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Green World

Updated on July 28, 2016

Do you think that we are disturbing nature?

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Importance of green world

Green world refers to healthy and safe environment necessary to support life on earth. We need air, water, organic and inorganic components every second. Green world supports food chains, different life forms, cultivation and production of crops. It is a source of various raw materials from which we develop different products like plastics, beverages, clothes and houses etc. Green world presents perfect nature phenomenon. We are continuously interacting with nature. Use of chemical fertilisers, sprays, burning of coal, oil, installation of manufacturing industries, electronic waste mishandling, improper land use, over use of natural resources and over population are some causes of environmental degradation. Developed countries have find ways to combat environmental degradation but they are consuming resources at a rapid rate. In case of developing countries there is a lack of technology to combat with pollution. However, carbon foot print is lower than developed countries. Due to environmental degradation natural disasters occur. These natural disasters like tornadoes, earth quake, wind storms, famines, floods and diseases cause large scale destruction. Global warming, changing patterns of rainfall and weather extremes are also the consequences of environmental pollution. Thus, you should know the importance of environment because it puts life at risk. It has caused extinction of many novel species of animals and birds.

Knowledge pool to save environment

How we can reduce our pressure on various natural reserves. Take a start from your own home and kitchen. Organic waste includes peels, paper, wood chips etc. This waste can be used to produce organic fertilizer. Electronic waste must be collected and handled properly instead of shipping to developing countries. Use clean or green technology. Turn off devices when you are not using them. Use public transport and bicycles to travel instead of private transport. Use energy efficient devices. Harvest rain water. Reuse and recycle the materials. Grow plants to protect habitat and wetlands. Green plants are the keys to the green world. Strictly follow environmental guidelines to combat toxic substances release from factories. You must take interest in converting every barren land to green land. If you have healthy world around you then you have healthy brain and body. Keep your world clean. If you hit the carrying capacity of nature then it would not remain able to support the lives of your future generations.

A Contract with the Earth by Newt Gingrich , Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit by Al Gore, and The Fate of the Earth by Jonathan Schell are best publications you can read to enhance your knowledge about environmental safety and conservation.

Now, there is a growing concern about environment. At international level there are many platforms that encounter environmental issues and make polices. Earth summit, Rio declaration, Agenda 21 and UNESCO convention are some of the examples of agreements regarding sustainable development. However, there is further need to take safety steps. We should incorporate developing countries to become part of these agreements and treaties.

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