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Harvesting of Rain Water

Updated on January 1, 2017

I am living in Kerala. It is in the south western tip of Indian Sub Continent. Kerala have some specialties. It lies between an Ocean (Arabian Sea) and a Mountain (Western Ghuts). Its length from North to South is about 600 KM and its average Width from East to West is about 60 KM. Kerala is blessed with Mansoon Wind. Western Ghat is at the East Side of Kerala, It helps to obstruct the Mansoon and its result is a good rainfall every year. Kerala receives 3000 mm rainfall per year and its result is green natural sceneries and good weather. One third of Kerala is evergreen rain forest on the slopes of Western Ghats with a variety of fauna and flora.

Do you know? Kerala have 44 rivers and 34 lakes. Almost rivers are blessed with many tributaries and small streams. Water Resources department of kerala calculates Kerala have 18681 public ponds. I remember, in my childhood, there are many paddy fields and small streams in Kerala. There are many small private ponds which helped farmers to irrigate their agricultural fields. Water flowing through the river through out the year. Receive the same rainfall at that times, but wells, ponds, streams and rivers have plenty of water. At that times water has gathered through resources and under ground water level is higher than nowadays.

Keala now suffer a lot from drought during summer. The reason is the greed of man. Deforestation is a continuous process here. Many plenty forests are now agricultural lands. Man animal conflict is a common process in the highlands always in news. Due to lack of forest areas, animal comes to human habitats in search of water and foods especially during summer periods. Also human tries to break hills and rocks in the great Western Ghats. There are many quarries which engaged in destruction of this natural fort of Kerala. They don't know its value now. But will realize once when this fertile land may convert to a desert.

Many paddy fields which were natural pool of fresh water are now endangered by human aggression. Within 20 years, many paddy fields, streams and ponds had disappeared in Kerala. Many streams are converted to roads. In place of paddy fields and ponds, an urbanization with buildings, flats, schools, shops, offices and companies has appeared. This is the main reason of drought in Kerala. Progress and development is very essential. But never forget nature and natural resources. To live on earth without harming it is an inportant one in the modern period.

Water harvesting is a modern method to save pure water. Rain Water Harvesting and Ground water recharge are two components of it. To collect drinking water into a tank during rainy season will help them to face severe drought in summer season. It is shameful to Keralites because they don't preserve the water from plenty rainfall. It is time to think such a new methods. New generation should be alert on preservation of the blessings of nature. The over flowing purified water from water harvesting tanks should collect to a well. It should increase the ground water level. Every homes, schools and institutions should construct a rain water harvest unit with a good rain recharge pit. It is a best method for water conservation in new periods. It will conserve environment too. Nowadays the rain water which falls on concrete roof tops and tiled courtyards and flows to the roads which cause floods in rainy seasons. Kerala's geographical area have an inclination from east to west which help the rainy water to flow speedily to ocean through streams and rivers. In the circumstances, the nature organizations and environmentalists in Kerala should propagate water harvesting methods.

I am living in Avanavanchery Village in Kerala. This place is water sufficient. There is a Well in our home . My family is depending that well since 1984. It is plenty with a lot of water in every season. What is the reason? The reason is Ponds. I know 4 big ponds within one squire kilometer of my home. The biggest pond is near Indilayappan Temple. That pond is just 150 meters from the well of my home. It spread in an area of one hectare. People preserve this pond keenly because it is the pond of an ancient Indilayappan Temple. What is its lesson? The lesson is that if doubled or tripled the number of ponds in kerala, it will resolve water scarcity during summer time in a rainy area.

I narrate the water scarcity problem and rain water harvesting methods on the basis of my place. This may relevant or irrelevant to your native place. You should try to share the problems of your native place as comments. Thus continents will shrink to a global village in the hub pages..


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