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Hidden dangers in hospital waiting rooms and strange child behaviors.

Updated on January 6, 2017

Well I'm left to my own devices in the hospital waiting room again. This one really sucks. The TV is not to be changed from this channel! Seriously? The weather channel? I am going to spend hours watching the weather channel? Wait a minute. A Mom and two boys. One boy is about 10 and quietly reading a book. The other one appears to be about nine and is...... glaring at me? Whoa. What did I do?

This kid is acting a little weird. Okay his mom is giving him an apple out of a big bag maybe that will calm him down. That's more like it. Maybe he will stop staring me down. Holy smokes! He just tore through that apple like Mr Peepers from Saturday Night Live! He destroyed it in like fifteen seconds! There are bits of apple everywhere! It's all the way over here by me! The Mom took the core and sealed it in smaller bag and placed it back in the big bag. I just got a glimpse into the Mom bag. It is chock full of apples! What gives here?

Was this kid raised in the jungle, recently captured and returned to be integrated into society? What kind of kid eats this many apples? He is still glaring at me like I am invading his territory. I am by no means looking at you monkey boy. Okay, he is reading a book. Maybe I was wrong. Just a normal 9 year old. He's conversing with his Mom about the book he is reading. Good. Back to my 10 year old magazine.

What is that weird grunting, throat clearing noise he is making all about? Wow, that's really annoying. Just a peak to see what he is doing........and........he's glaring at me menacingly again! Come on Mom, give him another apple. He is acting really agitated. Let him take it out on the apple! Those things must be some kind of positive reinforcement. He gets an apple out of his feed bag and the world is fine and any danger to me seems to dissipate! Uh..oh! He just caught me looking at him! I am scared! If anyone finds this notebook and the unfinished story, you know what happened!

Mr Peepers is nervously tapping his rubber cloggy shoes. He is now reviewing a book about the periodic table of elements? Did you know tungsten has the highest melting point? Or tungsten is used in the filament of light bulbs? Yeh, me neither! I am really scared now. It's like he is a genius wild animal! Like Gorilla Grodd or the Beast from the X-Men! Now he is talking about possessing some type of power ring? Who is this kid? Dexter? Is he a Green Lantern?

I have now changed my seat for safety! I can't decide if it's best to be in the corner or near the nurse's window! I really don't think the nurses are going to be much help. Maybe patching up my Mr Peepers bite wounds? Uh oh...okay it's definitely the corner seat. Peepers brother is stirring now and he appears agitated! Maybe I can fight them both off from the corner.

Now they are both staring me down! Crap! Mr Peepers is reaching into a backpack! I bet it's a gun! Doesn't he know concealed carry is illegal in the hospital? Maybe he knows and doesn't care? Maybe he doesn't exactly play by the rules of society? That's it I'm dead! They are going to shoot me and then tear at my dead carcass like two little velociraptors! Their mother doesn't even care! She is turning a blind eye to the whole situation! Dear God she is leaving! Wait! it's the nurse! She is calling me to the recovery room! Yes! I am saved! So long Peepers! Not today my friend...not today!


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