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Here Are Some Free Science Fair Projects

Updated on April 14, 2015

Science fair projects are an essential part of a child’s curriculum. From the lowest grade till the highest grade, every student has to rigorously prepare several projects throughout his school life. Science fair projects should be fun, easy and appealing. It is recommended to use simple materials that are available at home and in stores to make science fair projects so that the teachers would get what exactly you have made. Do not try to tackle complex ideas because they would take time and your child might feel intimidated by the complex processes and materials required for such projects. Keep the ideas strong and make simple science fair projects that would be appealing to teachers, students and everyone else. Here are some simple steps that you can take to ensure that your child makes amazing science fair projects.

You do not need to spend loads of money in buying ideas and science fair projects from online stores; with simple ideas too you can make amazing projects. Do not spend money on buying complex and potentially hazardous materials like chemical substances to make science fair projects for your child because it is advisable not to use such items and even your child’s teacher wouldn’t encourage such ideas because safety is always first in science.

Here are some free science fair projects that you can create with your child without spending a lot of money in buying ideas online. Plant grafting or studying an insect for life science can be a good idea for a science fair project. Earth science can include making an earthquake diorama, or the ever classic volcano that has become so popular at science fairs. You can easily help your child with these simple projects, for example you can help your child use the right amount of plaster to predict the size of craters when meteorites fall on the Earth, or you can help your child build a wind tower with a small electric motor which generates power to do work or charge a battery. You can even use an external fan or hair dryer to simulate wind and create real like environment for this science fair project. You would find that most of the stuff that is used in creating these projects can be easily found at home and you need not spend a lot of ideas or money in buying equipment.

The most essential part of a science fair project is that you have to guide your child, encourage his innate curiosity and build on it so that in future your child becomes a confident young man who can take on any idea and create wonderful things from it. However, no matter how simple the idea and the process of creating it, you must still follow the scientific method while creating it and your child should get involved in making the project. Keep your child engrossed in the project. Other science projects that you can help your child build would be solar powered cars and toys, renewable energy sources, such as windmills and hydro-electricity generating turbines. All these simple ideas can be easily implemented to create wonderful science fair projects for your child.

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