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Health And Physical Education Activities In Elementary Schools

Updated on January 17, 2016

Elementary PE

Best PE Games

The best PE games for Elementary usually consist of very few rules and a lot of activity. Children have short attention spans. It is best to keep directions short and activities active. With very young children, it may be necessary to change activities up to three times during the course of a class depending on the attention span of the students. If that is necessary, directions should still be kept short and sweet.

Elementary PE Game With Beanbags And Hula Hoops

Health and Physical Education In Elementary Schools

It is becoming more and more important to get our kids moving in the gym during physical education class because with so much technology that keeps our kids sedentary, they are not getting the exercise they need. I have heard parents say on more than one occasion that they have difficulty getting their child to do anything but play video games in their spare time.

The physical education class is one place where a child will have the opportunity to move and be required to move. The approach that is taken with children in this atmosphere could end up being the difference between a healthy life or an unhealthy life. The mindset must change if we are to get our children to be healthy again. Although fun and sometimes educational, the games and activities that place our children in front of a T.V, or a computer are just not enough.

So, it may be time to start giving our children homework in Physical Education class. Lets say the child has gym class on Monday and Thursday. The teacher may give out homework on Monday which will require the student to participate in 30 minutes of strenuous exercise on Tuesday and Wednesday night. Thursday nights homework will require the student to participate in 30 minutes of strenuous exercise at least twice over the weekend. How will the teacher know if this is being completed? This is where community resources and parents and guardians must help and get involved. A parent who is onboard will have no problem helping the children to reach theses new Physical Education goals. Communities can provide new and interesting activities for kids to become involved with throughout the year. Physical education teachers must work within the school and outside the school to help make some activities available for kids. Just as video games are popular, other activities will also become popular. Signed forms that tells of participation is one way to check on students success in completing the homework.

Although obesity is becoming a nationwide problem even amongst our youth, some are still not on board with the fact that we need to get moving. Educating the parents and guardians will help so schools should continue to present literature and information whenever possible.

Some examples of things for kids to do outside school would be:
Take part in YMCA or YWCA activities in your town.
Take part in any after school intramurals that may be offered

Join a swim club
Play street hockey or ice hockey with team or just with friends
Shoot baskets
Jump rope
Ride a bike
Ski or snowboard

Go sledding
Dance class
tumbling or gymnastics class
Play soccer
These are just a few things that kids can take part in. There are so many things available that even kids who don't have too much interest in participating in physical activities should be able to find something to do for 30 minutes.

Parachute Fun I n PE

My Own Toy

Elementary students like to play but they don't always like to share. Although they need to learn to share, it is nice to have equipment and toys in the gym where each student can have their own. Some of the things that teachers may want to order so that they have enough for each child are bean bags, small balls, scarves, yarn balls and other little hand held items that you may find.

There are several activities and some games that teach hand-eye coordination, reaction and these items are great items to help kids practice.

other favorite activities that elementary kids like to play where equipment is not necessary are line games and circle games. Old favorites are "What time is it Mr. Fox" and "Sharks and Minnows"

Use Your Creativity In The Gym

If you are creative, you will use everything available to you to create activities for your students. Using walls, lines and circles on the floor, hand made equipment, paper, and almost anything in the storage rooms can help you come up with games and activities for your students. Using your creativity in the gym can give your students great gym days. Listening to the students can also sometimes help you come up with new and interesting ideas. Taking what is popular amoung young children at a given time often sparks ideas for new and interesting games and games that kids relate to.

An example is a long time ago when ninja turtles were popular a PE teacher that I know came up with a game called ninja turtle tag. It was the same idea as freeze tag with some minor twists like when you got caught you had to lie down and to get free someone had to hop over you like in leap frog.

Use your creativity in the Gym to come up with some great games.

What are we playing in gym today?

The question asked hundreds of thousands of times during the course of my career was this. What are we doing in gym today? There is even a book out with this title that I actually ordered. The question is very important to little people as this class is their favorite part of their day at school.

so as a P.E. Teacher, it's important to have a good answer. Sometimes I would answer with one word, sometimes I'd say its a surprise and sometimes I'd say you'll see. At any rate, kids anticipate the P.E. activity with incredible enthusiasm. I was always conscious to make my activities educational but also active and fun. Luckily, I've always been like a kid in a grown up body so it wasn't hard to relate to what was enjoyable for kids.

The Best Part

The best part about being the teacher or the one coming up with the Elementary Physical Education activities is seeing the little faces and the thrill and excitement that the smallest things can do. There have been times during the course of my career that I have just watched the little ones play and find it amazing how much they laugh and smile. When compared to an adult, the number of times smiles and laughs come from children is so much more than older children, teens and adults. It was always nice to be in a place where there was happiness and laughter during the course of the years I taught.

In Conclusion - Fun Times In The Gym

the elementary Physical Education experience is a thrilling one. It's. Time in a child's life that they will remember for several years to come. It is important that it is a positive experience with all sorts of awesome Physical Education activities designed for that age group.

Those activities will be games that they may someday play with their own kids and will be remembered with fond memories in the future.


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