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Great friend ship

Updated on April 2, 2015

Lord Krishna and Sudama


Lord Krishna was a true friend

Great friend ship

Friendship quality relation

Real friend- true friendship

Beast friend-good quality friendship

Long friend, life friend, childhood friend

Friends love great deep

A friend means, help to your friend.

Lord Krishna and Sudama

Lord Krishna helped to his friend, what he need, without his request. That is great.

Long ago Lord Krishna used to live in Gokul. He had a friend called Sudama. As time passed by, lord Krishna became the king of Dwaraka but Sudama continued to stay in Gokul.

Sudama another name was Kuchela. Sudama was very poor man. That was poor in poor. He was belongs to Brahmin cast. Lord Krishna was yadavas. But two were very close friends in the childhood. And two were classmates in a gurukula ashram.

One day, he decided to ask Krishna for help. So he went Dwaraka. When Krishna heard of Sudama’s arrival, he ran out to greet his friend. Sudama stayed for some days at his friend’s palace. Krishna treated him so well that Sudama forgot to ask him for help. Now, Sudama left Krishna’s place thanking him for the love and respect that he had shown to him.

When Sudama reached home, he got a pleasant surprise. He saw that hut had changed into a beautiful palace. His wife and children were dressed in gold ornaments and silk clothes. Upon asking, Sudama’s wife told him that while he was away in Dwaraka, Krishna had got the beautiful palace built.

Lord Krishna was a true friend. He helped his friend when his friend was in need. A good friend always shares everything with his friends.


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