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A Very Effective Memory Technique

Updated on January 19, 2016

The Loci Technique

The Loci method of memory revolves around using spatial relationships to recollect ideas. This memory method is based on the idea that you are more likely to remember something if you are able to make a connection between that object and its place of abode.

Many Master Memory technicians elaborate on the use of the loci technique. An eight time memory World champion favors its use. The 2006 World memory champion Clemens Mayer also used this technique to memorize over 1040 random digits in a hour.

The Loci method works best when you learn to properly utilize the visualization faculty. Here is an example of how it works: Name a place that you know very well. This could be your workplace, house etc. You will use your house as an example: You will then try to remember a number of items by visualizing the layout of your house and mentally recreate the image of this layout. You could do this by visualizing the different things at various locations in the house. As you do so, mentally assign an item familiar to each location. This would work best if, for example, you are trying to remember things on a shopping list. Let us say you have a list of the following items that you have in mind that you need to buy. You now want to remember each as you forgot to write them down. Here is how it would play out as you try to recall the list below: toothpaste, eggs, bedside, lamp, chicken

You can practice this by visualizing your house. As you do so you will imagine that as you approach the front door you will see a giant image of a bedside lamp standing at your door.

This giant lamp will be shining as brightly as a street light and the image will be just as tall. Feel the warmth of the giant lamp as it gives off its radiant heat. You will go on to open the door and enter the kitchen and imagine an unusually large egg sitting beside your stove , staring at you. You can savor the smell of the egg and imagine its taste as you season and fry it. You will then imagine the picture of a very large hen standing by your freezer. Picture yourself, killing, plucking and preparing this large hen. Engage your sense of smell as you season the hen, you will now engage your taste buds as you savor the taste. Proceed to the bathroom in your imagination where you will see a large tube of toothpaste with a large portion splattered all over the face basin. Feel the pressure you exert as you squeeze the tube, engage your smell as you squeeze the tube. Feel the freshness in your breath as you use the toothpaste. There is another technique of linking the various places to particular items they contain as you use the loci method. For example, you might think of these places in relation to what they contain as you do your daily routine.

Your kitchen

Your bathroom

Your bedroom

Your front door

You will now link the following places with the articles/foods that was discussed in the preceding paragraph. Before making the link you should ensure you at least remember the places, which is the easier part. You will then link each item to the location. You should bear in mind that the more unique your expression,the easier it will be to remember what you want. You may start in the following way: As you arise from your sleep, you see a giant bottle of tooth paste taking a shower in your bathroom. Proceed towards the kitchen and you will meet an extraordinarily large egg staring at you beside the stove,followed by a chicken opening the refrigerator as it tries to make an escape. This is followed by a very tall and brightly lit lamp standing at your doorway,as you make your way towards the front door. You could use this more effectively as it is applied to different locations. For example, you may picture items that would apply to your workplace, school, the home of a friend and others. You should also make the list longer so that you will have more points of reference from which you will use. You may start with about four locations as a starting point and then add more locations and more articles as you try to improve this skill. It is important to note that a unique and vivid image needs to be created as you learn the loci method of memory. The reason for this is that some locations can have close to similar appearance,therefore the more unique the image the easier it will become to form the association between the two.


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