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Helpful tips on solving problems on Hubpages

Updated on June 18, 2014

No matter who one writes for there will always be problems that must be addressed, and writing for Hubpages is no different. Instead of viewing problems as a pain, understand that every problem associated with Hubpages has a reward for its defeat. In other words focus on the rewards that will come after solving the problems.

Dentist are paid for solving teeth problems, doctors are rewarded for solving health problems, Garbage workers are rewarded for solving garbage problems, and writers are rewarded for solving writing problems. What are some answers that can be given for writers in this community? give answers and get ready to enjoy the volumes of traffic for doing so.

If the rewards in ones own thinking are not greater than the problems themselves, abandonment is a possibility. On the other hand to only focus on the problems alone may also become over whelming causing abandonment. Fear of failure must also be dealt with if one is going to effectively deal with a problem never dealt with before. Fear will stop one from even trying and a battle never fought is only a fight with fear in the mind about the problem. If you want to have something you have never had before, then you must do something that you have never done before.

One must also prepare for the unexpected

How many times have unexpected distractions happened when engaging in problems? This is why one should prepare in advance for the possibilities of other things going wrong instead of being blind sided and unable to respond. Preparing in advance enables one to respond and not react to the problem. There is a big difference between the two because responding is done in a calm manor with a peaceful attitude while reacting may result in out of control actions that do more harm than good.

Preparing in advance also saves time because time wasted can mean the difference between success and failure. I've read helpful advice in this wonderful community of Hubbers and a common thread of advice between Hubs say a person should write about what interest them because it can be discerned in the writing. In other words what interest one fits them and their personality and makeup which comes through loud and clear in ones writing.

What happens when a person puts a shoe on that doen't fit? It will either cause pain because it is too tight or it will fall off because of it being too loose. Writing about what does not fit may cause pain to the reader or pain for the lack of response for the writer while on the other hand losing the interest of the reader or losing interest and becoming bored as the writer.

Be a finisher

It's fairly easy to come up with a great writing idea and that idea begins to be put down, but the idea never comes to fruition because it is never finished. Or it is begun with fire and enthusiasm but 45 minutes later becomes a burden because creativity has ceased. I'm still learning this principle of being a finisher because everyone starts but few finish what they have started.

Make a decision to continue with Hubpages until you see the success that you desire because giving up only may mean giving up on other writing sites or giving up writing altogether. Each time something is started without being finished, a seed of failure may try to enter into ones mind. Many have given up even trying because of not finishing what has been started.


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