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Growing Organic Garlic: the basics

Updated on January 28, 2017

The superior nutritional and medicinal herb: garlic

Garlic has always been a mainstay of Mamushi Nature Farm. However, Charles Putman, a highly spiritual person, who is serious about promoting organic foods to the public, will be marketing Mamushi's "Japanese Nature Farm" grown garlics, which brings us to a new day at Mamushi.

Charles is directly responsible for the procurement of three new "Certified Organic" varieties of garlic that will be available from Mamushi Nature Farm in the late Spring and early Summer of 2017. Charles' sincere appreciation for Mamushi Nature Farm's ecological niche, in regards to its unique spiritual and physical ecosystem, has been a blessing to the Enchanted Valley of Mamushi, a name that was given to me, in one of my dreams. Following the dream that I had, approximately a month later, a group of "home-schooled" children visited Mamushi Nature Farm and fell in love with our unique valley. One little girl, as she played among the large stones in the creek, that is, the special little river that carries the water from our watershed to the Harpeth River, looked up at me as she played, and replied, "This valley is Enchanted!" Out of the Blue she said this, looking me directly into my eyes and not cracking a smile, and returning immediately to her play. She was only a first or second grade student. As it was said by her. So it is!

"Love grows here!"

Before Charles' became a marketing overseer for Mamushi, we only grew one variety of Organic garlic called Siberian Garlic. Siberian Garlic is hardy and a life giving super food and "a medicinal powerhouse of a plant". There is some growing in a location adjacent to my mother's farmhouse that "volunteered" to grow back on its own from a bed of garlic planted there last year. This source of Siberian Garlic will provide us with "seed garlic" for next year's garlic planting season. Recently, I was unable to locate a source of Siberian garlic, organic or non-organic. I do not know what the problem is but I was not able to locate Siberian garlic online after a serious search for it. I am happy that we have our own source of Siberian garlic right here at our farm. Next year's growing season, it is hoped that we will have extra seed garlic to supply to other growers like ourselves.

The other three garlics that I was able to source from Filaree Garlic Farm are certified organic (by the Washington State Department of Agriculture).

They are:




We ordered one pound, each, of the three types of garlic listed above. The cost of the 3 pounds of garlic was $59.00. Shipping cost was $12.50. Total cost was $71.50.

You will note that certified organic seed garlic is expensive. However, once this seed garlic produces a crop of garlic this Spring and early Summer, 2017, a percentage of the production will be saved for next year's seed garlic. Therefore, we will pay for seed garlic, of these three varieties of garlic, only once.

The purpose of this article was to teach new-comers to garlic farming how to get started. You will be able to go online to get more detailed information on growing garlic. If you would like more information from us, here at Mamushi Nature Farm, please let it be know by contacting us. Mamushi Nature Farm can be approached online by contacting Dr. Haddox. It is an easy thing to do.

As we go, believe that you can grow anything that anyone else can. Gardening is your gift from God. One of my favorite Bible verses read, "With men, a thing may not be possible. But with God, all things are possible!" As you go, Peace.


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