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How to Get Good Grades Easily

Updated on August 6, 2016

Want good grades? Want change? Want to achieve your goals?

In school, college and universities there is a fear in every student heart about the grades when result is nearer. So how can you manage your studies well in way you can get good marks or grades. This is not difficult as much some thinks it is, in reality good grades students follow some simple habits or rules. You can also achieve your goals easily by following some tricks or rules.

First set your goals.

You want A grade or A+ or you want 80 percent marks or 90 percent. Make a list write down clearly about your aim. This will clear your mind, so you can focus very well. Always prefer to choose high aim, but realistic,this will more boost your energy and allow you more to concentrate in your work. Your goals should be smart.

S: Specific

M: Measurable

A: Attainable

R: Realistic

T: Time bound

Organized your study schedule

Take a calendar, highlight the important dates, then take a page make a study schedule put your studies first than other amusement activities. Organized also your books, so that less time will take in finding the books you need. Almost every one make study schedule but scarcely stick to the plan,the reason is mostly that, they make a very strenuous schedule, which seem not easy to follow. Always start with easily schedule for example, in making first study schedule ten to fifteen minutes per subject is better then giving many minutes or hours.

Study hard but do not forget to study smart.

Study hard is the key to success, People those who hard work in their life never left behind but do not forget to study smart, this take less time so that you have more time for enjoyment.Some tricks to study smart are:

Use Mnemonic tricks

These type tricks help you to learn fast and can easily recall during paper effortlessly. Especially for memorizing the types or different parts,for example, colors of rainbow mostly the name use for remembering is Roy G. Biv.( Red, Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue, Indigo and Violent)

Attach arduous learning material where you sit or walk a lot.

There is always something in syllabus that time demanding seem difficult to learn, there is a simple trick to learn that laborious material. Attach learning notes to home things or walls where you sit or walk a lot for example, attach small note to your room wall or door. Everyone nowadays using laptop, so by attaching small studying note to your laptop back , or change the desktop background with small notes, can help you learn by looking at this note everyday and read for a day which take very less time.

Make a story

Story is always uncomplicated to learn. Covert your learning topic or material into a story so that, If you forget during paper easily recall the topic.

Try to covert your topic into diagram

If there is a diagram regarding the topic then it's easy to learn, human mind remember images faster then words. If there is no diagram try to make by yourself so that this technique help you learn fast.

Verbal memory Vs Visual memory

You learn better through verbal memory or visual memory?

See results

Highlight important lines in your notes

Always remember important topics first, also highlight important lines. Highlighting the important lines helps you to revise better. You can also use the different color highlighters to make your notes more captivating, it will help to concentrate better.

Record the lecture in your voice

Need to go outside also running out of time need to do this technique, by hearing your notes in your voice again and again, gives you easiest way to learn fast.

Make a funny song

Feeling monotonous during studying, try to real loud or make a funny song then sing, this technique is helpful when you are not in a mood of study.

Use flash cards

Make your own flash cards,write down important information on flash cards,make sure you write important text only too much wordy flash cards difficulty in learning.Revise them daily, also make a diagram on their back side or color them helps you remember faster.

How to make flash cards?

In the end never forget to rewards yourself!

Always reward yourself in the end, this technique helps you to more concentrate in your studies for example:

  • If I finish studies in time, I will watch movie later.
  • Put chocolates pieces in your book pages,read the lines where the chocolate piece come eat, enjoy and study, this strategy also increases your focus.

Strategy use in learning institute for good marks

  • Try to attend all classes
  • Ask question if you find difficulty, do not hesitate to ask question
  • Understand teacher way of explaining, this will aid you to comprehend topic.
  • Always try to reach on time.
  • It's better if you sit first bench of class, so that you understand the lecture well.

Health also play important role in success

  • Good sleep is helps you to stay healthy, and helps you to recollect the knowledge. Take at least six to seven hours sleep, for better health.
  • Eat a lot of vegetables and also drink plenty of water.

Believe in yourself

Find difficulty in focusing in studies, at that point motivate yourself. Write down all the reasons why you should you study. You can also motivate yourself for studying by watching inspirational video.


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