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Hey, Get a Job!

Updated on October 22, 2014

Hey, Get a Job

A Teen Guide for Getting and Keeping a Job

"If you are serious about doing what it takes to start earning money, then this is the book for you! You'll learn how to find, land and keep the job that's right for you. With the advice of this book and a little effort, you will be working in no time!"

~Russ Peak,Motivational Speaker and Author of Invent Your Future: a Teen Guide to Take Your Life From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary!

This book will help teens: Résumé Templates

Learn the labor laws for minors

Discover creative ways to find jobs

Complete an application and résumé correctly

Prepare for the interview

Preview post hire procedures

Know workplace expectations

Understand a good versus bad employer

Manage hard earned money

Get answers to frequently asked questions


About me

Looking back at all the education I received and going to my first interview with a well known corporation and applying to a director. Got the job right at 17 yrs old. I was very unprepared even though I had my portfolio prepared and it was a very good. My experiences have taught me how to prepare others for their first job interview; as from resume, interviewing tactics, cloths, answering questions, getting to know ones' self the positives and the negatives and credit if you have some make sure it shows good scores (it's also consider in the application for the job)

Your first impression is a lasting one make it a good one.

Cool stuff-look professional

Looks do have a part in the interview even for the dirtiest of jobs.

Items that say something...

Wear a watch to show that your a timely person and not to expensive other wise what are you doing asking for a job. Neat casual and easy to wear out on the town or just every day.

Share your experiences.

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