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Helen Keller Speaks Through Michael Dennis

Updated on October 22, 2009


Over the course of the next few weeks I found myself thinking about having conversations with other renowned people and celebrities. I would even wake up sometimes having dreamt about them. Some of the dreams were so powerful it actually seemed that I was really talking to these people.

One night I had a dream about Helen Keller . A few days the director of some of the shows I do asked me to do another channeling. I told her I would like to channel Helen Keller. The day before my talk I remember squinting and closing my eyes a lot. It was as if I had to struggle to see and notice things that before were no bother at all. Was part of me imagining and feeling what it might be like to be blind? Surely not. If physical reactions started happening to me, then I’m out of here, I remember thinking. It’s one thing to allow spirits to speak through me. It’s quite another to start experiencing physical sensations.

A short time before the talk I took a walk. Suddenly, this intense wave of sadness gushed over me and I was in tears. I saw this image of Helen Keller looking down on this earth, tears streaming down her kind sensitive face. “It is not physical, but rather spiritual blindness that keeps so many in the darkness,” I heard. I could feel her love and concern for those who were physically blind as well. I could not stop crying. I had to have a friend help me to the lecture room because I was literally beside myself, overcome with such emotion.

I wiped the tears away before the people came in. After a short greeting, I spoke. “We welcome the beautiful spirit of Helen Keller. We honor her wonderful personality and her many contributions. She truly touched the heart of humanity through her suffering which led to her ultimate liberation to true spiritual freedom. She is someone that we should all look up to when times are very dark. So let us take a moment in the silence and acknowledge her and greet her. Then she will join us.” We sat in the quiet a few moments. Then I took a few deep breaths and began speaking.

(A sigh) “Greetings to you, my dear fellow seers on the path of spiritual vision, cosmic consciousness, and soul evolvement. I confess that this channel is a very emotional type, but the tears were needed. I hope that you will allow the depths of your emotions to flow through the tears from time to time. For as you cry, and as you laugh so do you see and experience more of what life has to offer you. It is an honor to be here. I had many unusual experiences in my life, but I have not taken it upon myself to speak through a human vehicle before. But like the saying goes, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

“On this side of life I am ever seeking new means and ways of improving communications as such was so important to me while I was on the earth. I could touch the bow of a violin and feel the vibrations and the tonal frequencies that modulated through the spheres of heaven. Equally gratifying is when you merge your molecules with another soul as we are all doing on higher levels of awareness and planes of being. It is truly a wonderful experience. The reason the channel was crying and having a little emotional bout is because he was stepping through time and experiencing through a type of mind link, the horrible agony that I felt when I lost my sight. I truly felt that spiritual blindness and total darkness were to be my destiny. If you have read my account, there have been many books written by myself and others, I did see but for a short time. Then I no longer saw with the human eyes. It took quite a time before my spiritual third eye did open up.

“There is much compassion to be felt, (tears) not for myself, but I speak for the blind who feel that hopelessness and despair, as I did before the angels, and yes, the angels did come to me, and we did play. But there are many upon your planet who feel very lonely (more tears), and I will ask you please to send them light and love in your prayers. They will receive this love on some level and it will help open their inner vision. I was guilty of much irascibility, and yes I was very willful and gave Miss Sullivan, pardon the expression, a hell of a hard time in many ways. (Laughter) I was difficult but she loved me and saw me through it all. There is a time to close the eyes and not look. This is what blindness, and seeing entails.

“There are times when you must close your eyes to the suffering and the sorrow lest it consume you. There is also a time to open your eyes and look into the face of pure goodness and pure evil and see them for everything that they truly are. In actuality they are but two different sides of the polarity of the great love, the great life. You are all ‘seers’ and I came to realize with time and experience, as I learned to calm down, and my other senses were enhanced, that I was not the only one who was blind. People close their eyes so to speak to much of the beauty and splendors of nature and life. People so often refuse to see the good things in life. I could touch people’s trembling hands, and I could see into the corridors of sorrow and sense the sadness in their soul. I would touch their lips and throat and I could understand their words. You need to touch each other more. You need to feel just as a blind person can read and feel so much.

“Sometimes when someone is giving you a difficult time, you should shut your eyes and say to them in kindness and humility, “please open your spiritual eyes and ask the ‘the great love’, my term for God, to really let you see me and may I see you as well as we truly are. We need to see each other for who we truly are-sparks of the God essence and soul flames that are connected to every other soul spark. Our true essence is love and we are truly one of the great family. I work with many blind people upon this spiritual plane or dimension where I currently reside. There are some sorrowful souls even in the spirit world who have not been able to release their attachments. These attachments keep them blind to the light of their very soul which comes from the great central sun of which you and I are soul sparks.

“Now I realize that I chose to blind for a reason. I served my time and most people, I would like to propose, will experience a lifetime where they are blind. It is part of the lessons of mortality to volunteer to choose limited vision. In order to be able to truly look into the face of God, Goddess, the Central Sun, and to totally behold the bright radiance which comes from the realm beyond all realms, one must behold the pure darkness. From there one can glimpse the small flicker of hope which never dies no matter what has happened. Try to remember this!

“I love humanity. I gave many talks and I stuttered and I struggled with words. And have you not done likewise many times? You didn’t know what to say. A person looked at you a certain way and you felt tongue tied. The tides of the moon affect you. Your emotions and raging hormones influence you and steer you towards the situations and circumstances needed for your growth and evolution. The barrages of thought forms that cloud the astral plane can certainly put you in a, what is the word, a cloud of confusion. But please never forget there is the eye in the Egyptian lore of Osiris, that always sees. The great third eye. I want to remind you that no matter how dark the darkest night may seem to be, the dawn always comes. And so shall spiritual vision come to you, each and everyone.

“Be mindful of what you look at. Be aware that your perceptions influence what you see. You do create your own reality based upon your mind, and your feelings which are reflected through words. Words are extremely powerful. Both words that are spoken and words that are unspoken are important even though they rest in the chambers of the heart gathering momentum and intensity as more emotions and feelings are evoked. There is a time to speak and a time not to speak. I loved the Holy Bible. For those who ask for spiritual illumination, they will see. They will see, whether through Braille, the touch, or reading, the truths that are contained in all the great teachings. I loved to read the classics. I dabbled in foreign languages, in Greek, French, and Latin. It was wonderful to read some of the old texts and get a glimpse of words that have been changed in nuance and meaning.

“Be aware of the power of the word, and the power of the written word. Be a warrior of truth and let words be your weapons is an expression I often use up here. I had a dear love of words, and as you might have read or heard, I spent a lot of time and effort learning various languages, writing books and lecturing, where I constantly utilized words. It is important to grasp the symbolic meanings that words convey as well as their literal ones. Words are an excellent tool to convey so many nuances of ideas, meanings, and emotions. They are one of the most powerful representations of symbols, and symbols are the true language of the soul.

“The soul is not limited to linear classifications and word sequences. The soul is capable of perceiving ideas in much more complete forms outside the realm of speech, and even within the realm of speech. Know that the soul desires to know and to experience. It is the mind that ever seeks to name, label, classify and comprehend from a more limited standpoint. Words can be used to give concrete form and expression to that which often cannot be grasped by the conscious rational mind. Through experiencing words on their more symbolic and complex levels you are able to partake of what I like to call “the great sharing.” This is where all your senses are heightened, and then each word becomes more alive and meaningful and there is so much to know and share. This gives the soul much gladness. It knows that you have so little experience “the great sharing” with your own soul.

“Words can help you to experience and know many things but you must also move beyond the words to fully experience the true essence of anything. You must learn how to take this something into yourself via what I can an “empathic linking”. Without this linking which involves your feelings and awakening of your soul senses, words can even be a hindrance to true knowing and experience. Although the purpose of words is to reveal and explain, for too often do they conceal. You have all at some point heard someone say to another in a tone of aggravation, “You didn’t hear a word I said.” In these cases the vocal use of words is less effective. It would benefit people during these times of misunderstanding to actually sit down and write down their thoughts and feelings on paper and then share them with each other. Writing is one of the most effective means to communicate.

“Corresponding is a healing art form that is too seldom utilized anymore. It is so much easier to pick up the phone some say. This has its place. But so does the intimate art of corresponding, and being a writer, naturally I have to give my sales pitch for this wonderful art. The ancient art of correspondence was so dear to my heart. I wrote so many letters. It enabled me to maintain intimate contact with friends both near and far. There is a most unique charm about letter writing that has been lost for the most part in this century due to the advance of the telephone, computers, and vehicles of travel which enable one to travel thousands of miles within a few hours.

“Technology can indeed be a blessing or a curse and is often a combination of both. For the wise, it is a blessing. Just because you can dial your phone and speak to someone in moments, this need not take away the ability to communicate via corresponding through letters, cards, and the written form.

“When taking the time to write a friend, there is presented the opportunity for a degree of intimacy people seldom reach when visiting in person or speaking on the phone. Be reminded of this from one who could neither see anyone’s face and physical body, or hear their voice, so the use of a telephone could be of no service to me. But the written word allowed me to know people intimately, and I tell you it can do the same for you. I suppose you can see how the written word was precious to me. I assure you it can be precious to you as well. You can express your most profound feelings and ideas through writing.

“Good books are truly your dear friends and companions. I was aware that the heart flow and the intent was often clearer when it came through this correspondence which was so treasured in the 1900’s when letter writing was in style. One could be more open through the written word. I encourage you each to keep a journal. Jot down the words that come to you. You may even be inspired to write a verse or poem. The soul speaks through poetry and those words that pop in your mind from the deeper reservoirs of your being.

“At the risk of surprising or even shocking some of you, let me say that I did come to accept my physical blindness as a blessing in disguise. I sensed so much spiritual blindness around me that on more than one occasion I deemed it worthy to state to this or that person, that it was not I, but they, who could not see. There is none so blind as he or she who will not see. This sums up a point I often made in my talks and writings. There are nuances and subtleties of meaning in different languages which enhance seeing and understanding.

“Words are indeed the best eyes one could possess. They conjure up so many images, feelings, and visions the physical eyes seldom behold. I knew it was not necessary to see words with physical eyes to grasp their meanings. Through touching words, reading Braille, did I see so much. It grieves my heart to see, as I behold you so often now, that so many cannot, and so many who can have no interest in the great works of literature and the Humanities which were written to teach, guide and uplift. Reading stimulates the brain and mind in ways you are not aware of. There truly is no excuse for all the mental and spiritual neglect and starvation so rampant on the earth due to a lack of interest in reading. Let me share that one of my joys on this side of life is teaching people to read. There are truly many wonderful libraries in the spirit world. I spend many hours there and encourage others to do likewise.

“Reading also stimulates the imagination and opens many options to the soul that would not otherwise be opened. The imagination can help spice up your mental world and lead you from a monotonous dreary one to an optimistic, hopeful what I like to call “magical one.” Many souls have befriended their imaginations via reading and it tickles my spirit to meet such souls. Such literary endeavors can help them come to believe in magic and dreams to the extent that even Destiny must oblige their wishes.

“Reading magic stories can indeed heighten one’s sensitivity and instill a sense of expectancy and a belief in miracles which can and do occur far more often than people tend to believe. Many profound truths are embedded in magic and fantasy stories. For instance, in many of them, the wizard, witch, or special child can see into the invisible realms and commune with benign spirits and guides. This interest in magic and fantasy makes it easier to develop clairvoyant skills, and the ability to see into the realms where spirits dwell.

“We indeed are alive and well up here and we look in upon our earth friends and family quite frequently. We enjoy sharing your company from time to time. There is so much comfort we can offer you. When you are sad, think upon me and call out to me. I can help you see the “bright side” of life and remind you of wondrous opportunities that await you and how things could always worse. Oh, that I could reach more of you during your trying times. Your feelings and emotions are like radio or TV signals that circulate in the atmosphere or ethers. I often sense the sadness that so enfolds many of my beloved earth friends, and so wish I could but embrace and console them each and everyone.

“Perhaps because I could not see with the physical eyes, I now see so much more and am aware of so much which transpires on the earth that many other spirits do not see or subsequently give attention to. It saddens me that most of you on the earth cannot see spirits. There truly are many benevolent souls who often draw nigh to you, and who yearn to extend their spiritual arms about you when you are disheartened and in need of comfort. Often when someone who has passed on crosses your mind, it is because they are attempting to cross the barriers and veils that separate you. It is they who often place the thought or memory of them in your mind.

“The spiritual blindness that is so rampant on the earth tears at my tender heart and soul. It is far more limiting and blinding than physical blindness could ever be. Spiritual vision is an inherent quality of the soul, and it is not the “great love’s” will that any should be deprived of spiritual vision. To see is indeed a blessing. Seer is a term you use to refer to someone who can look into the future, past, or even the present with acute, often uncanny accuracy and clarity. You have made a place for them and are often eager for their advice and messages. This is because the soul knows there is much more to see that is outside the bounds of ordinary vision. What so many do not realize is that everyone is a “seer” and can indeed learn to view so much more than they do with the physical eyes. The soul is constantly trying to get us to stretch our vision and to expand our vistas. Not only can they learn to see into the wondrous realms of spirit, and the spirits therein, but they can learn to see the beauty and wonders around them on the earth that they too often ignore. They can also learn to see into their future, and past and rid themselves of the need to see a quote bonafide “seer.”

“How we are so thrilled when a soul takes the time from their busy everyday life to reach out to us, for we indeed have much to offer you. After all, we are truly soul family, as everyone is at the heart and soul level. I hope this talk shows you that there is no reason why the simple transition called “death” should separate our two realms. It is to your great disadvantage that you do not learn from those who could teach you to teach your children to see into the world of spirit. It is an unfortunate fallacy that so many are so hasty to equate spirit seeing and communication with midnight seances, evil conjurings and satanic doings. I certainly have nothing to do with ignorant, or evil spirits, although I do pray for them and offer advice and counsel, and sometimes do a little “seeing” if they are sincere and desirous to change and improve their ways. Please never forget, that there is ever hope for every soul, and the “great love” never loses hope for each and every soul no matter how far they may have strayed from true vision.

“Make effort to spend time in the darkness. Know that the blindness is your teacher. For in the dark and in the quiet silence you will hear the whispers of the “all knowing,” “the all seeing”, “the all that is” of which you are a part. I hope that you will take time to go in the dark so the light of spiritual vision can shine upon you.

“I do not wish to give a long talk. I blow you all a loving kiss. I reach out and touch you all and I feel your vibrations, and know that is time for you to see. The days of blindness, of spiritual blindness are coming to an end. You are coming more into seeing through the eyes of your very soul. I encourage you need to make ritual and offering to your soul.

“There is power in prayer. There is much power in the giving of gratitude for the blessings that life has bestowed upon you. If you but call and invoke the wondrous and angelic light beings during your restless moments when you cannot sleep, they will give you comfort and assistance. You have all made much progress. Do give yourself credit. The soul is patient and ever eager to join the perfection of its light body with the ego. The hunger of self for god/goddess/all that is, is so great that sometimes you need to be reminded that you did not descend into ego third dimensional consciousness overnight. Even Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz had to click her heels and say, “There’s no place for home.” It didn’t happen right away, did it? You are coming home again to your soul, to the great all that is, and you have made progress.

“Do honor your impatience. See it as a rambunctious child. Give me. Give me. Give me. That is the ego talking. It can be tamed. It can be harnessed. It needs love. Please know that each lesson a person learns and internalizes becomes a permanent quality of their character. Learning patience is no easy feat for most people. Waiting for things to happen is not something the ego likes. Please allow me to remind you that you are in essence pure spirit. There is so much more to you than your ego and personality. The soul knows that patience is something you must learn for your growth, and it patiently watches each and every experience that comes your way to teach you. Your soul possesses inordinately amounts of patience and in time so shall you.

“Even those of the most impatient temperaments will usually feel respect for those who demonstrate patience. People say he or she has the patience of Job, and are constantly reminded of characters throughout history who demonstrated extraordinary patience. Frantic hurried states of mind and action are unnatural to the peaceful, patient disposition of the soul.

“One of the first things the channel sensed about me was my sense of patience. When he first began this adventure he began to feel barraged by so many spirits that wanted to speak through him. It filled him with relief when he would think of me and he’d always hear me say in his mind, “Dear one, when you are ready and feel the time is right,” I would be honored to speak through you.” It was to be several months before my opportunity to speak came. But my patience paid off and my turn to speak came. I personally say the wait was worthwhile. So, yes, some of the more eager fiery spirits in their enthusiasm can be most impatient just as people down there can. It is good for them as well to learn to be more patient.

“Dear, impatient ones. You are doing well. We see up here the progress you have made. And never forget that you are all “seers” as well. You can see the invisible, the visible, and all stages in between. Past. Present. Future. Enlightenment is here now. Meditate. Give thanks. Ask to serve. The greatest prayer is to ask to serve and souls such as Mother Teresa, and St Francis often prayed this prayer, “Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.” “Let me serve. Just speaking this word service does much to awaken the inner vision and calm the child ego that wants self to be served. But even the child knows it is connected to the parent, the soul. So your soul is trying to cradle you and say, don’t come down so hard on yourself. You have much to share and give too. It is natural to experience trials and tribulations.

“Take comfort that all great teachers went through their trying times. Please honor the process of individuation and growth and enlightenment for this does take time. It took time to give birth to your babes. You cannot rush this process. Life has to move at its own pace and when the time was right, you mothers give birth to a tiny little miracle. The birth of your Christ Babe is also a miracle in the making. Never forget this.

“There is so much to see! So much to behold and take enjoyment from. The “unseen realm” holds many splendors and treasures which it is ever eager to share with all who learn to see. Reach out to me with your soul. Extend your spiritual vision and don’t be surprised if you don’t see me, and hear my thoughts in your mind some quiet night when your thoughts have settled down. There is much I can share, and I welcome your thoughts and views.

“I think I have said enough for now. As the French say, “aurevoir”. Not goodbye. That is far too bland. The French, Germans, Spanish, or Italians never say goodbye. They say “until we see each other again! I find that most charming. I thank you for letting me join you! Au revoir!



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