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Haunted Castles in England

Updated on May 21, 2016

The Haunted Arundel Castle

The Beautiful Arundel Castle diego_Tores Publc Domain
The Beautiful Arundel Castle diego_Tores Publc Domain | Source

One of the most beautiful castles in Great Britain is Arundel Castle. Edward the Confessor started the construction of the castle, and it was finished by Roger de Montgomery. Montgomery became the first Earl of Arundel. This title was given to him by William the Conqueror. Arundel Castle has spent most of its time being a magnificent home to many notable families. Currently, it is the home of the Duke of Norfolk and his family.

A great deal of damage was caused to the castle in the 17th century. The castle has since been completely restored.

Many people believe there are ghosts that haunt Arundel Castle. The first ghost story concerns a young woman who appears dressed in white. It is claimed that on moonlit nights she has been seen wandering around Horne tower. This tower sits behind the castle in Arundel Park. It is believed the young woman killed herself by jumping off the tower because she lost her real love.

There is also a story about a young boy who worked in the kitchens 200 yeas ago It is believed his master beat him. It is believed the boy died from his beatings and that his ghost has been seen scrubbing pans and running around the kitchens.

The third story is that in the Arundel Castle library, which is said to be one of the best Gothic rooms in England, a ghost has been seen. He is called the “Blue Man.” It is said he goes back to when King Charles II lived in the castle. There have been people who have seen a small white bird flying around the windows of the castle on several occasions. It is said the bird appeared when someone in the castle died suddenly.

The Haunted Berkeley Castle

Place were King Edward died. Philip Hailing
Place were King Edward died. Philip Hailing | Source

For almost eight centuries, the Berkeley Castle has been in the same family. There has been a manor at Berkeley Castle since Anglo-Saxon times. The Berkeley Castle you see today was built in 1153AD.

In 1215AD, the West country lords got together at Berkeley Castle on their way to fight with King John at Runnymede. This battle took place just before the Magna Carta was signed.

Walkway to Edward II's cell David Stowall
Walkway to Edward II's cell David Stowall | Source

Berkeley Castle is very well known because it was the place that Edward II was a prisoner in 1327AD. Edward II's wife, Queen Isabella and her lover Roger Mortimer put him in the dungeon at Berkeley Castle. They were hoping the horrible conditions and diseases in the dungeon would kill him. He did get sick, but he recovered.

Queen Isabella and her lover decided to get rid of Edward II in another way. It is believed Edward II suffered the most horrible death of any British king.

King Edward II was tied down on the table and next a funnel was inserted into his rectum and a red hot poker was then pushed through the funnel into his bowels. The pain had to have been terrible. It is said on the anniversary of his death you can hear his screams through out the castle.The fourth story is about a ghost that is seen in the servant's quarters. It is said the ghost is a man with long hair and wears a loose sleeved grey tunic.

The Haunted Bramber Castle

Curtain Wall Charledraker Public Domain
Curtain Wall Charledraker Public Domain | Source

The Bramber castle is now in ruins. There is a piece of wall that is 76 feet long that is still standing on a large mound. This was once a magnificent Norman castle that was used to defend Shoreham, which is on the Adur river.

During the reign of King John, William de Braos owned Bramber castle. King John envied his lifestyle. William de Braos made King John unhappy with him. It had something to do with events that happened in 1215AD before the signing of the Magna Carta.

King John decided he needed to make an example of William de Braos. King John told him he would have to give up his young children. The children would become hostages of King John so William de Braos would remain loyal. King Johns proposal was refused, so he sent armed men to take the children by force.

Ruins of Bramber Castle Charlesdrakew Public Domain
Ruins of Bramber Castle Charlesdrakew Public Domain | Source

William de Braos learned about the plan, so he and his family went to Ireland. Later on, they were captured and brought back to England. They were put in prison in Windsor Castle. King John ordered the 4 children were not to be fed so they would starve. He did this to show other Barons what would happen if they were not loyal to him.

The children died at Windsor Castle but it is said their ghosts return to Bramber castle usually at Christmas and they are often seen begging for food.

The Haunted Corby Castle

Corby Castle Gardens Michael Graham
Corby Castle Gardens Michael Graham | Source

The most well-known ghost that lives at Corby Castle is called the “Radiant Boy.” No one knows who the boy was. The “Radiant Boy” seldom appears. He is described as a beautiful young boy dressed in white and has long golden colored hair.

The Corby Castle has a pele-tower from the 14th century. The castle sits on the banks of the River Eden, which is located in Cumbria.

The Corby Castle has been home for a long time for the Howard family. The room that the “Radiant Boy” usually appears in is called the “Ghost room.” You an only get to this room by going down a passageway.

Haunted Corby Castle Lynne Kirton
Haunted Corby Castle Lynne Kirton | Source

The walls of the Corby Castle are eight to ten feet thick. Most of the walls are covered with family portraits, tapestries and furniture pieces that have strange wooden carvings on them This makes the room very gloomy and threatening looking.

Members of the Howard family have seen the ghost of the “Radiant Boy” many times. It is said whoever sees the ghost will become famous and rich but they will then suffer a violent death.



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