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He created man from sounding clay: new scientific evidence ‏

Updated on October 10, 2015

Scientists study recently hot mud volcanoes located near the places and found that it contains a high percentage of the potassium sodium component and some of nutrients necessary for the life of live cells. The deployment of the writer Dave, mosher in the National Geographic [ 1] wrote an article about the emergence of life in warm mud volcanoes, particularly in soil flashpoint! The scientists found that this soil-water mixture at high temperatures, it contains large amounts of potassium component, and this is what drew the attention of researchers, where the live cells containing large amount of potassium element, the similarities may be an indication that life arose in volcanoes! The warm volcanic environment rich with nutrients needed by cells would follow. What supports this view that scientists have found the primitive objects Azali Assoumani on hot springs, especially in the deep ocean, and close to the volcanoes..

The fluid in the cells is similar to the fluid in warm vapors volcanoes. This warm environment, sodium, calcium-rich nutrients are similar to other installed with live cells, while the assumption that life arose in the sea is not logical because the ocean environment does not contain high rates of potassium as is the case in the soil volcanoes. Researcher Armen mulkidjanian from University of Osnabrück, Germany: The proteins Inside Cells Need high level of potassium, this level is available near the earth on hot springs and volcanoes and lava magma ...

The theory of evolution of Islamic

The problem for the author that he considered that the creatures came by chance and after that he wanted to give an explanation to the presence of these scientifically creatures on the earth without a creator! On the basis of this assumption of the theory of evolution. theory did not take into account the great God of the universe, but assumed in advance that there is no god, and therefore remained this theory in a state of confusion until today, and did not explain anything logically.. main concern was the interpretation of the universe without a creator! For us as Muslims, not a problem in that we do not accept that the cells all organisms have similar installation, because this is a proof that the Creator one God Almighty.. But the problem in details. We believe that man was created in a manner different from the rest of the living organisms on the earth, and similarities between human cells monkey cells, for example, is not linked to the development of one of the other, but this similarity indicates that the Creator one. God Almighty created Adam.. He is the first human beings of clay, special way, where inflation of his spirit, he has created a complex manner than mental capabilities, there is no scientific justification to say that came as a result of the development of human monkey over millions of years. Even if the development process had had a valid interpretation of how this development, because the scientists are still unable to know how human evolution from a monkey, and what are the processes that guest during this development, the reason is simply that this development did not happen!


The similarity in the world of creatures, gradualism in forms of these creatures is not a proof that it has evolved from each other, but it is evidence that God Almighty create wonderful way these creatures, similar in installed, and graduated according to the estimated and snug and testifies to the accuracy of the manufacturer of the Great and Almighty.


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