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Great Rivers and famous Lakes at North America

Updated on March 23, 2016

North America


North America has 23 countries

It is the third largest continent. North America has 23 countries. Two of its countries, Canada and the USA, are also known as Anglo – America. They form 75 per cent of the total area of North America. According to geologists, Canada is one of the oldest regions in the world. Some of North America's famous cities are Mexico City, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto and Washington DC.

The northern region of North America remains snow covered nearly throughout the year. There are large extensive plains of all grass between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachians known as Prairies. These are very suitable for growing crops, rearing cattle for meat, milk and other animal products. There are four Great Lakes between Canada and the USA. St Lawrence, Mississippi and Missouri are the important rivers of North America. The Colorado River while flowing through soft rocks cut them out to form the Grand Canyon.

The five great Lakes and the river St Lawrence together form the greatest inland waterway in the world.

The Ring of Fire is the volcanic mountain range that is along the basin of the Pacific Ocean. The group of the Caribbean islands of the Gulf of Mexico are known as West Indies. North America has a large variety of natural resources. Many parts of North America are rich in minerals like iron, nickel, zinc, copper, gold, lead and uranium.

Grand Canyon tour


The Michigan Lake


Grand Canyon depth is about 1800 meters width is 3 . 29 kilometres.

Great Rivers and famous Lakes at North America

The Appalachians are old folded mountains, but have been denuded to their present height. East of the Appalachian ranges lie the Piedmont plateau and the Atlantic Coastal plain. The St. Lawrence Valley separates the Labrador plateau from the Appalachian ranges.

North America has a few large and short rivers. A number of lakes form the unique physical features of this continent around the Canadian Shield.

The Rivers

The Mississippi and Missouri are the Great Rivers of North America and together they drains 2/3 of the area. The Mississippi is the largest River, that flows into the Gulf Mexico. The other rivers are the Ohio, Tennessee, Arkansas, Rio Grande Yukon, Red, Colorado, Columbia, Peace, Snake, St. Lawrence.

River Frazer and River Columbia are the east flowing rivers and are short and swift and River Columbia flows across the Columbian plateau. The Colorado river drains into Colorado plateau and forms the Grand Canyon. It is a centre for scenic beauty and tourism. The grand canyon is called `Natural wonder of the world.' Grand Canyon depth is about 1800 meters width is 3 . 29 kilometres.

The Canadian Shield is drained by many small rivers and they flew into the Hudson Bay.

The St. Lawrence is an important river of USA and Canada. It passes through the Great Lakes. It remains frozen for 3 months in a year.

The Lakes

North America has a large number of fresh water and salt water lakes. They are situated on the southern border of Canadian Shield, Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior are the important Lakes.

Together they are called HOMES. Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes and is the largest fresh water lake in the world. Chicago and Detroit are situated on the Michigan Lake. In Canada, lake Winnipeg is very important. All these places serve as important water ways.

The Mississippi-Missouri


A vast grassland between the Rockies to the great Mississippi – Missouri Rivers basin

The temperate of cool climate is found in parts of United State America. There is a vast grassland between the Rockies to the great Rivers Mississippi – Missouri basin which is also well known as the Prairies. Actually this place is a vast treeless plain land. This plain land is known highest production in the world for wheat cultivation and animals rearing.

The coniferous and deciduous (colourful) more trees are found in the this area. The famous states of Canada and North California have such forests. The important trees are much found in this region of birch, beech, maple , oak and other types.

The state of Canada is a country of Lakes. Formed by Sparse population and abundant Taiga kind of forest, the great wood producing centre and largest exporter of wood in the world. The Southern part of Mexico state and the region West-Indies have the tropical forests. There found the Mixed forests with hardwood much trees like mahogany and log-wood.

The state of California Western coast experiences the Mediterranean type of climate. The vegetation is typically adjusted to the summer long drought. Found here the trees like Olives, Oak, cork and other trees. This region is also well known for citrus fruits like orange and others fruits. The condition of desert is found in the Western part of the continent in the states of South California, Mexico and Arizona. Here the type of varieties of Cactus and thorny bushes (like combined nets) are common. The typical model of cactus is the Joshua. The Night of Desert are called winter's of Deserts.


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