall we call this single ultimate influence that is the matrix upon which all observable change occurs? It is more than magnetic or gravitational, strong or weak, it is the ultimate driving influence found within and beyond each of these seperated observationable influences or changes....

      ...all in good time, I suppose.

    • profile image

      Effilnuc 2 years ago

      One Step at a TIME!

      "A force is a push or pull upon an object resulting from the object's interaction with another object. Whenever there is an interaction between two objects, there is a force upon each of the objects. When the interaction ceases, the two objects no longer experience the force. Forces only exist as a result of an interaction."

      So, a force is something that changes an object and is the result of an interaction.

      Let's look at "interaction".

      "2. Physics Any of four fundamental ways in which elementary particles and bodies can influence each other, classified as strong, weak, electromagnetic, and gravitational."

      A force is therefore an 'influence" that is classified into four categories based on the observed changes resulting from the interaction or "influence".

      According to these definitions or classifications, gravity and magnetism are subset classifications of an influence that causes observable change.

      Now, let's look at "push or pull". According to definition, the terms push and pull are vectors, "push" is away from the subject, "pull" is towards the subject.

      So, a force can only manifest between a subject and an object, and 'force' is the label used to describe the change that occurs when a subject and object influence one another.

      The key term here is 'CHANGE'. And any scientist will confirm that any change must be an OBSERVABLE CHANGE. In order for any change to occur, whether that change be classified as gravitational, electromagnetic, strong or weak, the basis of the change is TIME.

      Time and space are not linear, they are curved.

      The distance of 1 meter can occur between two seperate points on a straight line, AND the distance of 1 meter can also occur at the same point on a circle or elipse with a circumference of 1m or an area of 1m^2!

      Time can be measured linearly, as the distance between past and future, or it can be measured as a single point on a circle or elipse, or it can be measured as the area of said elipse.

      The interaction between an electrical field and a magnetic field is determined by this cycle of time. The manifestion of the magnetic field as a result of the RATE OF CHANGE of the electric field is directional but moves in 1 direction but keeps coming back to the same point!

      I think it is important to highlight that English is a language based on classification and labels. This leads to segregation rather than unification. Becausee of our thinking patterns are largely determined by the language(s) we speak, English speakers tend to see things as seperate objects rather than as parts of a whole.

      As such, we like to think that TIME is virtual, however TIME is the only real thing there is, everything else that we think is real, is only a partial reflection of eternal time.

      S.O.'s comments about the universe being one big organism is a more inclusive and unified way of thinking than english scientists are used to. Cheers S.O.! Nothing can be isolated/seperated or segregated from anything else in this universe...except time! And it is time which is used to seperate, isolate and segrate the universal whole!

      Therefore, TIME is the real force that creates SEPERATION in order to have SUBJECT and OBJECT. TIME is the real force that allows for OBSERVABLE CHANGE and allows the OBJECT and SUBJECT to interact.

      It is only through TIME that any INFLUENCE, INTERACTION or OBSERVABLE CHANGE can occur and therefore it is through TIME that the classifications of gravity, magnetism, strong and weak can be OBSERVED and categorised.

      Time is the only unfying field or framework that controls ALL INTERACTIONS.

      According to the defintion, "forces only exist as a result of an interaction." So, without TIME to control the rate of change of all interactions, there would be no interaction and the RESULT of NO INTERACTION? - no OBSERVABLE CHANGE.

      This means that gravity, magnetism, strong and weak forces are the result of interactions controlled by the unifying field of TIME.

      TIME binds everything in the universe together and at the same time, TIME seperates everything in the universe so that it may be OBSERVED.

      In NO way does this contradict the observation that the universe is one giant organism!

      Is this making more sense?