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Human as a civilized creature

Updated on October 18, 2012

Think Before Do

The world is moving towards new society as time passed by. It is simply human being has good and powerful brain. Human can think and work. Human thinking creates new things, also called creative ideas, as such in place of a big computer now we have small computers like lap tops. Creative ideas has positive and negative aspects. Positive ideas helps for benefit of mankind. Negative aspect creates negative thinking leading to destructive to mankind. So human has good god power as well as bad devil power. Some people has devil power and goes negative directions most of the time which lead to self destruction and others. Such people think they will destruct others but do not think it will also lead to self destruction. In order to protect such activities there are rules and regulations in different places in different ways to control people with devil and ill thinking, may be it is in a nation, a society or an organization. The rules are monitored by different people at different levels. Generally rules are controlled and monitorred from lower level to higher levels. It is assumed that lower levels are at the lower level as the lower level people have low thinking attitude. Higher level people are assumed at the higher level because they have high level thinking attitude. Let's not confuse ourselves that higher level people have higher level of capacity to think if they are at the higher level without working experience at the lower levels. When a person makes mistake, the effect will be differently at different ways. A mistake at a lower level will be less damage but mistake at the higher level will result in greater damage to people and organization wherever it may be. Mistake of a president will effect all the people of a country. Mistake of a person in a family will effect the small number of family members. Mistake is of two types: intentional and unintentional. Intentional mistake is not a mistake, it is a crime. Unintentional mistake is an actual mistake.


One has to fulfill responsibility with good intention. A protector should not turn into predator. If someone is in a position of ' protector' of group of people s/he should not turn into predator so that the protected would suffer. One has to fulfill responsibility with good feeling and ethic in mind.


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