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Updated on February 12, 2018


The Art of Jewelry: the Master

Finishing her education at the Tajik University, Hanum Huseinova may not have believed that her passion for jewelry business would soon become her new profession.

Her first teacher in this difficult and at the same time fascinating work was her father, a jeweler famous -- Muhhamed Houssein Gafari. Hanum remembers her father’s lessons with great warmth. Some time later, she learned the technique of making jewelry on her own. Hanum admits that she still has very far to go to reach the same level of skill as her father’s. Hanum’s talent is evident in her designs. She makes different types of jewelry, sometimes traditional, often a product of whimsy. Some of her designs are quite original, for example, “The heart of a bird” – a pectoral collar in the shape of a pendant with chains.

One can judge the complexity of Hanum’s jewelry by looking at the chains designed by the artist: they are made by hand; each ring is shaped as a figure eight, made by twisting silver or German silver (the two metals mostly frequently used by Hanum). One or two thousand, and sometimes more of these rings are required to make one long elegant chain. It is important that all parts of are of the same size, and this requires a great deal of talent from the artist, a good eye, and the ability to work with the metal. Most often, Hanum works with German silver, less with silver, decorating the item with bright colorful stones or glass. Sometimes the master uses turquoise and coral, because these stones have always been popular in the East, and allegedly had different, sometimes therapeutic properties. For example, it was believed that turquoise guarantees good eyesight; according to another belief, turquoise keeps away the forces of evil and even that if one looks at this stone for a long time, one will always be in a good mood.

Hanum travels around Tajikistan to learn from the folk masters; her visits usually result in the creation of original works, which she bases on national traditions, both in composition and in technical solutions. According to Hanum, the rich collection of the EthnographicMuseum of the Historical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan is “a good teacher for contemporary Tajik Jewelers.” She has been drawing from this rich source on many occasions.

Bracelets and pectoral adornments, including Zebi Sina, Bozubandy , and other jewelry designed by Hanum Huseinova are on exhibit at the Art Salon of Dushanbe.

With an equal passion, for many years Hanum embodies her dreams in metal stamping technique, inventing artistic compositions. Many techniques of stamping have assisted her in working on her jewelry. Ornaments made by Hanum Huseinova are designed for women of different ages. The artist’s creativity is directed first and foremost at original works of jewelry.


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