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Heat Death Of The Universe

Updated on May 19, 2013
The galaxies over time have spread out and will possibly become to far apart.
The galaxies over time have spread out and will possibly become to far apart.

Heat Death Theory

The heat death theory is a very popular theory in which the apocalypse is predicted. There are many ways that people think the world will end even crazy ideas some of which are.

  • Zombie apocalypse
  • Black hole theory
  • super volcano
  • Collision
  • Sun Death

These are only a few of the many theories that are in play right now with scientists. One of the rather significant and noticeable is the heat death of the universe theory. This theory states that if the universe is infinite then at some point all the heat of the universe will expand to much and there will be not enough to support life.

As we all know everything needs heat and it is a necessary part of life. In fact it is a vital part since no type of life from can exist if there is no heat to support it.

Life & Heat

Life and heat go hand in hand. If there is no heat there is no life simple as that. Heat supports life, but if all the heat is expanded and there is none left all life alien or human will perish.

Every time we move it is heat that causes the movement. When our bodies movie muscles and joints produce heat which makes our bodies move around. If all the heat in the universe is gone we cannot move and therefore life will become extinct.

It doesn't matter how the person or alien is everything that moves uses heat and eventually it will get so cold everything will freeze up. Once the universe is frozen there will be nothing left and starts will seize to exist.

Frozen Universe

It would really suck though if our whole universe became frozen. Another big bang would be unlikely to since there is no more heat. Of course, planets would eventually blow up or explode because the core is supposed to have heat. Nothing will be left all stars would die and no more would be produced. The universe will just be a cold and barren place.

Possibly nothing will be left other than some meteors or asteroids just stuck in one place. This would indeed be a bad thing if it really happened, but chances are that it wont at least not anytime soon. We would be lucky if we don't see World war III let alone this.

Galaxies will move apart and heat will just expand to much.
Galaxies will move apart and heat will just expand to much.

Billions Of Years Away

Of course this will not happen any time soon or maybe never at all.

This is still just a theory and can be proven wrong.

Of course even if it happens you will never be alive long enough to witness such a thing.

The universe is ever growing and therefore this theory is very likely to happen at one point or another.

If the universe is not infinite then there may be a chance this will not happen but still were not sure.

All I can say is it won't happen anytime soon, and we'd be lucky if it doesn't happen.

There are more things possible anytime before this happens such as:

  • World War III
  • Alien attack
  • Meteor Collision
  • Black Hole


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