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Hard to forget the collapse of the Twin Towers

Updated on March 16, 2011

There is an appropriate time and place for that

Once again, I tripped over a Facebook status line that triggered a story for me. Seems this group of well-intended individuals are driving a cause that would see the latest version of the New York State license plate be replaced with something that would remind residents of the disaster that took place that day. There is a concern in this group that we might have forgotten that horrific tragedy. I’m a Canadian and I would find it very hard to ever forget the huge loss of life that day and how some very misguided individuals can attempt to destroy the freedom that exists in the western world.

This cause is noble but the idea of reminding all on the latest license plate may not be the best place to remind one of what is important to you and your country. The people in the places that decide on what should be on a license plate or stamp aren’t trying to ignore this reality; they are just trying to provide something that has a more uplifting tilt to it.

Instead of the license plate or stamp, I make the following suggestion. Wherever there is a waiting room that individuals will be forced to sit and wait to deal with their own individual pain and suffering, there should be a sort of shrine to the more national pain and suffering that has endured in that country. It would be places like the doctor’s office, dentist, lawyer, hospital waiting rooms, tax offices, and other places where impending pain is inevitable.

Instead of old copies of magazines and some out-dated plaque, brochure or poster about what goes on in those offices down that foreboding hallway, the walls should be adorned with pictures of things like the following (I’m assuming the USA here):

·        The raising of the flag on Iwo Jima

·        The burning Twin Towers in New York

·        A picture of JFK

·        A picture of George Washington

·        A picture of Martin Luther King (especially the “I Have A Dream” speech)

·        Pearl Harbor

·        New Orleans after Katrina

There are many more items that could be presented there. A computer in that waiting room with the ability to link to these stories would be a nice approach that today’s technology makes very feasible. I think the individuals in that waiting room would find their upcoming experience in those offices down the hall not so foreboding after all. It would seem that all of these images are a reminder that there are lots of others less fortunate than us in our current predicament.

It’s very hard to forget a tragedy like the collapse of the Twin Towers. Nightmares have a way of staying with us longer than we like.


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