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High Google Ranking from Articles Writing and Submission

Updated on November 8, 2009

High Google Ranking

Writing articles and article submission to article directories are essential steps in getting high Google ranking for your website. Not only that, but articles published on article directory pages are regarded very highly by Google, who also appear to take a lenient view with regard to duplicate content of the same article over a number of directories. In saying this, one factor has become very clear. Google's LSI (latent semantic indexing) algorithm is very particular about spelling and grammar, because it is programmed to recognize specific character strings that will certainly be based upon correct English spelling and grammar.

You should also assume that, rightly or wrongly, this will be American spelling. What that infers is that you must write well, and as grammatical as you can, since otherwise your text might well be given a low listing, if it is listed at all. There are many people in this world, through no fault of their own, that are unable to write in English correctly, and some articles I have read even appear to have lacked a basic spell-check.

While this might not worry the article directory editorial staff, it does worry Google. And where does Google come into this? Read on! Writing articles offers you four main benefits from article submission to article directories: 1. Links back to the URL quoted in your resource - make sure that page relates to the article. 2. Article directory readers - you can get a lot in spite of what many say. It is possible to get get over 2000 readers of each article solely from the directories, let alone from other sources. 3. Links back from sites that use your articles as content on their own website (and clicks from those readers that read your article). 4. Free advertising through the listing of your article on Google and other search engines

Did you get that last benefit? I hope so, because that is now one of the major benefits of writing articles and article submission. Google give a lot of weight to articles that have been published on article directories, and your article can reach #1 on Page #1 on Google for the keyword for which your article has been optimized.

That can achieve a higher Google ranking and get you more traffic that all the others combined - in fact it can generate an avalanche of traffic to the page quoted in your resource. That is a major reason for making sure that your article is professional and that not only the resource is sufficiently compelling as to force readers to visit your web page, but that the entire article has been optimized to meet Google's needs for a Page #1 listing.

For that you will probably need a professional writer, and that is where you should seek professional help for writing articles for submission to article directories. Consider how much money a Page #1 listing for your website could make you? Webmasters pat thousands for that type of search engine optimization. Well, an article listing can get you just as much, because your resource will be listed on it along with your URL.

It is a very powerful means of marketing a website, and one that many people use as their sole means of SEO to ensure the high Google ranking that brings the traffic needed for success.

If you want that high level of search engine exposure, and the rewards that come with it, you should be prepared to offer up well written articles with high class search engine optimization, taking Google's LSI algorithm into consideration. Few articles achieve that, so if yours can then you might well be onto a winner.




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