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Have a Good Life- you can

Updated on February 20, 2012

Have a Good Life

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

It is blind faced boredom that often drives us to continue, to search for a better way, a more complete way to live. The exhaustion of folly and the razor cut pain of damage ever taunting our positive will, sometimes wastes us away to hopelessness. I have wallowed in the swill of it long enough to know that clinging to hope; to suckle from that breast is pretentious propaganda. Hope is the last bastion of the devout, the final giving away of responsibility to a greater more adept hand.

In our own ineptitude, we believe we are incapable of course without the hand of fate or benevolence ready to pluck us from our idiocy and deliver us into the light of truth. The reality is we have cause and capacity to disregard hope and instigate action and outcome. We are indeed responsible for our own lives, ours direction, experience and conclusion. It is fear and weakness that deprives us of this truth.

Human beings have always sort security, some form of reassurance that life will be worth the effort, end ok. Rather than see conflict and strife as opportunities to learn valuable lessons, we see them as our nemesis, some evil foe intent on disarming our lives and taking away what we have amassed. This paranoia or fear is the greatest lie of all. We accumulate nothing, because we are singular entities, ultimately alone. We cannot own the physical any more than we can own another human being. This propaganda in entrenched in our psyche, the motivation by which we are taught to assimilate into our world and into the societies we have established.

The external is an illusion of which we associate and with which we accept responsibility. The world is a playground of opportunity where we can express our thoughts and beliefs and develop understanding. It is not the purpose of existence, simply the canvas on which we enact our being.

Finding meaning in this life is individual and can in no way be generalised as with theology or any idealism or dogma. Our purpose is simply what we make of our opportunity, what we do with life. Relying on any other contrived truth just limits what we can do. Our limits are based on our beliefs. Change your beliefs and you can change, nay remove, your limits entirely.

Life generally is taken far too seriously. We thirst for this and that, must achieve, acquire, aspire and be a paragon of purity, stoicism or whatever. The reality is none of that make one iota of difference. We live and then we die, and what happens in the middle is our journey, the only important aspect. How we respond to life and the joys, experiences and tribulations that define us are the memories that will linger. What then we leave in a physical sense is meaningless.

Life, I believe, is about having a go, getting your hands dirty and getting amongst it. We can analyse all we want, and I love doing that, but in the end it means shit.

Keep fit, try to eat a good diet, be kind to people and do stuff you love. Always love your family and friends and recognise them as part of your life and worth having. Say thanks for the opportunity and hope you learn a few things along the way. Oh, and laugh heartily, and often. That’s it, your dead. You came, you went.

I think there’s more, but I believe that’s how we should live our lives, as simply and as kindly to us and others as possible. Now would be a good time to make a new resolution. It’s never too late to have a good life, even when death's knocking on the door.


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