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Has Anyone Ever Died and Ever Been Revived

Updated on March 20, 2011

When is a Person Really Dead

The master control center of the body

What is The Meaning of Death

First let us examine the meaning of clinical death. This is the cessation of the heart and breathing functions of the body. People who have been revived from this state have been referred to as returning from death. This is absolutely untrue. Why? When the heart and lung functions stop this does not mean that the person has already died. In cases of severe trauma such as injury, stroke  heart attack, and severe illnesses, the person may have already passed away. In some cases of shock, brought on due to varying conditions and circumstances such as drowning, a severe blow, or cardiac arrest brought on by severe emotional trauma, a  person may be able to be revived. This means he has not yer died.

The Role of the Brain

What people are failing to remember is that while the heart and lung function play a vital role in keeping us alive, it is the brain that is the nerve center and the main power plant and regulator of the whole body functions, thus the brain, still can function during a short interuption without blood and oxygen. After five minutes however the bran is no longer able to function. In cases where CPR have been performed and blood supply and oxygen were supplied to the brain, the person or patiant has been able to be revived. If, however, the brain becomes totally non-functioning then this is death. In some cases partial brain damage or a severe enough portion of brain damage was done allowing a person to live but be without some functions such as speech or movement. In the severest of cases the person is in a vegitative state or comatose. Even if a person is on life support and brain death has occurred it would be totatally useless to keep them on it as all consciousness and awareness has cesed rendering them dead.

Death Experiances

While death experiences have been reported it is not likely that the person died. There is only true death when a person can no longer be revived as prior explained. A lack of oxygen to the brain can cause a floating sinsation as well as hallucinations. Also sedation from various drugs given in different amounts and strengths can contribute to a person's seeming death experiance. While I cannot deny that these experiences may have occured they are not death experiances, they are near death experiances. Anyone who has accually died, even if they have had such an experiance, they could not in any way relay it to anyone else because simply when the brain stops functioning life at that point is over.

What About Christ

If, Infact Jesus Christ did come from the grave it could have only been done by means totatally unavailable to man. Also if Jesus was, himself, God, then he could have not been a real person because no real human being could change from one being into another form or centainly not into God. While the bible refers to Lazerous as having been revived, here again this was done by Jesus, who if this really happened, would have possessed abilities totally unknown and unavailable to man.



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