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Harmonic Resonance and Water Charging

Updated on May 10, 2017

Singing Bowls and Water Charging

The theory and the study of resonance were founded by great scientist Galileo Galilei in early 17th century. “Resonance” is a term used in physics. It stands for a linear system on oscillation based on amplitude and frequencies. One physical object by means of regularly repeated action (waves, vibrations) may directly or indirectly raise resonant frequencies in the other substance.

Resonance becomes possible due to the substance’s ability to receive, store and transfer the energy. There are several types of resonance phenomena, such as mechanical, electromagnetic, acoustic, nuclear magnetic, electron spin, and quantum wave.

When water is in a vessel that resonates, it becomes charged with healing, beneficial energies that you can utilize.


Singing Bowl

The phenomenon of resonance (also known as harmonic resonance) takes place in the singing bowls when filled with water. As you might already know singing bowls produce vibrating sound when wooden or leather covered mallet (or striker) rubs the bowl’s top rib. The motion is usually done clockwise. The singing bowls’ chanting much resembles the sounding of church bells. Indeed they both play the same religious and spiritual role in different cultures. So, when the chanting singing bowl is filled with water soon the latter begins to vibrate. It means that the bowl’s vibrations are transmitted to water. Then manipulation on the bowl’s rim is over and harmonic resonance stops, the water becomes quiet too.

Believe it or not, the next time you rub the rim, the water will pick up the harmonic resonance faster. This phenomenon is called water memory. The process charges the water. Charged water is believed to acquire healing and energizing qualities.

Water Charging With Singing Bowls



While singing bowls are ideal, you don’t need them to start experimenting with charged water. Try it with a classic wine glass. When you do the experiment with a glass of water remember that the glass should be without cuts and side ribs.

Go someplace quiet where you won’t be disturbed. This should be a calming, spiritual exercise—you want to get into the right state of mind. Bring a pitcher of water and a wine glass and lay them on the table. Pour some water into the wine glass so it’s about half full.

Unlike with the singing bowl you will not need a striker to charge water in the glass. You just need your finger. The third finger is recommended. Dip your fingertip in the pitcher to wet it (not in the glass you are using for the experiment; you don’t want to disturb that).

Move the finger clockwise along the top rim of the glass. Move slowly, picking up the speed gradually and then slowing down again. The produced sound won’t be soft like with the singing bowl but rather shrill. In just a few seconds you will see motion in the water. The water makes harmonic resonance and is charged.

Stop the manipulation, let the water rest. When you re-rub the rim you will see the water pick up the vibrations sooner than before.

The charged water even tastes different. Its very texture changes. You can experiment by tasting the water in the pitcher, and tasting the water in the glass.

What to Do with Charged Water

When you make charged water in a glass or crystal vessel, you can drink it for health and vitality. You can also use the water to make herbal teas or add it to fruit juices if you desire.

Warning, though: do not drink water charged by harmonic resonance in metal singing bowls. The water can leech toxins from the metal that are unhealthy. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it. When plants are watered with it they are cured of some diseases and grow better. The same effect is believed to happen on the human organism, so try pouring it into the bath water.

Indeed, scientific researches in harmonic resonance and water charging are under way even today. What mysteries will be unlocked remain to be seen.



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