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Green and White Education

Updated on November 13, 2009

Of De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines

Written on February 26, 2005

College education serves as an important springboard for real work in the real world.  Tertiary education institutions teach students the rudiments of the fields they are entering be it business, commerce, management, social science, education, natural science, applied science and engineering, computer technology, liberal arts, humanities or religion.  It is also a part of an almost twenty-year educational program where students learn how to be human beings and citizens of the country.  It is through the same education that students are empowered to become what they ought to be.  Aware of their rights and responsibilities, college students learn to act appropriately after making well-considered and well-thought-of decisions.

College is usually where one’s future begins.  It is, therefore, but rational to choose the right college or university that fits a person’s capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.  A typical and ideal college education is one where students are given the chance to harness and develop their strengths to the fullest while remedy is searched to utilize one’s weaknesses to produce success from failures through the power of one’s will.  Furthermore, a good higher-education institution is one where students are given the chance to act responsibly and freely as they begin to experience a part of the reality that lies beyond the four walls of the classrooms.  It is also one where education is seen not just as an acquisition of information but also as the making of the man so that he may function effectively and usefully within his own society.  Indeed, a good and ideal college education is one where students are developed holistically by giving them the freedom and the opportunity to act as mature individuals developing their potentials.

One institution where the holistic formation of an individual is emphasized is De La Salle University-Manila whose colors are green that symbolizes life and white that symbolizes purity and peace.  It follows the Lasallian philosophy and the tradition began by Saint John Baptist De La Salle, the patron saint of teachers and educators.  The University uses the Christian Achiever Logo as a guide in developing students according to the plan presented by its Christian Achiever Development Framework in order to produce students and graduates who are Christian, Committed, Confident, Compassionate and Competent—the five C’s of a Lasallian.  The “Christian Achiever for God and Country” is nurtured to grow in academics, leadership and service with the guidance of the Lasallian spirit of faith, zeal and communion which define a true Lasallian as shown in the logo and developmental framework.

To achieve these, the University has an excellent line-up of faculty members who provide excellent research outputs published in local and international journals.  These teachers are also competent with more than half of the educators holding graduate and post-graduate degrees.  Most are not only educators but are also competitive practitioners in their own fields.  They graduated from world-class universities in and out of the country.

The University has a long roster of outstanding graduates in the various fields they had chosen.  These students performed well not only in academics but also in leadership and service.  Numerous graduates have topped the engineering licensure examinations and the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) board exams.  Graduates are also known to be some of the best in their fields.  Lasallian students are also innovative and intelligent.  Short Messaging Service (SMS) for the Blind using Braille, Egg White and Egg Yolk Separator, and the Filipino animé, “Egg”, are just few of the recent works of Lasallian fresh graduates that have received recognitions from various government offices and non-government organizations in the country.

Student activities and involvement are among the priorities of the University.  Several units under the Dean of Student Affairs and the Student Personnel Services provide students with opportunities for leadership, service, sports and other extra-curricular activities.  The Student Council is the official student governing body of the University.  This umbrella organization protects the rights of students through various programs like grievance procedures and other projects implemented for the welfare of the majority.  The Council of Student Organizations is the mother organization of more than thirty smaller professional, special interest and cultural organizations.  The Office of Student Activities aids these two councils in the implementation of their various programs and projects.  The Student Publications Office supervises the four official major student publications in the University.  These publications aim to arouse the awareness and literary appreciation of students through balanced news, critical opinion, and literary articles published regularly both in English and Filipino throughout the school year.  The Cultural Arts Office is concerned with the various performing arts groups of students.  Various offices like the Lasallian Pastoral Office, the Center for Counseling and Development, and the Discipline Office are also available to cater to the spiritual, emotional, psychological and moral needs of the students.

The University also has numerous offices which support and complement the education and development of students.  The External Linkages Office of the University provides students the opportunities to interact with foreign students through various exchange student programs to and from colleges and universities outside the country.  The Office of Career Services provides industry-academe linkage programs for graduating or practicum students.  This office organizes various activities such as the trimestral Job Expositions and provides career-placement services for practicum, graduating students and graduates, as well.

The Scholarships and Financial Assistance Office of the University takes care of the needs of the financially-challenged students.  This office provides financial assistance and 0%-interest loan programs for qualified students.  It also offers scholarships to intelligent and active students.  The Star Scholars Program™ of the University is the premier scholarship program of The De La Salle University System.  It is a comprehensive package of undergraduate and graduate degree scholarships for less than twenty of the top sixty students in the entrance examination of each freshman batch.  Aside from the full tuition and fees scholarship of the selected scholar for his/her undergraduate and graduate degrees, the Star Scholar is also provided with development programs such as the Achieving through Integrated Mentoring for the Star Scholars.  They are also given mentors from the Society of University Fellows, the elite group of the best and the brightest faculty members in the University System, whom they can consult for various matters ranging from academics and research to one’s philosophy of life.

The Student Development Office of the University focuses on the holistic growth of the individual by providing various programs for students.  It provides personality development and personal effectiveness seminars during the weekly University Break during Wednesdays.  Leadership trainings are also conducted for elected officers of the Student Council, the various organizations under the Council of Student Organizations and the student publications.  The Management of Organizations for Visible Effectiveness for Emerging Leaders (MOVE EL) program is the University’s primary leadership program for a select group of potential leaders who have undergone a rigorous screening process before being accepted to the program.

The University also boasts of its excellent facilities which have received commendations from evaluators outside the institution.  All classrooms are air-conditioned to prevent the street noise of Taft Avenue from disturbing the classes and to make these rooms comfortable for students and conducive for learning.  The University had invested on excellent sports and laboratory facilities.  A building was even built for sports development.  The Science and TechnologyResearchCenter is also constructed to house some of the newest laboratories in the University.  Laboratories can also be found in other buildings around the campus.  Computer laboratories are also located strategically around the campus.  To further provide students with more convenient internet access, internet outlets and wireless fidelity sites were also created.

More than ten buildings currently house the various offices and the six colleges of the University.  In addition to these, the GeneralEducationBuilding is currently on its completion process.  This new building will house one of the best teaching method centers in Asia.

The school has a good library which provides students academic resources and services that support the institution’s instructional, curricular, research and extension programs.  It strives to provide an adequate and stimulating learning environment through an organized, relevant and fast delivery of information with the help of its various book, journal and media collections, and its wide range of journal, magazine and online subscriptions.  An online database is employed by the University Library instead of the manual card catalogue system to make research more efficient.  Pocket books are also available for students and teachers to increase their knowledge and awareness in fields other than their own.  The University Library envisions a community where there is a book for every reader, and a reader for every book.

Four canteens are strategically located in the campus to meet one of the basic needs of the students.  Two bookstores sell school supplies, school materials and other non-academic products like gift wrappers for students’ convenience.  Two clinics cater to the health needs of the students.  The clinics conduct annual physical examinations to ensure that the University is a healthy learning environment.

The University is advantageously located at the heart of Manila that makes transportation more convenient for students.  The Light Rail Transit station is just a few steps from the University’s south gate.  Numerous buses and jeepneys pass by the different gates of the University to pick up passengers.

Service establishments also abound near the University.  Several restaurants and food establishments around the University are within walking distance.  Computer shops, condominiums and recreational stores can also be reached after a few minutes’ walk from one of the University’s gates.

The philosophy, the administration, the faculty, the students, the various offices, the facilities, the accessibility and the location of the University all contribute to a healthy, active and challenging academic and educational community.  With all of these within the students’ reach, they have no excuse to be underachievers.  Lasallians have continuously proven that with the proper training given to them, they are true Christian achievers for God and country.

With all the necessary components of a world-class educational institution, the green and white university, no doubt, is one of the premier universities in the country.  In the latest Asiaweek survey, De La Salle University was ranked as the highest among the private universities in the Philippines.  It is also the first university to be accredited with a level-four status by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities.  The Commission on Higher Education has also awarded more than ten departments of the University the benefits and recognition of Centers of Excellence in their respective fields of study.  Several other departments are recognized as Centers of Development by the same government commission.

De La Salle University is where one’s future begins.  The “Face of the Future” invites you to consider studying in this University a good investment to make.  A number of young men and women had chosen to take Green and White Education and became excellent persons of work, leadership and service whose names ring bells when heard.  Thousands had walked these halls and still counting…


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