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Has education lost its importance?

Updated on May 1, 2015


Has education lost its importance?

The fast changing social and lifestyle dynamics have led to sharp criticism of the practice, this has even been worsened by the fact that while more universities, schools and vocational training institutions are being built, employment is becoming less secure. More governments are struggling to provide enough jobs for their citizens. Even some of those who are employed feel that they are being undermined considering their level of education. The question that this prompts is, has education lost its importance? Several arguments on the importance of education today and even tomorrow show how the practice hasn’t lost its essence.

improves your thinking capability

This does not automatically mean everyone is a great thinker because they attended school, no. But that bit of improvement that you owe it to the institution is important. People make better decisions based on what they learnt at school, a basic example is how you realise the shopkeeper has cheated you, those are basic addition and subtraction skills that you learn at school and help one think and question, so they are not taken advantage of. In addition, education helps individuals be in a better position to question things they do or are required to do. Today most people will stand up against any violation of rights and help fight the cause, the thinking and initiatives of which can be traced back to school. People can now navigate their way to solving all those basic challenges even through social networks that require writing skills, which basically points back to school.

Also, the exposure one gets through education, be it formal or informal helps understand where to seek for certain solutions in life. It is now basic knowledge that when you need to know something, a new concept or information, you just google it. That points back to the basic importance of education, while it exposes, it also helps understand life as dictated by societal norms and advancements.

Live a better life

Living a better life includes all the teaching that we think of as basic but imperative. How to manage time, how to manage your health, your lifestyle – all these we get to learn, as we grow up going to school, being educated. At times it seems boring and useless that at school you need to be early, need to write homework, write a test in an hour and be presentable. All the skills we garner from those simple practices grow to help each individual on how to even manage bigger challenges as they grow up, how to maintain a clean environment around them so they can be healthy.

While many agree on the fact that going to school and becoming well learned does not automatically lead to a financially rich future, but it improves ones chances of doing so. Moreover, education is not limited to the formal boundaries only, it even includes small things that you learn from observing other people as you live your life. This leads to the realisation that all those who have made it financially in life, they might not have been straight academics, but they had some education in their life one way or the other, and that makes them maintain their success. An educated individual thinks of alternative ways of earning a living even though unemployment is high. All this points back to the importance of education.

Improves your networks

The formal setup of education is in a way that you get to meet a lot of people. An average individual today will spend more than fifteen years of his/her life in school, and already he/she would have changed schools at least three times (primary, secondary and tertiary) which is a total of a lot of peers they meet and get to know. Mostly, the networks one builds at school, are the networks that goes on to help them even when they need help later on in life. Many happy couples will tell that they met at school or through some school event, even lifetime friends will tell that they met at school, those are people who then become extremely important in our life’s that you sometimes cannot imagine being without. All goes to point back to education.

Most of the criticism on education and its essence tend to take the formal setup with the ideology that after learning, you should get an automated financial security in life. To understand the importance of education and appreciate it, people should look at it as a means to an end and not end by itself. It should help one know how to better handle challenges in life. Valuable criticisms though should focus on the curricula, the techniques that it uses to nurture citizens today in light of the changing dynamics of the world. It should concentrate more on improving the capability of sharp thinking and help understand the far reaching benefits of the practice.


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