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Rain Water Harvesting

Updated on June 18, 2009

Precious Water

Precious Rain water

it is said that the only reason for the fourth world war would be WATER. Water was considered as the renewable source which was replenshed through water cycle but the things are changinig fast. Time has come to think about it. Issues like global warming, water pollution and depletion of water table are consuming the water at a higher rate than it is given back by the nature.

The only solution to this problem is RAIN WATER HARVESTING. we should think about the ways to harvest the rain.

What is rain water harvesting?

It is the method of collecting the rain water and prperly channelising or storing in pond, water tank or underground water table where it can be used again in future.


Water harvesting through contours on slopes of mountains

Rain water harvesting at home

Rain water harvesting is a very big concept but the beauty of it that everyone can make some contribuiton to it. We can harvest rain water at our home aswell. You can use a lot of things already available in your house or you can buy some products available in the water to harvest rain water. I assure you the cost of the equipment you install at your home will cost you less as compared to the water you save. You can use the water for drinking(only if you use proper filters and equipment) or other household uses like gardening, washing cars, cleaning floors etc.

I will explain you some of the products available in the market or already available in your house hold which you can use to harvest water.

Rubbish Bin

Make your own water harvesting tank

  1.  Rubbish Bin/ Garbage Bin: As you are aware that the garbage or the rubbish bin is readily available in your home and you can use it to collect the rain water. Only you have to do is to connect your downpipe from the roof to the bin and add a tap on the bottom of it.

Harvesting water from roof top

Swimming Pool/empty water tank

 2. Swimming Pool:- Now it looks weired to use a swimming pool for rain water harvesting, but it can be used if you are not using it any longer. i have a swimming pool in my house which is not in use any longer , instead of filling it with earth/soil or concrete, the simple idea is to construct a solid roof over it and use that place for some other activites. Swimming pool can still be used for collecting roof water.

Gutter Tank

3. Ready made water harvesting containers: While writing this article i found a very good ready made water harvesting container available in the market. It is very convenient, innovative and requires a very less space to install.


This gutter tank comes with a small equipment which you can easily install in your pipe. it is a do it yourself thing so you do not need much plumbing work to do. This easily helps to channelise the water into the gutter storage tank whcih later on can be used for cleaning or gardening purpose.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      hi there gaza i shouldnt give it out but this is the link

      and details, they have 20% discount now,tell them martin n said you would sort him out

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      That trash can example is the single worst example of a rain water harvesting system I have ever seen. It is filthy and open to become a insect incubatory!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      tanq 4 tis useful website

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      This is a very interesting topic and contemporary.. please allow me to post my links to add some relevant details and study regarding on how to harvest rain water and it's importance

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Cool. I was really able to understand more about Rainwater harvesting with these explanation..


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