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Hidden History : Evidence Of Lost Ancient High Technology

Updated on December 16, 2017

What Were Ancient Civilizations Were Capable Of ?

Evidence of advanced ancient technology has been found all around the globe, from ancient archaeological sites found in Egypt to ancient sites in Peru , structures and artifacts have been found that both confound and baffle modern engineers and scientists. How were some of these megalithic structures constructed and some of the stone masonry done back then, when we cannot even replicate some of what has been discovered with all of the modern technology we have at our disposal.

The more we discover the more it seems that we are now only just beginning to comprehend what some ancient civilizations were capable of doing.

Pyramids of Nyuserre Ini and Neferirkare

Pyramids of Nyuserre Ini and Neferirkare
Pyramids of Nyuserre Ini and Neferirkare | Source

Abu Ghurab

The archaeological site Abu Ghurab is situated only twenty minutes away from the great pyramid of Giza. This ancient site is known for its sun temples built in the twenty-fifth century BCE during the old kingdom period and is part of the pyramid complex at Abu Sir, a mile away. The sites true purpose still remains unclear. While some have postulated that the site was a sacrificial site, no clear evidence of that has been found. Others have theorized that the site was an ancient gold refining site. There have been numerous structures and artifacts found at the site however, that show evidence of ancient high technology, that bewilder researchers and experts alike.

Hidden History : Evidence Of Lost Ancient High Technology

One of those mystifying structures is an alabaster altar located in the center of the courtyard. Alabaster was known as "Egyptian Crystal" and the platform is often called the "Crystal Platform". This impressive altar was constructed out of five massive alabaster blocks and arranged to form a symbol that translated means "May Ra Be Satisfied". Many have suggested that this crystal platform was a harmonic resonance device, that functioned via sound vibrations, and that when activated it could allow for communication with the sacred energies of the universe. What we today would call a Stargate.

Crystal Platform


Also found at the site are set of nine circular alabaster basins which are positioned along the east wall. These curious alabaster basins have been the subject of much debate among researchers. The basins have holes drilled into them, are amazingly smooth to the touch and have signs of circular tool marks. Clearly whoever constructed them had some type of technology at their disposal. To this day no one is certain just how the holes were drilled into the alabaster basins . While some researchers have proposed that perhaps the basins were used to collect blood from animal sacrifices others have dismissed the idea as no other corroborating evidence has ever been found at the site such as known sacrificial tools, or even knives usually found at sacrificial sites.

Abu Ghurab Alabaster Basins


Missing Pieces

The Ancient Egyptians are now one of the most well known ancient civilizations of them all. Archaeological data and evidence left behind by this mysterious ancient civilization far surpasses that of any other. Credited with the construction of some of the largest and most mysterious structures found on earth, those incredible accomplishments were never actually recorded by them. A civilization that recorded almost every facet of their daily lives failed to document their most amazing achievements. It's a piece of the puzzle that just doesn't fit. Unless they were not the builders of these incredible ancient monuments.

Conventional archaeologists have failed to address this issue. This lack of documentation or other corroborating evidence. They have also long refused the idea that the architectural achievements of the Ancient Egyptians and those of many other ancient civilizations, would have required the existence of a much more sophisticated and advanced technology than they are proposing existed at that time. How is it possible that no records exist explaining who, or why the ancient Egyptian megalithic monuments and structures were built?. It seems as if there is something very wrong with the timeline of humanity's history as it is presented to us. Until we have have fuller picture of humanity's past we should continue to seek answers.

© 2017 Rea Mils


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