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Happiness - an Often Misleading Word

Updated on July 22, 2020

What is happiness?

When you were a child, you were happy enough in this cruel world. You didn't care about things and suddenly one day you grew up and things changed. Today you are somewhat confused about the true meaning of Happiness. Isn't it? Let's dive into this article to find it.


Is money happiness?

Often people think that money is the real happiness. It is always thought that the person who has money is the most happiest person in the world. Even people say that if you have money then you are the happiest person. The fact is that it is not the truth. Even the richest person want happiness in life and they do not find happiness in the riches. The day they have a lot of money, they get used to it and it is something really normal to them. So, its a big no.

You think I am wrong

Now after reading this you think that this author is drunk. You think that if you would have a lot of money then you will be the happiest person in the world.

What is true happiness?

Even being a child you were happy that means you were happy without the thing called money. Now we can come to the real truth, while growing up people often are taught that you will only become happy the day you are successful and you will only become successful when you have a lot of money. This is the story of every house on this planet. Someone someday became rich and confused every individual.

If you are still reading this article then you are already happy reading it. You are trying to get into it and you are feeling the intensity of this article. You know what? You have found happiness. Happiness is something that we often ignore. In this rush of life, people stop enjoying the present. The day you will start enjoying the present, you will be happy. The moment people stop thinking of the future they will be happy.

I will give an example here to elaborate this concept in brief. You are in the exam hall for your 10th boards. You have already prepared for the exams and you are confident enough that you will do well and score good. Suddenly someone whispered "jobs are not easy now-a-day." You just forgot everything and started thinking about getting a job. You forgot that you are in the exam hall and you have to give the exam. After sometimes you realized this and started giving the exam however it was almost 1 hour late. You still gave your best. Results came and you didn't do well.

So, where is happiness here? There is the point of happiness here. You were happy enough already as you were prepared for the exams but a small whisper made you so sick that your exams were ruined and even you didn't get a good percentage. You could have ignored the topic of future and would have been happy enough to give the exams.

From this story we can definitely conclude that thinking of the future might panic us and it can definitely ruin the happiness that you have now. I would never say that you must not plan your future. You should plan it but not like this. Plan it with a calm and peaceful mind.

It was just an example. Please do not complicate the story in your mind by adding a different plot and angle to this story.

I will write something beautiful here : "True happiness is a state of mind when you do not have any anxiety, any stress, you might be confused but you would be full of peace that is within you at that very point of time." This happiness cannot be explored until and unless you start feeling it. You have to put an effort to be happy and you can do it at the present. If you will think of the future then you will always think of it till you die. So, stop thinking and start enjoying the present. The moment you will start doing it, you will get happiness.

Tips to stay happy

  • Stay as much positive as you can. This just doesn't mean that you will only think of the best things happening with you. You must be prepared for the worst along with this.
  • Be patient and calm at the same time. Life will definitely test your patience. You will panic when your patience is tested but if you come out with all the calmness that is within you then you will get the real happiness from this.
  • Learn from failure. If you wouldn't learn from the failure then you can never be happy. You will be deeply lost in the world of sadness with the story of the failure that you had.


No matter if you earn more or less, you can be happy. Even the loved ones you have do not get happy with huge things but they are happy with the small things you do for them.

If you still feel that you are not happy then try to find happiness in others. Help someone and don't expect anything in return, just help and see that smile. You will feel an inner peace. That's happiness.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Rabi Sahu


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