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Help Your Child Make A Strong Start - The First Five Crucial Years

Updated on August 26, 2014

Early Development - Shaping Your Child's Learning

As a father I think that I did many of the things I am writing about here automatically. Now, as a grandfather, I am doing these same things consciously.

For me, there is little doubt that this wonderful blank sheet, which is the child from birth onwards, can be written on in the most creative and positive ways imaginable.

If we only spend just a little time each day, doing and saying the right things, in the right ways, we can give our children all the foundations and building blocks they need to develop their early skills to their full potential.

This, in turn, will lay the foundations for the life that awaits them.

Scientific studies have found that the most significant period of time in a child's development is their first five years.

Children are designed for gaining knowledge from an incredibly early age, therefore it is perfect to expose them to a nurturing and enlightening surrounding throughout those years.

By offering an atmosphere which is interesting, as well as inspiring, it's possible to be sure that your little one is getting off to the ideal beginning. Although parents typically consider play-time to be a type of recreation, it will genuinely show your children an awful lot about themselves and the whole world around them.

You may not believe this, but having fun with peek-a-boo is really helpful for your child. The sooner a child builds up these types of capabilities, the greater his or her long term progress is likely to be.

Self-pride, self confidence, skilfulness, problem-solving abilities, as well as personal capabilities, are just a few of the rewards that might be achieved by using play. Also, read to and with your child. This is most important!

Self confidence is often improved through reacting affectionately to your young child's activities.

Whether or not they coo, gurgle, burp, shout or giggle, offering your son or daughter a constructive response as well as offering lots of interest could have wonderful rewards. Physical dexterity is often developed by modifying your little one's positioning, as well as enabling him or her the chance to maneuver around.

Promote movement and mobility from a young age through putting toys as well as physical objects a little way from your young child. Offering your children a variety of toys and games with various styles, textures and colors can inspire interaction and help improve physical co-ordination.

There are plenty of toys and games that you can buy created specifically in order to encourage imaginative thought and activity.

Taking part in hide-and-seek can certainly help your children improve thinking abilities. By just placing a toy behind your back and inviting your child to search for it, you're going to offer your children a first understanding of how to solve problems.

In addition by providing a baby a rattle, your baby can realize they'll be able to make noise themselves if and when they shake it. An awareness of cause and effect will put your child on the right track to a wonderful lifetime of learning.

As your child grows older, start thinking about offering your children a few domestic responsibilities or perhaps tasks. Children as early as two can begin to grasp the significance of responsibility.

Take advantage of the word 'Special' often and provide them age-appropriate responsibilities such as giving out napkins during dinner.

Be certain that you inspire your children by using positive affirmation of their behavior. Listed below are some other general suggestions to enhance the developmental stages in your small child's life, some more techniques for the initial toddler years to set the stage for a lifetime to come:

  • Visit the library with your children to choose a book, after which you can read it together.
  • Inspire your children to understand more about the arts and crafts to formulate their imaginative side.
  • Using the internet is a wonderful learning tool for youngsters. There are many very good websites to choose from!
  • Watch television together with your children and also talk about what they notice on the screen.
  • Find them educational products, though not in large quantities. Establish one toy at a time, otherwise they are going to be overloaded.
  • Enable your youngster the chance to communicate with other young children frequently.

Also, once a child reaches about two years of age, there are so many opportunities to introduce number into their lives. Of course this age will vary from child to child, but be vigilant for the opportunities.

Counting out sweets or snacks and then re-counting each time one is eaten is a lovely way to introduce adding and subtracting, as well as sharing sweets (or other objects) between the two of you which is a great way to introduce the concept of division.

Then, later you can change 6 sweets into 'three lots of two' and so begin familiarising your child with 'lots of' as an early and very basic form of multiplication.

But, most of all, just talk to them, listen to them and encourage them to express themselves and the world around them in their own language and using their own ideas.


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