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Health Benefits Of Fulvic Acid

Updated on May 24, 2011

Pure Fulvic Minerals

Fulvic Acid

Today, one of the most popular crazes is eating healthy and staying healthy. Many people are switching several regular items in their homes to be bought organic, while others are transferring to a completely organic household. Either way, both believe that they are getting full nutrition from these extremely healthy foods. But, that is actually not the case.

Researchers have discovered an outstanding health benefit called from an organic substance known as Fulvic Acid. This new discovery is bound to help the nutrition enthusiast because of its extraordinary health benefits. Fulvic acid comes naturally from plants, but because of new farming and soil techniques the crops have been sick and lacking in most of their natural nutrition. Since we don’t get the proper nutrition that we need anymore the way nature intended it, fulvic acid helps us by enhancing the absorption of nutrients while at the same time aiding in detoxification. Fulvic acid comes in liquid form bound with colloidal minerals, making it much easier for our bodies to assimilate. It even enhances the absorption and effectiveness of herbal supplements and teas.

Because fulvic acid is in a liquid form allowing cells and enzymes to soak it in better, it also allows one to feel the benefits faster. Because the molecular weight of the acid is so low, a molecule of fulvic acid can transport more than 60 times its own weight in minerals and other nutrients into the cells.

Taking fulvic acid has many health benefits because of the new amount of nutrition you are getting. Some of the effects that people see right away are higher endurance and immune system, healthier skin, hair and nails, and also a better concentration and focus on things. Another long term health benefit of taking fulvic acid is that it enhances cell division. This means that fulvic acid balances and stimulates cells which lead do optimum growth and replication.

Pure Fulvic Minerals leads to mental clarity and a better sense of well being every day since virtually every cell in our bodies is being nourished. It is a simple way to stay healthy and feel. When it comes down to leading a happy and healthy life, fulvic acid really is one of the key factors to improving our wellbeing and improving our quality of life.


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    • Larry Fields profile image

      Larry Fields 6 years ago from Northern California


    • jeffwend profile image

      jeffwend 6 years ago from Michigan

    • Larry Fields profile image

      Larry Fields 6 years ago from Northern California

      This could be for real, or it could be a sales pitch. I'm guessing that the fulvic acids (plural) have made a difference in your health situation. But do you have any references to the scientific literature?