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Guidlines For Engineering Degrees In South India

Updated on July 1, 2011

Engineering Degrees

Being an engineering student in South India its not much difficult for me to know about the opportunities for the upcoming students which has recently developed in the field.For those who dont know , South India consists of Three states - Kerala, TamilNadu & Karnataka.These three states are favourite destination for students across India to Kick start their Engineering Degree Course.There are two types of engineering colleges in India.

  • Government
  • Private

Government colleges are run directly by the government, the tution fee is very cheap if you get admission in Government colleges.However, you have to get into the merit list for the Entrance test conducted by the respective State Governments or All India Joint Entrance Exam(JEE), thats pretty much comptetive .

Private College Admissions For Engineering Degrees

The private engineering colleges have to give their 50% seats to students selected by the government counselling with reference to the Entrance Exam Merit list.The rest of the 50% is called the Management Quota.Admissions are granted according the entrance test conducted by the respective university or the +2 marks, the fact is that management quota conducts both these things as formalities for namesake, the admission intake will be actually based on the payment of capitation fee demanded by the college(this was the system till last year).Now this year things have changed a lot. Many new colleges have got approval and seats are available in excess.So you can join for engineering course in Management Quota for the actuall fee (really economical) without paying any donation or capitation.

Tips To Choose A Good Engineering College

You have to be very careful while selecting your engineering college because its the place from where you are going to earn the most basic real-life useful certificate.If you happen to make a mistake in your choice it might even lead to dropping off in-between from college without a degree.You are going to spent your next four years in that place.So make sure that you don't pick the wrong college.Check out weather the college meets the following criteria:

AICTE Approval

This is the most important approval necessary for a college, if you study in a college without AICTE(All India Council Of Technical Education) approval your engineering degreee is a waste.You wont get a job anywhere in India or abroad.This approval is given only to colleges that meet the standards kept by the AICTE council.This AICTE approval also guarantees that you complete your degree in some other colleges even if suppose one fine morning your college is collapsed in a earthquake.

Hostel Facilities

After college you will be like spending more than half of 4-years inside the hostel itself.So when you choose the engineering college check the hostel conditions carefully:

  • Go through the hostel menu
  • See weather there are any water-availability problems
  • Sneak inside the bathrooms to see weather they are clean
  • ASK the current students wether they are satisfied with the set-up.
  • Check weather the rooms are clean and spacious enough & that you have an atmosphere to study.


In engineering you give equal importance to theory as well as lab and in final year you give more preference to lab. So a suitable ,high quality and separate labs must be present for each department.Check weather there are enough systems and equipments are present in the lab.


Your will need lots of reference for doing your projects and assignments during your course completion.A students is supposed to gather all information regarding their works from the library.Check that the college has subscriptions to technical journals & IEEE volumes in addition to CHIP and DIGIT PLUS!An Internet facility must be present either on the library or the lab.Otherwise you may have to travel all the way from your hostel to the town to check your email or to collect information for your assignment.All colleges are usually situtated in rural areas away from the rush and crowd of the city.

Students Feed Back

Try to find the communities (almost all college has one or two) of the college online and ask the students about their opinion in joining the college.They would be really truthful enough to reveal any drastic drawbacks and save your soul for that college.

Job Placement

Getting job in a company directly as a fresher is bit difficult as they would give preference to experienced candidates rather than you. So If you have a good campus placement in your college, then your life is secure. After working to for 1-2 year in the company you get placed from the college you can switch over to higher positions.Check the companies which have recruited the freshers from your college and see how many students were recruited each year. The more the number the better your college is , this is the baseline for choosing a college.

Taking Admissions Through Education Consultancy

The management quota admissions are also taken through several education consultancies.Obviously, they would get a good profit from each admission.But if you are going to take admission in management quota then I would suggest to take it only through a consultancy don't be worried about them playing the middleman and taking the profit.You don't have to pay them a penny as fees.They are paid by the engineering college management for the number of admissions they bring.In whichever route you go you have to pay only the same fees in the college so by going through a consultancy a reputed college is assured for you and you won't jump into some bogus institutions with a fake name as the consultancies have years of experience.The consultancies will guide you only to genuine and reputed universities as they have to maintain a good feed back from their clients to continue in business coming years too.While going through a consultancy you have to see two thing:

1. It must be a legally registered and certified consultancy.

2.They have no rights to demand any service charge from you because they will be paid by the college management only.

Top Engineering Courses In India

If your are looking for an engineering degree in South India I would suggest you to join some college affiliated with Anna University , Tamil Nadu. Anna University comes in the top ranking (within top 15) universities in India after the IIT's .Hot courses this year are listed below.

  • B.E. Aeronautical Engineering
  • B.E. Computer Science Engineering
  • B.E. Mechanical Engineering
  • B.E. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • B.E. Electrical & Communication Engineering
  • B.E. Civil Engineering

Eduworld is one of the leading education career promoters all over South India.They do the service for free of charge for the best reputed engineering colleges.If you like to enroll for engineering courses you can contact them through their website.


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