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Handy Hints for Learning German Language

Updated on January 6, 2012

Learning How to Speak German

Learning German is a great goal, but if you haven't ever learned a foreign language before, figuring out the best way to do so can be a challenge. Many individuals find that learning languages on their own is the best way to go about it. Others students learn best in a classroom. Some find that immersing themselves with others who speak the language, or simply repeating the words and phrases is the right way.

There are lots of ways to go about learning German language. Learning how to speak German is oftentimes merely trying new techniques until you find what works. You can use the following tips to get your feet off the ground with language learning.

Flash Cards

Flashcards are a wonderful learning tool. There are a lot of language students who like to tease about the idea of using flash cards, due to the fact they seem a bit childish and like a blast from the past. So, why would you still use flash cards when there are already several of advanced technologies available to assist you in learning German language? The simple answer is: They work and they work well!

Flash cards let you quiz yourself to tune-up your language skills. They are very simple to make and easy to take with you when you are outside of your house or classroom. Flashcards make it easy for you to learn with a friend, even if that friend doesn't know German. With its versatility, flash card is an effective language aid.

Language Tutor

Hire a tutor where possible. A language tutor will be able to help you with the things that you won't be able to figure out by yourself when learning German. Tutors know how to teach German in the same way that you would be taught in a classroom. With an experienced tutor, you can get a classroom education without having to actually go to classes.

If books, audio lessons or classrooms aren't appealing to you at this point you should seriously consider hiring a tutor instead. Tutors will help you two fold: meaning in conversational as well as formal German verbiage. This will be helpful if you ever visit a German speaking country.

Watch Movies

Look for movies in German if you want to learn how to speak German. In fact, when you want to learn any new language, try watching popular movies in that language. Most of us enjoy movies. Watching movies is a fun and entertaining way to immerse yourself in the German language.

This can be done by watching movies in your own language first and then getting the same movie translated into the language you are trying to learn. It's a good way to practice your new language vocabulary.

There are tons of great ways to learn German. The most difficult part is finding the way that you best respond to. The best way to figure that out is to test different methods in learning German. You can learn how to speak German if you just find the way that works best for you. If you aren't able to learn German using the methods you're using right now, try other ones. Soon or later, you'll find a method best suit to your way of learning German.


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    • polyglot profile image

      polyglot 6 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      I completely agree with watching movies. That was actually one of the best indicators that I was in fact actually getting better at the language.