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Hans and the Dyke

Updated on February 26, 2017

Little Boy

A Brave Little Dutch Boy

This is a story about a brave little Dutch boy called Hans. Hans lived in a small village near Holland is well known for its numerous lakes and rivers. In many places, people live very close to the rivers. To present water from flooding the villages, strong walled dams are built across. These are known as dykes. This story took place many years ago.

Dyke Wall

The water was flowing from it

One day Hans was walking back home from school. As usual, he took his favourite route along the dyke. It was a cold winter evening. Suddenly Hans saw some water in front of him as he walks besides the dyke. He wondered from where it could have come because it had not rained. He looked around everywhere and saw that a portion of the dyke was also wet. On further investigation Hans noticed a small hole in the dyke. It was the size of his little finger. The water was flowing from it.

Hans became worried by the time he went to warn the villagers the hole could become bigger and bigger and finally give way. Already he could hear the sound of the water on the other side of the wall. Hans looked around in desperation. He could not see anyone nearby. Hans decided that he had to do something to save his village from being washed away.

Boy Near Dyke

How proud his father was of his brave little hero!

Hans immediately kept his school bag aside and knelt down in front of the dyke. He put his little finger in the hole to stem the flow of water. The water was very cold. Shivering in the bitter, winter evening the little boy waited for someone from the village to pass by. The hours passed and still the brave little boy sat patiently with is finger in the hole in the dyke. The evening turned to night. His finger had become numb and blue as the water was almost freezing. Meanwhile the force of the water splashing against the wall of the dyke made the hole bigger. Hans had to put his two fingers now. He wondered how long he could hold on.

In the village, Hans parents became worried as the evening progressed and there was still no sign of him. As night fell and he had not yet come home, his father went out to Hans’ friends’ house to find out if he was playing there. But Hans has been always a thoughtful child who did not cause any unnecessary worry to his parents. What could have delayed him from getting home in time? Thus thinking. Hans father went from one friend's house to another, but none of them had returned with Hans. At least one boy said that Hans had taken the longer route home of the dyke as he was by the side very fond of the place.

Hearing this Hans father hurried home to pick up a lantern. It was very dark now and he wondered what the little boy could be doing near the dyke.On the way a few villagers offered to go with him to search for Hans. All along the way they kept shouting for Hans/ at last they heard a faint answer from somewhere. They hurried towards that sound. As they rounded the corner the light of the lantern fell out the little boy who was huddled beside the dyke. Shivering with cold. Hans! my dear boy, are you all right?’ shouted his father as he ran towards him.

Hans lifted up his head with relief. How wonderful it was to hear the sound of his father’s voice. He was exhausted and almost frozen. As his father came near him Hans told them about the hole in the dyke. The villagers removed his fingers from the dyke, which were swollen and blue with frostbite. One of them took his place while another one ran to the village for help. They wrapped up Hans in a warm blanket and carried him. How proud his father was of his brave little hero!

Wall Repair

Even today people all over the world tell the story of brave little Hans

Soon the other villagers appeared quickly bringing with them the necessary things to repair the wall. They worked quickly, but efficiently and repaired the breach in the wall. How thankful they were for Hans quick thought and timely action. Poor Hans was stiff and cold and unable to utter a word. A doctor attended to him and treated his frozen fingers. Hans recovered within a day or two and was soon his usual self.

The news of Hans’ brave deed spread around the nearby villages too. He was the little hero who had saved his village from being swept away entirely. All the newspapers published the story of Hans and his heroic deed. The Mayor of the village presented a ` special medal to him and praised him for his courageous act.

Even today people all over the world tell the story of brave little Hans,


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