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"H" Is For Hot Wheels--Letter "H" Activities For Kids

Updated on January 30, 2016

Introducing "H"

You'd be surprised how many preschoolers do not hold their pencils properly! Correct handling of writing instruments are essential for kindergarten. Click here to watch a video demonstrating the proper technique. Mastery of this fine motor skill is very important--it's a building block for early writing and correct letter formation. Worksheets like this one for the letter "H" not only give your preschooler a chance to practice, but they also include pictures to color, cut, and paste to the letter-fine motor skills that also need to be developed.

After you introduce a letter, such as "H," see if your preschooler can recognize it when it's surrounded by other letters. Worksheets like the one you can find here allow your preschooler to use a bingo dotter to differentiate the letter being studied from other letters. Using bingo dotters correctly also teaches your preschooler self-control. Early on, he may be tempted to pound away on the paper to watch all the dots form, but the self-restraint he needs to only dot the letter he's searching for is a much needed social and academic skill to master.

We also did a fun cut and paste worksheet called "Hot or Not." This is a great sorting activity for young ones that also helps them recognize things that are hot and things that are not!

Hot Wheels Hype

We focused on Hot Wheels for the letter "H," since it's my preschooler's ultimate passion. I cut out pictures of Hot Wheels for him to glue to a letter "H" template. I wish I could include a copy for you, but that would be a serious copyright violation! Just do a search for Hot Wheels graphics, and you'll have plenty to choose from to copy and scale down for your template. My older learner decided to turn her "H" into a horse. Yes, that's supposed to be a horse.

Letter "H" Games

Hide and Seek is a letter "H" game, so we took turns hiding a big Hot Wheels car and then helped players find it by saying Hot or cold. We kept practicing the phonetic sound and placing our hand in front of our mouths to see how our breath feels on our hand when we're making the "H" sound correctly.

For alphabet recognition, we also played a Hot Wheels Hop game. Once again, too big of a copyright violation to include a copy, but it's easy to throw together. Find pictures of Hot Wheels and then copy and paste two of them to a page. Place one at the top of the page, and then put a text box underneath it with both upper and lowercase letters, scroll to the middle of the page, and do a second car with another letter set. Repeat the process until you have included the whole alphabet. I printed mine on cardstock and then laminated them for durability. Place the Hot Wheels letter cards in a circle, a semi-circle, a square, or other formation that works for you. Call out a letter and have your preschooler hop onto that letter. You can arrange the letters randomly for children who are catching on, but for younger learners, just spread the cards in alphabetical order. When your cards are in alphabetical order, you can then have your preschooler hop from one to another as you sing the ABC song together. Little people LOVE this. You'll hear lots of giggles while they burn off energy!

Hot Wheels Puzzles

To end our focus on "H is for Hot Wheels," we put together a 24-piece Hot Wheels puzzle I found on Amazon. I've never seen them in stores, so I snatched it up online. My preschooler was elated! Puzzles aren't only fun and give children a self-esteem booster once they derive the satisfaction from completing them, but they also help kids achieve many other foundational skills. First, puzzles help develop hand-eye coordination along with fine motor skills. Second, puzzles require children to use reasoning and problem solving techniques to accomplish a goal--something they will need to do proficiently for their entire lives. Last, puzzles promote social development. It's fun putting a puzzle together with a friend, and both must cooperate and take turns to get the job done!

Shapes On Flannel Boards

Next, we reviewed shapes. To keep with the vehicular theme of the day, I asked my learners to arrange geometric shapes onto a flannel board to form cars, trucks, trains, or whatever their imaginations could create. They LOVED this, and I was very pleased with the results.

Pocket Charts Are Engaging

Last, I broke out a fun pocket chart I had snagged from the store before school started. While my older learner practiced constructing and solving addition problems on one side, my younger learner practiced identifying the numbers 1-20 on the other. Kids love feeling "big" by being able to insert cards into the pockets, and it is a very motivational and interactive learning tool.

Hot Wheels Or Matchbox?

When you were a kid, did you prefer Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars?

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