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He who dies with the most toys wins

Updated on June 28, 2012

Keeping up with the Jones

Pulling away from the dock, creek-side, I feel the warm sun on my face and the coolness of the water surrounding me. This is going to be a wonderful day, with a cooler of brews and my pretty girl in her bikini, I know that a good time is beginning right now.

Seeing other boats running about, I wish mine were a Grady White too, but for now, my Mako will have to do. What is the purpose of life if you can't enjoy yourself, and that is what I intend to do, and as much as I could. Finding the means to make it possible for enjoying life, would require a certain amount of commitment, and sacrifice, but I was willing to do what it takes to make that a reality.

It's all about today

There is no need to worry about tomorrow, today is where we need to be. The actions I undertake today could become very ugly, there isn't any critic that cuts deeper than ourselves.

Though risky, chances must be taken to afford one the lap of luxury or if you believe in luck, perhaps a few dozen charms might do the trick, but whichever of these you choose, choose wisely.Eenie meenie miney moe, this wont work I told you so, don't place your whole life or even part of it for that matter on a roulette wheel. Working hard is not only a matter of good ethics, it produces results for your welfare. How could we justify making a living for ourselves, when we take from those who have little to no means to care for themselves? And yet, this is exactly what has happened for several millenia, we have hurt others, not just one individual, perhaps a whole family in order to promote the interest of ourselves and just so we might have a good time.



The Bigger Picture

With so many fortunate and blessed people out there. Blessed with physical ability, blessed with the good fortune of coming from a family that has surplus, and blessed with opportunity coming at the right time; I find it so hard to believe that we have people who still go hungry, people who still have problems paying for health issues, people who have no place to sleep and so on.

Have pity and show some empathy please!!! There are concert tickets that cost thousands, wedding dresses that cost tens of thousands and there are children and adults in your own neighborhoods trying to decide whether they will pay their electric bill or eat. This is insane, why do we ignore each others needs at non-crisis times, yet in times of tragedy, we almost stumble over one another to help each other, until the next tragedy catches our eye, and then we move on to help those who are afflicted in that dilemma. We are in such great turmoil as a people, we need less Jersey Shore and more reassure, we need to help our fellow man instead of helping ourselves.

Thank You !!!

To all who have helped their fellow man, not for personal gain, but for the sheer enjoyment of doing so I want to thank you. I have nothing against wealth or against enjoying the fruit of your labor, but I loathe the spirit of entitlement, the spirit of hooray for me.

Do you have the right, the right stuff to do the right thing. Many will say "when I hit the big time or when I win the lottery, I am going to take care of this or that person." Now I wonder has that time come, have I made the big time? Will I now do as I said I would or am I just full of talk?

There are many times I will do a wrong thing, but not this time. Today, I had a day where my voice betrayed my mind or worse, my voice spoke my mind and that was not helpful. This, my folly, is my life itself and yet, we can still be caring enough about each other to help one another.
Thank you for bearing with my eccentrics, I am not full of myself, at least not yet. I know I have not always thought of others, first, second or even at all, but that has changed for me. An alarm clock of sorts has gone off in my head and will not shut-off, it is as irritating as this message could possibly be to you now, excepting one thing, the alarm can be put on snooze only.

One day, if not today or having already come yesterday, we will give and be happy in doing so. Yesterday, while eating at a restaurant, a rare occasion in these times, I overheard a conversation. While I did not want to eavesdrop on the other guest it was hard not to as they/she was speaking so loudly. What I heard is what I have experienced firsthand and it did bring back painful memories which I thought were suppressedand let go, obviously I was mistaken about the feelings. But I was not mistaken about the content of the conversation nor was I mistaken about the callousness it seems this world has shaped and refined to become our normal.

The account was given of certain man's plight, in regards to his ability or inability to work, after a period of time allowed for recovery, due to injuries sustained at work. I have had a very similar episode and I am fortunate for the FMLA, ADA and even to my employer for allowing me to have employment after doing my best to recover. Please allow me to say that even though tests may come back saying your well enough, even though X-rays and MRI's may not show any positive results for sustained injury I know how I felt and how I continued t be plagued from a problem back in 1995.

Back injuries are tough, but injustices are just way over the top. That being said, this lady was chatting with a guest about a case she was handling, my guess is she is a HR person or in the law field. The law and the case she was explaining was how this guy became 'gangster' when told that because of tests, MRI taken 6 weeks after injury, showing no injuries he was being re-assigned back to his physically demanding job ASAP. When the man complained about accommodations, he was told they only have to if it did not create an unfair burden on the employer. I know this law language is true, but that does not make it right, this however is not what pushed me over the edge. It was her attitude that killed me, she was gloating over how she lauded the law over this poor soul and that he would either comply or seek employment elsewhere. May God have mercy on my soul that I, an eavesdropper actually admonished her gloating before I left., sorry, but I could not contain my dislike over matter-of-fact vs. humanity.

Too much power

The following video is an example of greed, opinionated perhaps, but I believe there is much truth to this as well.

Today, June 28th 2012, our president, Barack Obama, has scored a big victory at the hands of our supreme court. This 'Obamacare' bill requiring the American public to purchase health insurance or pay a penalty, has pushed me to my limit of tolerance. How dare the same government that bailed out Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, many banks, and even auto manufacturers, require us to pay and to bail out the government mishandling of Medicare. Compounded with the real lack of regulation imposed on the pharmaceutical companies and the non-solution to immigration; who can't be refused medical care at a hospital and wont be paying, we have just lobbed another grenade to contribute towards the near constant erosion of the 'American Dream.'

The calenders are set for 2014 for implementation of this bill to become law.

Golden Fleecing


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    • noturningback profile image

      noturningback 5 years ago from Edgewater, MD. USA

      Thanks Pollyannalana, yes I am afraid for the next generation. I desire less of this current government and more of WE the people!

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 5 years ago from US

      You sure make some great points and I have written about many. I cannot believe how the American people keep giving presidents so much power and allow our government to destroy us. I always feel guilty when I say that, because what have I done? At least some of us, you and I for two are not afraid to have a voice, lets hope that time never ends.