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Great DVDs With Spanish Audio For Better Spanish - Improve Your Spanish Language Skills

Updated on October 3, 2014

Do You Speak A Little Spanish? Want To Speak Better Spanish?

Are you busy trying to learn Spanish? It’s a beautiful language – and in my opinion significantly easier to learn than many others, which is a big bonus. However no language could truly be described as easy to learn, and especially if you harbour ambitions to get beyond the “Hola, me llamo Antony, quiero un café con leche por favor,” stage. Having the basics for getting by in a language is great in itself, but sometimes – especially if you’re learning Spanish for professional or lifestyle reasons – you really want to go a lot deeper and further with the language. If you’re planning a move to a Spanish speaking country, or your company has a whole bunch of Spanish-speaking clients with only minimal English skills, it might not even be optional!

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Alternative To Spanish Language Immersion

So how do you really get your Spanish language skills up to par? Everyone knows that immersion is the key to exponentially improve your ability to speak, read and comprehend a language. The trouble is that it’s not always possible to go and spend six months in the country of your choice. If only it were! If it’s just not an option, then what is the closest you can get to language immersion? There are lots of options available: listening to streamed Spanish-language radio online, reading Spanish websites, joining a Spanish conversation group locally etc.

But my favourite passive method of Spanish language immersion is watching DVDs. That’s right! I like to pop a DVD into the player, settle down in front of the TV, click through a bunch of menu options with the remote and select “Audio: Espanol”.

There are a whole lot of DVDs out there with Spanish audio on them, and I’m not talking about dour arty Spanish-language films that will leave you depressed! (Just kidding: there are a lot of great Spanish language films out there, it’s just not what I’m talking about here. “The Orphanage” and “Pan’s Labyrinth” are two fantastic recent films in the original Spanish. But what we’re discussing here are familiar English language DVDs with Spanish audiotracks.)

Do you love Lost? I mean the multi-season tale of mysterious islands, battling castaways, smoke monsters etc.? Then you’ll love it even more in Spanish, right? (Hey, it’s not like it’s going to be much less or more difficult to understand whatever language you watch it in…) Yay for Lost having a Spanish audio track!

Comedy DVDs With Spanish Audio

Maybe Big Bang Theory is more your style? Personally I can’t get enough of Leonard and his supergeek courtship of hottie Penny, although Sheldon is quite obviously the star of the show. (I do have a soft spot for Rajesh, especially when he’s hammered and makin’ with the ladeez.) But yes! Season Two (and apparently only Season Two, sadly) comes with Spanish audio. Ahora, es la teoría de explosión grande! (Be careful: this applies to versions I have seen, but on it appears to have Portuguese audio instead.)

How about a cult classic comedy? All you nerds out there will already know and love Office Space, won’t you? (If not, you may still be trying to work out the references to a ‘jump to conclusions’ mat in your geek friends’conversations…) And I can promise you that grooving along to 'Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster' is even funnier when the characters are muttering to themselves in Spanish...

Hablo Espanol?

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