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Having A Positive Mindset

Updated on December 21, 2014

Create A Positive Mindset

A positive mindset… what is a positive mindset? A positive mindset definition is argumentative with most, but I believe most people can agree with the small definition that I bring forward in this article. A positive mindset is when a mind produces 95% good thoughts and good feelings that lead to the person speaking good worlds and taking good actions. A positive mindset operates with an optimistic view instead of a pessimistic one. A positive mindset looks for solutions to situations, issues, and problems, instead of focusing on the actual situation, issue, or problem. A positive mindset promotes good thoughts instead of negative thoughts. The positive mindset definition has spanned into detail books but I just wanted to give you a sample of what is positive mindset.

Having a positive mindset is a giant benefit in everyone’s life, but creating one is the challenge. We are all born with a positive mindset, but it is our placed environment and influential people that determines whether we keep the positive mindset or not. What do I mean by that statement? Well, a positive mindset is innate in our DNA, but our parents, families, and teachers mold our younger generations into a not-so-positive mindset because many transfer their failures and inabilities to children through their thoughts, words, and actions. I know this is a pretty bold statement, but I did not say that many of these people do it intentionally. Ladies and gentlemen, to have a positive mindset is one thing, to create and keep one is a whole other process that takes strength and will power to overcome the daily pressures of life; basically people do not do it on purpose, they do it for love and protection. For love and protection? Yes, from love and protection people irresponsibly create not-so-positive and negative mindsets in their children and younger generations. There are people who failed miserably in life, so they feel their children will benefit from not suffering by not having them attempt to feel like they have a chance, so why have them think they can. Some people believe if I could not do it then there is no way my child, who is only part of me, can do it. Then you have people who just choose not to teach their child to think positive all the time and go with the flow of their placed environment. I can feel the temperature rising in most people reading this right now, but I can understand why. IF your temperature is rising then it means you either do such things or it was done to you. As human beings, we do not accept the stone cold truth well and we do not like it when it is brought forward on public display. My intention in this article is to tell the truth about the truth, but this is not the article to expose the truth. This is the article to begin a process to reinvent the way we train our younger generation to think.

Getting back on track, creating a positive mindset is a process that takes time to build because your not-so-positive or negative mindset took time to build too. So you have to un-think what you think and start thinking a new way. Normally the average person finds this difficult to do on a solo basis, so I suggest you find a personal development coach or mentor that can guide you only the way, like me. Not someone who can just teach you but someone who has been through the same process that you are attempting to go through. I did not say people who teach creating a positive mindset cannot help you, I believe it is better when someone has went through the same process you are enduring because there is a better understanding. A success coach or mentor is great to have when you begin your journey of creating your positive mindset. If you do not have the financial means, or access, to a success coach or mentor, then I suggest you start reading personal development books from authors that appeal to your personality type. Joining a personal development book club also helps because it keeps you on track with the books to read in helping you create a positive mindset. These book clubs are rare, but there is a book club at that is open to the public and free to join. The point is to find a vehicle to move you faster than you would on your journey to a positive mindset. Once you have the courage to start on your journey, you must have the courage to continue your journey.

Operating a life with a positive mindset is a difficult task because we live in a world that dumps more negativity into us through media, social media, and gossip. Unfortunately, negativity sells in today’s world, but it is also destroying our thinking ability in making generations better than before. Here are seven tips that I suggest you do to get yourself launched on your journey of creating a positive mindset:

TIP #1: 3x5 CARDS

  • Write your SMART goals on 3x5 cards and keep them on you at ALL TIMES
  • Write positive affirmations (statements) reflecting how I desire to think and act; i.e., I AM A GREAT PERSON, I AM HEALTHY, I AM HANDSOME, I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM SUCCESSFUL, I AM WEALTHY, etc.
  • Write in ALL CAPITALS to accent the serious and grandiose of your success journey
  • Cut out pictures of the 5 most things you desire to achieve and paste, glue, or tape them to your 3x5 cards. Get as close and detail in the pictures as you can
  • Review your 3x5 cards at least 5x a day: once when you wake up, once at breakfast, once at lunch, once at dinner, and once right before you go to sleep


  • Write your own 30-second to 1 minute commercial about you and what you will achieve; not what you want but what YOU WILL achieve


  • One of the main reasons people fail is because they do not have a Definite Chief Aim in their life (The most ULTIMATE goal of your life journey)
  • All written goals should form as steps to your Definite Chief Aim
  • Have goals for 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, 1-years, 3-years, and 5-years
    • Having a 10-year goal is optional, but also good to have


  • This is close to you Definite Chief Aim, but more of how you will achieve than achieving


  • Get a poster board, or two
  • Cut out pictures of objects that you desire to achieve then put them on your dream board
  • Place your dream board in your home where you can mediate for 10 minutes 2x a day (once when you awake up in the morning and once before you go to bed)


  • Record yourself making positive statements about yourself
  • Record yourself repeating your goals, mission statement, and DEFINITE CHIEF AIM
  • If you can, listen to your voice recording while you sleep
  • Listen to your voice recording every chance you get


  • Place your goals, dream, vision, etc. on post-it notes and place them in strategic spots around your home, in the car, at your desk at work, or wherever they will inspire you

These are seven tips that will help you create a positive mindset. You must make these tips a habit in your daily routine in order for them to help you. So make sure you follow these tips for at least 30 DAYS straight before you lose focus. These tips will help if you allow them to help you. Having a positive mindset promotes great health, a stable well-being, and a well-rounded lifestyle because you will think better on a daily basis. Having a better thinking philosophy means that you will make sounder, clear decisions for, and in, your life. A positive mindset does not prevent situations, issues, or problems from arising in your life, but it definitely can help them pass along a little easier because you will focus on solutions. Disclaimer: This article does not replace medical treatments or counseling prescribed to the reader by professional medical personnel. These techniques and tips develop many positive mindsets, including mine. Remember, it is not a one-time action to create and have a positive mindset; it is an everyday process that will help you on your success and life journeys.

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T-M-T Services International Services, LLC (TMTSI)

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