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Helping Smokers Quite the Habit

Updated on July 7, 2017

It is interesting to note that despite the dangers associated with smoking and the heightened campaigns against it, the number of smokers in United States continues to rise (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2016). The consistent rise of this habit has been attributed to a number of factors among these including a, better job market, advertisements by cigarette campaigns, and cheaper gasoline. Many other smokers are turning to electronic cigarettes and raw tobacco as a way of supplementing their habits instead of quitting (Kaplan, 2015). This trend is really worrying considering the many health effects associated with smoking.

Hughes (2003) explains that many smokers want to kick off the habit but are unable because they are addicted and do not employ proven treatment methods. This therefore implies that the government needs to come in and help these patients in being knowledgeable about their problem and how it can be solved, alongside treating them in specialized places.

As it stands now, there are no specific hospitals, departments or sections in health care centers that particularly cater for smokers who need to quit smoking. It is therefore, high time when the government realizes the dangers which its citizens are subjected to including the high cost of treating smoking related conditions, and improving the functionality of these citizens by helping them to quite the practice.

Since the government has a capability of marshalling resources, and necessary factors, it can as already discussed set up special clinics or departments that should solely deal with smoking issues. These clinics should have the necessary therapies, medical equipments, and staff who are specifically trained to handle such cases. This way, not only the rate of smoking will drop but the government will as well save a lot of money which goes to addressing smoking problems.


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