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A List of Great Drawing Books for Kids

Updated on February 6, 2015

Drawing has many benefits for young children. It improves hand-eye coordination. It builds observation skills. It helps them communicate thoughts and feelings. It promotes imagination. Observational drawing strengthens the memory and improves spatial understanding. It helps with learning and improving handwriting.

Drawing also has benefits for older kids. Drawing can be a great study tool. Drawing the organelles of a cell or the outlines of countries is a great way to learn and reinforce knowledge.

Drawing books are a great way to build drawing skills early on. Children will learn how to follow directions. They will learn to copy what they see. There are some very good drawing book series available for preschool and elementary age kids.

Draw Write Now

This is my favorite drawing book series. It is probably best for kindergarten through third grade. The drawings are step-by-step and include sentences for writing practice. This is a good option for homeschoolers who want to combine drawing skills with penmanship.

There are several books in the Draw Write Now series, such as animals of the world and the United States. Each book has four sentences with some basic facts about the object being drawn. The step-by-step instructions include colored lines that highlight the new part that has to be drawn.

Watch Me Draw!

The Watch Me Draw! series includes the zoo, dinosaurs, fairies, and outer space. Each book has a story and kids draw different parts of the story. The drawings are simple enough to be appropriate for preschool and kindergarten age kids. My only complaint is that the book doesn't highlight new sections to be drawn with a different color, making it a little challenging to figure out what comes next. But the drawings are simple enough that it isn't a huge problem. This series is also very affordable at $4.95 a book.

How to Draw by Barbara Soloff Levy

The How to Draw series by Barbara Soloff Levy covers people, faces, pets and flowers. These books are more appropriate for older elementary age kids. Each new step in a drawing includes multiple lines, which would make the books too hard to follow for very young children. But the books are great for older kids, especially those who have been drawing for a while. This is another very affordable series.

Ralph Masiello

Ralph Masiello's drawing book series includes dinosaurs, dragons, robots, the ocean, Ancient Egypt and more. The drawings will probably be too complicated for younger kids. They are more appropriate for older elementary and middle school students. The step-by-step instructions include pink lines that highlight the new part to be drawn. These are very high quality drawings and great for kids and even adults who want to move beyond the basics.


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    • Learn Things Web profile image

      Learn Things Web 5 years ago from California

      Definitely you can start young. Both of my kids started scribbling at about 12 months with thick washable crayons.

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 5 years ago from sunny Florida

      Drawing begins even with the youngest child. My grandboy has been interested in drawing since he was big enough to move around well. It is such a wonderful way to express oneself. I have used Draw Write Now and like it very much. I will need to give these other a try. Thank you for sharing this.